July 26th, 2012 | 285 Entries

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285 Entries for “statement”

  1. The blank pages around me fill with words while I look upon them.


    The books of words around me, wanting to be read, bleach to an off white each time they open

    rendering themselves useless and unreadable.

    By Jason URL on 07.26.2012

  2. Do you always do as you are told by the world around you?

    By Jason URL on 07.26.2012

  3. I turned various statements over in my mind, trying to decide which one would be most powerful and convincing. I tried to see my arguments from his point of view and pick out the flaws that he would see, so I could discredit them. He always found the imperfections in things while I always saw their perfection.

    By khakicat URL on 07.26.2012

  4. statement made in the library of congress made the most out of the changes in policy of america. which and how the statement was made .. is ultimaltely is responsible for the upcome or the uproot of many states

    By Miki Douglas URL on 07.26.2012

  5. But my statement meant nothing to her, and she just turned away. To her, I was just another person in the crowd. And once my words reached her ears, they just ceased to exist.

    By emlex on 07.26.2012

  6. It was just a thought. Stray and out there. It was never meant to hurt but it did. Oh how it did. That one thought ripped my bones and shattered my heart. And to you it was just a statement. Nothing more.

    By ML on 07.26.2012

  7. The statement is false. Nothing is true about it. In fact, it is a lie. The fool boy didn’t even disguise it well. There is no cloak of truth, only a bald-faced attempt at deception. Silly. Dumb. Genius?

    By Jessica on 07.26.2012

  8. Just like that, she kissed me. I wasn’t sure whether it was the striped jacket or the sequined converse I wore to class that day, but as soon as we were behind the water fountain on the way to third period, she tugged at my sleeve and said, “Wait a second.” The next thing I knew was a gentle nudge on my lips, soft and quick, and the image of her hair fluttering in front of her chin as she pulled her face away from my own.

    By aria autumn on 07.26.2012

  9. The well worn shiny black boots clunk down the sidewalk as I grudgingly stride away from my home towards work. These being my only shoes not currently missing or out of commission, they make a statement about my past personal life I’d rather not make while at the office.

    By MidnightCastle on 07.26.2012

  10. When the time comes my darling, it will be simple.
    No big drum roll. No fanfare. No fireworks flying.
    Only utter mechanic of limbs, wrapping in a sweetest hug.
    But the statement will still be loud and clear:
    I love you, thank you and goodbye for now.

    By fadetosilence on 07.26.2012

  11. The paper stretched before him as he adjusts his tie. He looks out at the crowd, stares each one in the eye and without hesitation reads the words aloud on the paper. “I love you all”

    By Dylan on 07.26.2012

  12. “Are you ready to make your statement?”
    He shuffled his feet across the floor nervously, looking sideways, anywhere away from the cold, pale eyes glaring into him.
    “I dunno.”
    “Speak up! I can’t hear your mumbling!”
    “I said I DUNNO!”
    “Don’t yell at me, you faggot!”

    By Betty Barker on 07.26.2012

  13. I wanted everyone to know me. To remember me. I wanted to stand out in their minds; so I did what I had to do: I made a statement. I made it so they would never forget me. No matter what.

    By Emika Yamaboshi on 07.26.2012

  14. Make one.

    By Evie on 07.26.2012

  15. It’s hard to make statements. Actually, that’s a total lie. People make statements all the time. With clothes, and opinions, and every day choices. Everything you do is a statement. It just depends how you use your statements.
    That was interesting

    By Emily on 07.26.2012

  16. She couldn’t believe what she had just said. She quickly walked down the hallway with her shoulders hunched and her head down.
    She turned on her heels and was enveloped into a tight hug.
    “That was some statement back there. I like you too.” He smiled.

    By Emika Y. on 07.26.2012

  17. When I was younger, I thought I would make a statement when I was older. Now that I’m older, I’ve found that I’ve miserably failed myself.

    By Emily on 07.26.2012

  18. I am closing in on that place where I don’t want to follow what everyone else is doing, or what they expect of me. I want to make an impact when everyone is just making ripples. I want a word when others are producing sound. I want to make a statement, not an exclamation.

    By meliora URL on 07.26.2012

  19. Is something someone says, when making a comment. it is used in varies terms. It also begins and ends paragraphs.

    By Jarvais on 07.26.2012

  20. I wanted everyone to know me. To remember me. I wanted to stand out in their minds; so I did what I had to do: I made a statement with the words I spoke. I made it so they would never forget me. No matter what. I would be the one who came to mind when they thought of a phrase I had once said, or depicted an image I’d seen somewhere. I was just outspoken; enough so that they would always remember me.

    By Emika Y. on 07.26.2012

  21. I sat at the computer where millions of other words, phrases, and simple inconsequentials had been placed. Although this time the process seemed fogged, sense learning how to type at the age of three I had never found it necessary to look down at the keyboard. My hands found themselves blind without any inclinations of individual fingers too a decided key. I relented and looking down to the keyboard, using vision to dampen my new intellectual blindness. Before me there was a single mat, no letters, numbers, or other devices of human communication. Just a single mat, no statements could escape my mind through the device. I had been left in the dark by the progress of technology.

    By Derek Dahlk on 07.26.2012

  22. What makes a statement a statement?
    Is it the way it’s said? or is it the way it’s stated?
    it is something as simple as punctuation that makes a statement so un-responsible?
    Is it that it ends with a period or an exclamation mark instead of a question mark?

    By CarolineScott URL on 07.26.2012

  23. My final statement is the last one I’ll ever make. For as long as I live, you will not hear even an utter word spoken from me. All you will ever need to know about my life is what I’m about to say right at this very moment. Pay close attention, and draw your ears close to my heart.

    By Bekah on 07.26.2012

  24. Let the world be a peaceful plac e. let the entire humanity across the nation live peacefully . Let proverty, disease be eradicated completely.

    By Rajendra Purohit on 07.26.2012

  25. I had to make a statement. I was standing there, in front of you, waiting for the words to form in my head and they wouldn’t. You were waiting for an explanation; waiting for me to tell you what happened. I wanted to form the words so exact, so precise, that you would never forget them. That I would be able to hit you with a phrase so hard

    By Kate on 07.26.2012

  26. A major impact. This can be good or bad. Hopefully for most, it’s good though. Think fashion. :b Orrrr, a speach. Whatever works for you.

    By Nikki on 07.26.2012

  27. An opinion, usually. Announcement. Something that people usually do in a convorsation

    By Sophie on 07.26.2012

  28. I’m not sure as to what I had done wrong to deserve you treating me as a non existing member of society. Was it the love that we once had and lost? Or maybe your new girlfriend, either way you cut me out like an addictive saver cuts out a coupon.

    By dj on 07.26.2012

  29. Statements are pushy, and loud.
    Unless they are done properly.
    Sometimes, one needs to made a statement.
    Otherwise how would anyone communicate?

    By Kayla on 07.26.2012

  30. Make it, take it.
    a statement to be said
    a word to be read
    plurality at it’s finest
    we’ll listen to your light
    as you staple your sayings
    to the corner of our minds
    we’ll make it and take it,
    you’re statement that you said.

    By Allee Cooper on 07.26.2012

  31. Statements are very important. When you give a statement you always have to tell the truth. In trials statements are everything. A life can change with a statement. Like Kristen Stewart’s life yesterday. Poor girl. So sorry for her.

    By cherry bomb on 07.26.2012

  32. Statement. That reminds me of laws. I would love to be a lawyer. A statement can change a life forever.

    By Dili on 07.26.2012

  33. to make a claim or the declare something. It’s a period, no an exclaimating mark that says I ‘m here to the rest of the world and tells them just how you feel It’s an annoucemnt of war or peace and no flimys feather and so you have to go with it once made and not stop to

    By Megan Angel on 07.26.2012

  34. To make a sentence that states or ‘says’ a fact or a lie. Statements often are the truth, not a lie.

    By Sarah on 07.26.2012

  35. I’ve read plenty of statements over the past few days. For example, through the pages of an inspirational and tear-jerking novel, a dog advised me on how to drive a race car successfully in the rain.

    It’s all about looking ahead and keeping your eyes on the goal.

    “Whatever you manifest is right before you”.

    By Albs on 07.26.2012

  36. Your life is a statement of your most sacred beliefs and philosophies. How you speak, how you act, all are a statement of what you hold most dear to your heart. This statement that you give to the world is your true self, not the carefully cultivated image you try to show to the world.

    By Denise Angel on 07.26.2012

  37. That was the last time I ever heard a statement of that nature. No one ever said “I like ducks” ever again. The problem of course was that people still liked ducks. A lot of people. I mean, I try to avoid them, but I’ve seen at least 30. Ugh.

    By Estevan URL on 07.26.2012

  38. The particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time: “the state of the company’s finances”.

    If you think I took this from the web, i didn’t I memorized it.

    By Sarah on 07.26.2012

  39. A phrase you overhear on a bus or subway, stray gossip from a life you will never know outside of that moment, probably for the better. It’s nice when you come across people with lives more mundane then yours, isn’t it? Makes you feel just a little less like the person you always feared you would become.

    By Julia on 07.26.2012

  40. Aria looked at him, the statement aching to come from her lips, yet it was stuck there, trapped somewhere between her throat and tongue. Finally it spurted out, quite awkwardly, in fact. “I love you,” she stated. It was more true than any statement previously uttered in her life.

    By Chia on 07.27.2012