April 13th, 2011 | 490 Entries

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490 Entries for “severe”

  1. i am in severe depth to my mom and dad cause of all of the things that they do for me and get for me:)

    By kimmy411 on 04.14.2011

  2. Chapped lips. Arms turning blue. The light reflecting off the snow was the worst, though. So damn bright his eyes stung and the deep hazel of them became something lighter and swamp-like.

    “We’re– not going to get out. Are we? Alive. Are we?”

    Tim wasn’t hearing any of it, though his own toes had fallen into some permanent sleep ten minutes ago.

    By Sae URL on 04.14.2011

  3. something tragic and sudden and unexpected occurs and your mind can not fathom what just happened or appeared to happen and you wonder if your eyes are playing tricks on you. it is simply unimaginable and so gross and terriflying that you don’t know what to do. the consequences will be enormous after such occurrence.

    By dianne on 04.14.2011

  4. severe is like severe punishment its harsh and painful or to an extent like 7 years in federal prison. Or the death penalty is severe

    By josh on 04.14.2011

  5. When I think of this word I think of someone getting in trouble and suffering.

    By bananaphone URL on 04.14.2011

  6. Severe injuries are very bad they can be very painful you need to go see a doctor if you get one.

    By devin21 URL on 04.14.2011

  7. if you get hurt really bad that is severe i thank that is what severe means

    By delgean URL on 04.14.2011

  8. how are you gonna give me the same word two days in a row?
    the vitamin bottle smashes in the bathroom
    she pulls at her ten page paper like it is taffy
    the books we read
    the woman with a dirty
    raincoat in the bookstore

    By Amy Leigh Cutler URL on 04.14.2011

  9. Severe pain is inevitable as it grasps your every nerve, paralyzing you. Severe wounds are the devil’s marks. Severe diseases are so wild and shocking, all you can do is cry into your tissue in hope. Is severe ever good?

    By Meghan URL on 04.14.2011

  10. thunderstorms that harm; destruction; trouble; headache, migraine, punishment

    By Allyce on 04.14.2011

  11. This morning when I woke up to get ready for school I had a severe headache that wouldn’t allow me to rise from the comfort of my bed. Im not sure if it was a severe headache or a migraine that was keeping me from going to class.

    By Bob Molinaro on 04.14.2011

  12. severe is like if you get cut and it is really bad then it is severe. or intense amount of damage.

    By chase URL on 04.14.2011

  13. sever is a word with pain. it indicates the excess of things. I have a severe headache just think what to write about severe word. Severe looks like a nice word on screen but not in writing.

    By Adam on 04.14.2011

  14. Painfully more than it should be or just hard. Difficult. Or maybe not, maybe more..When I think of severe, I think ‘severe punishment’ and how when you put those words together, severe holds the definition that it’s more than it should have been, possibly. A bit harsher than it should be.

    By mackenzie URL on 04.14.2011

  15. ehm, ernstig? streng? wat betekent dit? ik weet het niet. wat voel ik hier bij? ik weet het niet. lastig, lastig. maarja, maakt ook niet uit. haha wat is dit apart.

    By sue29913 on 04.14.2011

  16. This is a crazy word that is pretty scary -severe is something that could hurt or be amazing. Severe is something that could be devistating or overly hopeful. Sever is something that could be happy or sad. I am severely happy, I am severely upset.

    By Lydia on 04.14.2011

  17. i love you severely. like nothing else
    as painful, as whole,
    as true.

    By dca on 04.14.2011

  18. severe sounds like an injury. nothing good is ever described as severe. noone ever says “wow thats severely improved”. its abrasive, destructive, a measure of ill. severe only describes a negative extreme.

    By kai URL on 04.14.2011

  19. pain

    By merve on 04.14.2011

  20. The unusually severe winter weather brings the sweet dream of sleep and not the bleak morning after and fate’s over due date.

    By sweettea URL on 04.14.2011

  21. Never before had I felt so hopeless as the bright flashing lights of the state trooper pulled me over for the final time. Fingers crossed I waited, hoping he didn’t look in the trunk.

    By Grant on 04.14.2011

  22. Thunderstorms, tornadoes, lightning and house fires,
    Being told to stand in the corner,

    By Crystal URL on 04.14.2011

  23. severe

    By Shadow URL on 04.14.2011

  24. severe. The damage was severe. I don’t know what else to say. Wait for time to run out. Waiting Waiting Waiting.

    By Mikenna Brannon URL on 04.14.2011

  25. Severe is how think of my siblings’ new step mom. She’s got very angular facial features, and she always looks angry. Her face would definitely be best described with the word ‘severe’.

    By Z on 04.14.2011

  26. Severus. Severus, please.
    that always comes to mind.
    this isn’t working.
    Why am I so sad all the time? that’s severe.
    Severe is pain. Longing. Hope.
    and beginnings.

    By D on 04.14.2011

  27. Waking up in a heap of heart wrench. Why do dreams show me things I wish for but can never have? This pain is severe.

    By Starlingk on 04.14.2011

  28. Injury and pain reminds me of the word severe. It also reminds me of the expression my dad has when he catches me talking on the phone too late at night. It also reminds me of Indian heat and cold. The tropical weather.

    By Nanya on 04.14.2011

  29. severe criticism; severe laws. are very hard to under

    By saraswati.samant` on 04.14.2011

  30. I was very difficult to see past this. I mean it’s not like you can just fix a murder, but come on LIFE in prison?

    By Esther Jones on 04.14.2011

  31. severe disorder cause by the unimaginable stress of work and personal life can be moderated by excersise and indulgances

    By me on 04.14.2011

  32. Severe, like “that’s so severe. Serious, extreme, awful, terrible. Really bad. Severe. Like the opposite of “SWEET!”

    By megan on 04.14.2011

  33. It’s a quick thud, and a moment’s notice to the ground as you protect yourself, shoes all over your body, hands roaming into your pockets. Words of panic from your sister as she watches as you feel your elbow, cradling your head, push back and forth with the rhythm of the feet propelling it forward as you reach to grab the ankle of the foot for a brief moment, your eyes connect. And you go back to cradling your head in time before the next foot lands, knowing you did all you could in that brief glance.

    By Jason URL on 04.14.2011

  34. Severe thunderstorms are my least favorite thing in the’s like you’re whole world can be gone with a tornado or a lightning strike and there is nothing you can do to change mother nature. Severe illness can take you’re life or the ones you love in a tick of a clock and you just stand there and wait for the end.

    By Jess Knobloch on 04.14.2011

  35. Your absence is as severe as the look of your eyes in love. It haunts and fills you. It burns a hole. There is no freedom from you.

    By Harvinder on 04.14.2011

  36. Your absence is as severe as the look of your eyes in love. It haunts and fills you. It burns a hole. There is no freedom from you. It’s hard to escape something that doesn’t exist. Shadows cannot be rubbed off with soap.

    By Harvinder URL on 04.14.2011

  37. Severe consequences. That is what I earn for not studying for this test. The anxiety makes my heart pound as I enter the gray cement room reminiscent of East Germany. Why must I be put through such torture? Oh, excuse the pun. I am a terrible person. I will probably have severe cons- oh no…

    By Marie Rempe on 04.14.2011

  38. The burns were severe.

    The doctors knew that he didn’t have much of a chance. It had been a freak accident, after all. Nobody could have predicted that he wouldn’t have made the jump. It was something people did all the time–and though his parents blamed themselves for not watching him close enough, for letting him jump over to the next stand, not watching for the flames licking up beneath the ground–

    Well, there wasn’t much they could do now.

    By Kate URL on 04.14.2011

  39. The stink of stale urine, rising like a protest. Severe. Like the words you vomit sometimes, so poisonous your own entrails cannot hold them in… The lessons of love dry up like leaves under the cruel summer sun in my homeland.

    By Harvinder URL on 04.14.2011

  40. The slash was long and deep and terribly crimson, and it occurred to him that his hands would do little to keep his fragile, fleeting life inside. He cupped at the wound desperately, fumbling with the torn clothes and the stinging flesh and the awful flood of regret and blood.

    By Cheerio URL on 04.14.2011