July 26th, 2012 | 285 Entries

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285 Entries for “statement”

  1. My statement arrived which contained a statement about statements. I made a statement that that statement was useless.

    By iDave on 07.26.2012

  2. Be bold, be bright , be loud. Create something stand for something do something . Make a statement and carry it with you as you go . Never forget you can make a change.

    By evelyne URL on 07.26.2012

  3. “and here it is” i say standing tall but shaking as i lift the paper within my line of vision “i cannot live knowing this knowing that for so long i have been hurt because of you because of everything i hoped for i was broken once before and thta is something i’m still working to recover from and i an pretend everyday that i am whole that i have never cried or felt any pain and while i know my pain is much less than so many other peoples’ pain it is still my pain selfish or not but i will bear my pain wear it on me letting it shine through in the moments you are not around and holding closer and less visible in those that you make me smile but it will be there it will always be there just as i will always be there for you my pain will never leave me and much must be done to clean up the mess we’ve already made but there is so much good that can come from this as well so much growth forgiveness and understanding but just know please dear always know that i will always love you but that love will always be followed right behind by my pain.”

    By C. Ritchie URL on 07.26.2012

  4. Statement. It implies power, point of view, conviction, backing. It’s something you should say because you believe in it, because it holds meaning to you. Instead, we hide behind our words, falsities to protect us from each other, our own inner thoughts and feelings.

    By Ashi URL on 07.26.2012

  5. I really don’t know what to say. When I hear this word I think about clothes for some reason… like making a statement with what you wear. Or just talking I guess. Pretty cool word. I wonder what is going to happen now!!! ahh. this is my first time doing this… and i don’t really know what to do. i think i’m going to start a blog… but i’m not sure how!! i’m pretty excited actually. but i feel like i have so many things to write about that happened so long ago. i guess i could just start here and go back. bye now!

    By julia marchessault on 07.26.2012

  6. statement statement statement statement statement statement statement statement statement statement statement

    By ashley on 07.26.2012

  7. Why do statements define who we are? Why does one simple combinations of endless words, simpler combination of 26 letters, decide decisions or answers? Can’t we be undefined, not predictable? The world doesn’t run on tricks or ciphers or codes… it just exists. No attachments that us with our trivial minds, but something beyond our human understanding…

    By Rita McCloud on 07.26.2012

  8. i hate lots of statement about the world. whats going to happen to all the bad people.

    By shianichols URL on 07.26.2012

  9. it is statements such as those that push me further and further away. I cannot bear to be happy for more than a moment before I wish to reside in solitude once again, before I wish to drown myself in my own thoughts once again.

    By t URL on 07.26.2012

  10. But that’s just the way everything had to be with you, wasn’t it? You calculated every moment of every day around how you wanted to present yourself and who would see you. You tried your hardest to make a statement, but all you really did was make me frustrated.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.26.2012

  11. She stood in the centre of the room, her red hair curled softly around her shoulders, a slinky black dress draped around her body, she certainly made a statement, she was beautiful in every sense of the word.

    By nick on 07.26.2012

  12. Everybody has one. It’s whether you show yours more than others is what makes you known. Create yours.

    By Teagan B. Klein on 07.26.2012

  13. “Make a statement? Take a stance? Why would I do that, when I’m chill with everyone?”
    Debate class was not something Nicolas was going to enjoy, and he was making that clear to his professor. He would much rather take an objectively hypothetical approach to everything, and then relax the rest of the time.
    “I can’t see how anyone would do this.” Nicolas continued.
    “Do what?” the professor said, they both were meeting in private outside the classroom, a few days before college courses would begin.
    “I can’t put my mind in a sort of intolerant state. It’s just not happenin’.”
    His professor laughed, but before Nicolas took offense to it, he said:
    “You’re already on the perfect track, boy.”

    By Tyler G. URL on 07.26.2012

  14. The woman at the back of the line wants to make a showy statement, splash onto the scene like a glamour girl from Old Hollywood. She gazes contemptuously at the plebeians in front and shakes her glossy curls in disgust.

    By lscaton URL on 07.26.2012

  15. something said that once uttered can not be retracted. what you wear can also make a statement. It can be good or bad but no matter what it is the truth.

    By Carolyn on 07.26.2012

  16. It was just 2 words….don’t go. Such a simple statement but fraught with such emotion. I took a deep breath and waited for words to come out on the exhale, but nothing came. I looked into his eyes and it was like a fog had lifted. I knew what I had to do

    By bextamarie URL on 07.26.2012

  17. This statement is false. Therefore by saying that that this statement is false i am making this statement true. Therefore making the statement false yet again. Its a paradox. There is no way to win. You can’t wrap your mind around it, you just keep circling and circling, no end.

    By lexi on 07.26.2012

  18. I wonder the wave meant when he said that he hit the pavement, all but obtrusive as a single stopping statement. I’m cool, but I’m hot, and also oh so comfortable, because I’m in the arms of a sweater I used to call Huxtable.

    By phill URL on 07.26.2012

  19. Make a statement. A statement. STAAATEMEEEENNNTTTTT!!!!!!!!
    The statement, “I just made a statement.” is, in fact, a statement.

    By Naomi Smith on 07.26.2012

  20. a declaration of opinions, thoughts or a general expression of sentiments. does not have to be true. usually official or emphatic. controversial or minor. root word “state” has official connotations and “ment” sounds like meant which is a sentimental connotation. celebrities issue apology statements or statements of intent, companies release statements to clear up or introduce. in our sad society, statements are usually made in defense of something.

    By rama on 07.26.2012

  21. In spoken language analysis an utterance is a smallest unit of speech. In the case of oral languages, it is generally but not always bounded by silence. It can be represented and delineated in written language in many ways. Note that in such areas of research utterances do not exist in written language, only their representations do. In other fields it is medium-neutral and refers to any use of language in context (in contrast with the abstract form sentence).
    Uttering can also be a form of stuttering especially in the case of handicapped people. The word[clarification needed] was coined on May 12, 1986 at the World Speech Convention

    By jiji on 07.26.2012

  22. Personal statements. Sometimes out of the blue I get an urge to write about myself, a vision in life, in an autobiographical sort-of way. And while I think it’s awesome when I’m writing it, afterwards I just file it into a folder in my computer.

    And when I actually need to write a personal statement for a scholarship I don’t know what to write. Try to cut and paste pieces of stuff I’d already written before, and it just doesn’t work out. Last last weekend I spent about 9 hours writing 900 words. And now I have to cut 400 words. I’d like to spend that time *actually* doing math rather than writing about why I want to do math so much and how I’m going to change the world by doing math.

    By Holden URL on 07.26.2012

    “George, really, what a statement to make! Of course, that stuff is HORRID! Yes, ghastly! Erm… it’s terrifying!”
    “So you MUST use it. It’s BRILLIANT. NOT.”

    By this is the first (and worst) time ever on 07.26.2012

  24. Frankly, I will not stand for carrying all these hats. I DON’T CARE if this is a wedding and people want to dress up and THEN dance like hooligans. AND that’s my last word.

    By Jules on 07.26.2012


    By bud marley URL on 07.26.2012

  26. people make statements with what they wear, what they say, and how they carry themselves. but fuck that.

    By baked247 URL on 07.26.2012

  27. A statement is a spoken or written sentence.

    By mrs hyde URL on 07.26.2012

  28. i’ve only ever heard one true statement and it first formed as soft stream smoothing the seven stones of my week; then passing seven more, then seven more. deeper and deeper water. smoother and smoother stones.

    By drew URL on 07.26.2012

  29. It was a simple statement. Bold and direct, to the point without any needless words. Four simple words that managed to drive him past the breaking point.
    “I can’t do this.”

    By Salaa'ut URL on 07.26.2012

  30. That was the hardest thing for me to admit. I needed them. They were the only ones I had left who were dependable and knew what to do. Family is more than you think at first

    By Diondra on 07.26.2012

  31. I made a statement about how much I loved you. I didn’t think you’d heard me, but you never stopped whispering my very own sentiments of love to me after that, mirroring my own devotion and delight.

    By Diondra Straiton URL on 07.26.2012

  32. I make statements without meaning to sound rude. I speak what’s on my mind on occasion and regret it immensely. I still cannot believe I said it to him, his face looked sadder than anyone else I’d ever seen.
    I’d never seen him cry over anything, let alone me.

    By MD on 07.26.2012

  33. She made a statement today. She made it a point to make herself stand out. She didn’t want to be just a face in the crowd. She wore things she never had before, spoke like she never would think to speak and acted with a confidence that you can’t deny. Her statement was clear- I am me, no matter what.

    By Nicole on 07.26.2012

  34. “What do you eat?” is the first thing people usually ask me when I tell them I’m a vegan. A lot of people expect the answer to be, “tofu,” but I actually ea plenty of normal people stuff, like peanut butter and salad and cereal.

    By Allison URL on 07.26.2012

  35. a statement is something that has a defined meaning. It is a fact. A sentence that has an impact and finality about it that no one can contradict.

    By akire on 07.26.2012

  36. statements are meaningless. action. action is also important. but sometimes the hands don’t obey the lips.

    By green11 URL on 07.26.2012

  37. listen. listen to me. just listen. it’s either going to help you, or it’ll help you now, or it’ll never help you. just listen to me, and when you’ve listened, carry it with you. you’ll never know if you’ll experience what i’ve just said, cause there’s a difference between what i’ve told you and experiencing what i’ve told you.

    By a boy named francisco URL on 07.26.2012

  38. Always, always, always, making a statement was the last thing on his mind. Yet somehow, when he spoke, his words carried messages–bold ones–ones that accumulated and, yeah, somehow morphed into statements.

    Needless to say, they got him into a lot of trouble.

    By Sarah URL on 07.26.2012

  39. She was wearing a statement if it could ever be worn. It was like the last ten decades of the most awful clothes found in the dustiest, darkest corners of thrift shops had thrown up over her body and bled into her skin.

    By Lauren on 07.26.2012

  40. It was all so rhetorical when she talked about being metaphorical, but when she gets categorical about subjects that are paradoxical, I zone out while waiting to make a statement that ends up being every bit phatansmigorical.

    This about nothing and everything all at once.

    So it was said.
    Almost said.
    Maybe it was never said.

    By Fire on 07.26.2012