July 27th, 2012 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “props”

  1. Props the essential things to movies. The things that make your story crystal clear. They do all the work. Though if I remember correctly people also say props to you, as in good job, or is that just my imagination? Floating away in the wind.

    By sevenwords on 07.28.2012

  2. He props himself up against the doorframe, in that artfully lazy way. As the summer fades, he has formed a habit of lounging, watching, like a coiled, ambivalent snake, waiting for me to step too close and trigger his snapping, fanged wrath. I stand with my back to him, knowing that is a mistake, but also knowing that to do anything else would be to weigh on the latch that releases a landmine.

    By cmsiena URL on 07.28.2012

  3. there once was a kid named larry who had no legs.
    one day he learned to jump.
    “props,” his friend jared said.

    By julia on 07.28.2012

  4. My props are all laid out
    I’m standing center stage
    Playing my part
    Every day
    Playing this character I created
    So different from myself
    A girl who smiles
    A girl who talks
    A girl who lies
    A girl who cares what you think
    She’s not me
    But for the moment
    She may as well be
    I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t acting
    For months now this has been my job
    I know something’s not right
    Something niggles at me
    What do I do?
    Should I keep going?
    My friends know I feel off
    They took me shopping to cure it
    It didn’t work
    But I did get some cute shoes
    So that’s a bonus
    It’s not what I need though
    I need to remember
    I need a breath of fresh air
    I need to clear my head
    It’s all fuzzy
    I can’t think straight
    Something is stopping me from knowing the truth
    A mental block
    A mind wipe
    I need to remember…I can’t stand this anymore
    I’m living a lie
    I’m tortured every day
    Hiding my tattoo
    A statement piece
    An orange ribbon
    It loudly proclaims that I support the awareness and prevention of self harm
    It implies I’ve stopped
    It lies.
    My legs will never be shown
    You wouldn’t understand
    It’s a compulsion
    Nothing went wrong
    I just can’t help it
    It’s ingrained
    It’s a bad habit
    He caused this
    My pain
    Her pain
    Her death
    Too soon
    He caused this
    He caused me to forget so I could make him happy
    He loves me
    But I sometimes see fragments
    Memory pieces
    What happened in the past?
    I’ve got to know
    But in the meantime
    There are shoes
    And I have bitching to do
    My shallow heart is easily pleased
    It probably doesn’t even beat anymore, it’s that covered in glitter and makeup
    Concealer for the scars I don’t remember getting
    It’s all shattered now anyway
    So I may as well shove it to the back of my mind and shop til I drop
    Tonight is the night my shallow heart stops
    The night my prettied-up lungs deflate
    And the night my foggy brain darkens
    I can’t be this person anymore
    So I choose to be nobody
    Ever again
    Let’s shop!

    By Cameron-Audrey on 07.28.2012

  5. Major props to my bro Matt. He did a keg stand for like an hour last night and I thought he was going to die. But it’s all good he’s just hungover now. Seriously though, MAJOR PROPS. Especially since he woke up with like six girls in his room. What a party animal.

    By Sage on 07.28.2012

  6. I’m not exactly sure what this word means. And the meaning I do know is probably the slang definition of It. It’s funny that I’m even explaining this even when i can just skip writting this and go about do something else.

    By Fam on 07.28.2012

  7. Props for that one

    By meliora URL on 07.28.2012

  8. Brittany got props for always calming Santana down. She’s the only one who can do it.

    By S on 07.28.2012

  9. These are the props of my life:
    iced tea and lemonade
    If I have these, the show can go on!

    By Robin on 07.28.2012

  10. I stood on the stage, the bright lights blinded me, but I could still see the full house. I looked ridiculous. My hair up in a stupid wig, a blond that differed from my usual brown. A blue dress with puffed shoulders and white polka dots. Could it be any worse? Of course it could. Looking out I caught the glimpse of Harrison. He was watching me. He smiled, laughed. Turned to his friend and knocked his shoulder, getting his attention. He pointed to me and they both laughed. I gripped the plastic frying pan I had been holding tightly. I shocked myself with how much I wanted to throw it into the crowd. To throw it at him.

    By Amy on 07.28.2012

  11. For the love. This page doesn’t work. The flash is broken. Like all the little objects backstage in the shuttered theater. The little things they used to tell their meaningless stories, about the important moments in life.

    By okay on 07.28.2012

  12. Mad props to my homies….even as the words escaped hi mouth, he sounded like a phony. Not now, as the whole room is looking to him to set the tend, to show the world the epitome of coolness. He can’t return to the days of self doubt- the days of being the skinny loner that no-one noticed. This persona was more than just him- it was his livelihood now- his families livelihood. What a life. What a lie….

    By jenfitz on 07.28.2012

  13. i think about when i was in high school and i was in a play and i had to use props for the very first time… props is something that we also give out like an accolade or something of that nature…..

    By Vincent R. Donlon on 07.28.2012

  14. ”Props to you, kid,” he said slyly.

    ”…Why?” I asked.

    ”For doing what I said!”

    By Rachel Lightfoot on 07.28.2012

  15. Props, props, props! Toys, beads and costumes galore. A couple could have a great time backstage at this particular cabaret.

    By Stone Mao on 07.28.2012

  16. we use props to prop shows. they add value as well as ornamentation (decoration).
    the props also help to add substance where it is missing.

    By Galaxy on 07.28.2012

  17. A variety of colours and shapes. Mystical and mesmerising. Half of them may not exist, and the other half, you’d never think to see. They lie behind the costumes and the actors, amongst with the scenery and the stage crew. To us they are just objects, but to them, they are the much needed, and important, props.

    By Simone? URL on 07.28.2012

  18. The basement is full of unused items: brooms, phones, swords, roses. From both classic and modern eras, these far-from priceless relics sit gathering dust until the next play.

    By Bethany on 07.28.2012

  19. anything to aid in the constant battle of things needed doing people who use and make props are legends and should be loved and care for

    By farrell stafford on 07.28.2012

  20. I feel like
    Just a prop
    Being used
    to make you look better
    Just an object
    Not truly your friend

    By Marie URL on 07.28.2012

  21. “What marvellous pit props!” exclaimed the coilliery manager as he inspected the deep mine.

    By angela on 07.28.2012

  22. The props they had set up inside the traditional Irish Newfoundland pub made the scene all-to-real. I felt so nostalgic listening to the band; fiddle, guitars, and accordion; the beautiful voice filling my heart with pride.

    By Melanie on 07.28.2012

  23. The props were all set out on the table. The play was about to begin. I kept an eye on the one thing I needed. All of the other items on that table were just extras. None of them were really essential to the show. But my prop. The one thing I use off of that table. That is the showstopper.

    By Megan L. on 07.28.2012

  24. Props to you my fine friend. Frisky in your newly discovered habits. You try to find meaning in the places in your show. The lines you’ve set forth by your own doing. You meaningless ninny. Alone in your imagined state. I question why you would put such pressure on your fragile existence.

    By Caitlin Kenyon on 07.28.2012

  25. props help us decorate .
    so do flowers and paintings
    but props help us decorate the shops in a better way
    we can walk into any mall today and the see the way props are placed to push sales in the shops

    By Harishkumar Vaidyar on 07.28.2012

  26. things that people use in videos. some people use them just for fun when playing games with others. they are used to express yourself when acting and to show what the video/movie is about.

    By Gabby URL on 07.28.2012

  27. props in a play props for good work yo props man props crops mops hops flops stops chops

    By Michael Frew on 07.28.2012

  28. The stage is set. The props are in their place. The costumes fit, the lines are memorized. It’s opening night, and this play looks to be the best one the company has done in years. The lights go down…and I stand up. It’s all so perfect, I think to myself.

    It’s my job to absolutely ruin it.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 07.28.2012

  29. props to all those that can find their bliss. all those who have found their happiness having only the little that acquire. you bring joy to the world and all those that surround you. the rising sun from the east sets in your eyes.

    By Bekah on 07.28.2012