April 13th, 2011 | 490 Entries

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490 Entries for “severe”

  1. harsh words said that are not thought about and then severely hurt someone. Things that should be left unsaid.

    By Lbrener on 04.14.2011

  2. i’m severely injured in my heart because someone stole it and tossed it to the drain afterwards. then i got it back, but the one who did it came back and gained my trust again, just to hurt me once again.

    By blne on 04.14.2011

  3. It wasn’t severe enough. I thought the cut had gone way more than skin deep. Turns out Jake was surviving, and surviving easy. I wouldn’t have guessed that from a blade so sharp and so long, I could have just nicked him. Second time’s a charm, and I had been preparing for this moment for months.

    By Gray URL on 04.14.2011

  4. “Maybe it’s severe depression” She said as she came back to the bed, naked and handing him some crackers. David shook his head.
    “No, I’m just a boring guy.” The girl, Lilly was her name, sat down on the edge, munching on crackers. They were silent for a long time, and David stared at her intensely. She was lovely in a strange way, too pretty to be with a guy like him.
    “Have you tried weed?” She said with a grin.

    By Elisha K. URL on 04.14.2011

  5. When I think of the word severe I think of a 3rd degree burn my sistrer had when we were on vacation long ago in South Carolina. She had a severe burn, causing chills, blisters, the works. I mean severe. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sunburn like it anywhere. It just goes to show you should wear seriuos sun block, especially if you are as white as she is. She also should not tan in a tanning bed.

    By OneMommy URL on 04.14.2011

  6. The angels of her face were already severe enough, that when she walked in with her new haircut, I sucked in a breath. Her bangs cut a jagged line straight across her face, starting just above her left eyebrow all the way to the base of her chin on the right hand side. The hair was in severe cuts, like black icicles. It looked ridiculous.

    By Kat K on 04.14.2011

  7. professor mcgonagall sharp edges extreme thunderstorms

    By kelsey on 04.14.2011

  8. it hurts so bad to have pain running through your body. the severity of it makes u want to scream a thousand screams into the stars for help from a god who may not exist in reality but truly must be there for the sake of the people’s dependence for meaning of life. and so the screams continue in the wake of the moon as you run far from reality and doge all that is within your heart to turn around for fear of the massacre of like behind you. severe.

    By JAZI on 04.14.2011

  9. bad way to talk, act… maybe good sometime smile to me please. by by if you don’t.

    By ana macaria on 04.14.2011

  10. Talk to me about what happened, said the social work. I was beaten. I know the beating was severe, can you tell me exactly what happened to you. NO i don’t think so. Well we’re going to need to know. Imagine your life flashing before your eyes because some-one decides your not good enough, is that what you want?

    By Joshua URL on 04.14.2011

  11. Her frown, making me rattle about in my one size too big boots.

    By Jeanie URL on 04.14.2011

  12. if i had to call this place one thing, i’m not sure how else i could put it.

    Sterilized furniture.
    Obsessively organized ‘decorations’ that leave one with the taste of peroxide and fascism.

    It’s really a touch oppressive for a retirement home.

    By Fuzz URL on 04.14.2011

  13. The look was rather severe. Hair pulled back and up so tight the model didn’t even need to consider a facelift. His eyes even had gained an asian slant due to the taunt skin and the severe look. I dont think this is what was meant by the saying “going Japanese” do you?

    By kitdickson URL on 04.14.2011

  14. Severe means like serious or something like that. I’m not really sure what it means,but I don’t really care right now.

    By summer firm URL on 04.14.2011

  15. I severely dismiss you to be my buddy:)

    By Thomas the Train:D URL on 04.14.2011

  16. it means like os something that is bad or undesirable ) very great

    By chewbaca URL on 04.14.2011

  17. I have a severe case of shin splints. They hurt a ton! Also I have a severe headache and it really hurts my head. That is a severe problem. That is all.

    By Breanna Craven URL on 04.14.2011

  18. My older sister had a severe headache yesterday cause, her kids weren’t listening to her.

    By Kayla URL on 04.14.2011

  19. How crazy is it when you start out in one little situation and then all of a sudden it goes off into wild tangents and becomes something so bad or “severe”. For example when you tell your friend what another friend said in no specific tone, and they take it for something completely out of context and it ends up becoming a huge problem.

    By Yolanda on 04.14.2011

  20. My friend had a severe cut and she had to go to the hospital for several days so that they could do surgery and put in 30 stitches.

    By Rochelle Scott URL on 04.14.2011

  21. My friend was severely hurt?? i think thats what it means

    By "CountryGirl!!!":D URL on 04.14.2011

  22. Many poeple serve. You could serve by cleaning yards, houses, ect. Or you could serve by entering the army. It all depends……

    By snickers104515 URL on 04.14.2011

  23. idk what that word means cool. JK

    By werty URL on 04.14.2011

  24. Severe…or sever……neither words mean baseball, but I don’t like baseball so I don’t mind :)
    I wanna go home, there’s ice cream at home. I’m a big boy now, I can make my own decisions. Severe and sever, I can’t remember exactly what either word means, but I know they don’t mean baseball……yet.

    By Wafflez on 04.14.2011

  25. “DAVE!!…what the &%@*!?

    “Easy Ted, easy. Man, you’re the most strait-laced, tight-lipped, unbending, unrelenting producer I’ve ever known. You forgettin’ who I am? You need to relax man…you’ve already suffered a severe kick in the @%&.”

    “Come on Dave, gimmy a break.”

    “Hey, hey, hey, one break….

    By vanhaydu URL on 04.14.2011

  26. The cut went further than I thought. I wasn’t aware that as I was attending to my burns, I was slowly bleeding out. Her words were sharp, and they were hot. At this moment, I knew. I knew I cared for her, even through the mutilation of myself, and that was more severe than the wounds she inflicted upon me.

    By RyanJames URL on 04.14.2011

  27. It’s to severe. I can’t take it any longer. This isn’t fair. Why can’t you leave this house alone? We pray for you to grace our table and yet you tear it out from under us. Somehow we still wait and know. Someone this is supposed to work out. Will it?

    By Anna URL on 04.14.2011

  28. Trauma. Blood everywhere, leaking into the ground, mirroring the sky.
    “I don’t think we can do this, it’s too severe,” the EMTs say, and the part of you that’s floating around your body smiles and claps like a child.
    I mean, it’s only your body that dies.

    By Chaos URL on 04.14.2011

  29. She was. And boy she knew it. But she was not in the habit of apologizing to anyone. Her family, her friends, just about everything in her tattered life had made her this way. But as Einstein proved, everything has it’s equal opposite. And so her loneliness was as severe as her contentedness. And for all of this equality, she sure felt severely unbalanced.

    By e.m.anderson URL on 04.14.2011

  30. Severe weather is coming this way and nothing is being done to get ready for it. Everyone seems to think it’s not going to affect them in any serious way. If they are wrong they are setting themselves up for unmitigated disaster.

    By Will Wilson URL on 04.14.2011

  31. “It’s not as bad as you think it is…”

    “How is that not bad?!”

    “I’m JUST having a baby – he loves me though!”

    She shook her head at her friend who was once so much like her.
    But now was just as foolish as so many other women.

    By Delilah URL on 04.14.2011

  32. There was as severe storm today that shook the house with its ferocity. The windows rattled in their frames and the shutters were torn from their latches. The door mat has evaporated with the remaining raindrops, vanishing from the door step. The tornado killed no one, but erased the neighboring house.

    By Tracie on 04.14.2011

  33. “I like the cut on that jacket”, I noted to my friend as we were browsing through the suit section.

    “You don’t think it is a bit severe?” she responded.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 04.14.2011

  34. Severe can relate to something in it’s extreme,ie,extremely severe stormy weather…I have a seve shap pain in my leg and so on. It exaggerates what you are talking about

    By Cali Cabelli URL on 04.14.2011

  35. What a severe day to go fishing down the ls blistery,it’s stormy and most certainly not a good idea.

    By Cali Cabelli URL on 04.14.2011


    The pain is excruciating. It hurts in ways and places I never knew existed. It tears apart my heart, even soul, to the point that I wish I would not have known anything. I hate it, but it’s so real that I cannot merely deny or turn my back on it.

    The severity of it all smashes me into a million pieces. But you know what, all of this makes me realize how much of a human I can be.

    By Maria Karen Cristine Legion URL on 04.14.2011

  37. still severe? then it must be my reaction? well i hope i can recover from my depression and think about better things. i want to be a good mommy and a good wife. can i?

    By ecraft on 04.14.2011

  38. She is talking in a severe way and I understand the delay is not something that is fun to deal with. Either way it is what it is and I have been there too. But when you understand what yo do then accept it and follow through.

    By Anna-Jayne URL on 04.14.2011

  39. The cut was deep, severely injuring her. She reeled back in more shock than pain.

    By Blue on 04.14.2011

  40. Severe is more than just the regular hurt. Severe goes beyond measures.

    By Sam tate URL on 04.14.2011