April 12th, 2011 | 478 Entries

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478 Entries for “obsolete”

  1. I am obsolete. Nothing I ever dreamt of came true. I amounted to nothing but a pile of debt. I am not a mother or a wife or a daughter or a friend. I am obsolete. I don’t write anything worth reading. I don’t make work that is useful or recognised. My life could end and only 3 people might notice. Might.

    By No one on 04.13.2011

  2. Old, backward, unneeded, past, useless, wasted, out of date, and historic.

    By Carol on 04.13.2011

  3. I am obsolete. When I first arrived, I was loved. Cherished. Now I am old, obsolete. There is a newer version of me. It is better, faster, and doesn’t lag. I wait in the closet for the day that I will be used again. As the years go on, I begin to lose hope, but-what is that? I see a light. The door is opening up. Hooray.

    By Tezcacoatl on 04.13.2011

  4. You’re slipping away
    I feel it happening
    Please stay here with me

    Fight your way back now
    Promise me you won’t become
    Just a faded dream

    I know you aren’t just
    An obsolete memory
    Just stay here with me

    By Stephanie URL on 04.13.2011

  5. Last night i found out that i was worth nothing. my girlfriend dumped me for an alien. they are the ‘new’ thing apparently.

    By Martin Latham on 04.13.2011

  6. boring, not current, not important, lacking interest… No longer in style or pertinent. OVER IT! lol

    By Georgina on 04.13.2011

  7. i feel obsolete in a world that has a blog for every topic and discussions containing kids half my my age discussing topics so far beyond me that i can literally feel the space between us and it leaves me feeling … well, obsolete.

    By rob cayman on 04.13.2011

  8. Everything was dark inside the house. There was a creepy feeling and everything was so obsolete that she wondered how anyone had lived there.

    By rexy6366 URL on 04.13.2011

  9. Obsolete is a thing out of date such as newspapers and such…

    By Emnm URL on 04.13.2011

  10. I was going to make a batch of cookies. But the milk was obsolete! So I got all the stuff to make cookies. But sadly now I can’t.

    By fluffy1297 URL on 04.13.2011

  11. Obsolete means getting old like out of date. Some books are becoming obsolete and a lot of things are becoming obsolete.

    By cheylo URL on 04.13.2011

  12. Sometimes I feel obsolete – like an ancient, rusted tractor. I’m in my forties and I haven’t worked in my field in several years. People ask me what I do, and I say, “I’m a writer now.” they don’t know quite what to do with my remark.

    By North Georgia Amber URL on 04.13.2011

  13. Many things are becoming obsolete. For example newspapers and dinosaur computers are and so are lots of other stuff. Obsolete means out of date.(:

    By Drenna URL on 04.13.2011

  14. I think obsolete means not famouse and

    By peyton URL on 04.13.2011

  15. Cassette tapes are obsolete. They were replaced by CD’s. Now, the most popular type of music device are MP3 Players and iPod’s.

    By Stephanie URL on 04.13.2011

  16. the wood clad ships of the civil war are now obsolete we now have metal ships and in gins rather than sales

    By Stephen on 04.13.2011

  17. he will be obselete. Not because he didnt care about me or us. But he made love seem obselete. Like it never was needed. And so, his entire being will never feel it and hence he will always be obselete

    By me on 04.13.2011

  18. the wood clad ships of the civil war are now obsolete we now have metal ships and in gins rather than sales.

    By Stephen on 04.13.2011

  19. To be obsolete is to be unwanted by people. I only hope not be obsolete to those I love; I hope to be wanted by those who need me and needed by those who want me. I wish to find all those who feel obsolete and make them feel loved and wanted in this world.

    By Britt Stafford on 04.13.2011

  20. It wasn’t meant to be anything. It wasn’t suppose to be more than what we wanted it to be. But somehow, it turned into something. Nothings right anymore. My world is turned upside down. It’s crazy, it’s intense, it’s uncomfortable, it’s foreign, it’s alien. But this feeling is something I want to keep with me forever. It wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for last night.

    It wasn’t suppose to be anything but obsolete.

    By TJ URL on 04.13.2011

  21. Obsolete bells on the church tower – no one listened, no one even looked up or counted the chimes. As if it wasn’t difficult enough in this world to get attention, and even in their height and glory, still ignored.

    By Peter on 04.13.2011

  22. nothing is obsolete or it wouldn’t exist. everything serves a purpose, even if that purpose is to simply do nothing. the one thing that makes me mad is when companies plan for their products to become obsolete. theyb know that if they create the peak item that they wont have repeat purchasers. obsolete.

    By kai URL on 04.13.2011

  23. I hope I never become obsolete. It would be an incredibly lonely place to be. I wonder if friends would even remember I existed? Would I ever become mainstream again?

    By Jennifer URL on 04.13.2011

  24. Oh, we’re still on this word. I’ve done it before. In fact, thinking about it I could say is obsolete, out of date, or whatnot. Oh well, I guess I’ll try again later. When’s midnight on this website anyway?

    By Sarah URL on 04.13.2011

  25. nothingness, blank, ridiculous, and pointless. black, grey, concrete, without a purpose. directionless lives.

    By Sylva on 04.13.2011

  26. I am now out of date. I’m a betamax. I am an eight track. My usefulness is lacking in today’s world. Technology has outpaced its maker. We are the ones being controlled now. We cannot function without our phones. Our correspondence is now sent over airways, but we still are stuck on the ground.

    By Jake Walker URL on 04.13.2011

  27. “Hey Paul, do you remember when there was an A.P.B. out on the little red Chevette with the hatch back full of thirteen year olds driving around running over mailboxes?”

    “Yes. Yes I do. Ron did it, but hey, so did you. It was your idea but Ron really took it to the next level, didn’t he? I mean, condos?”

    The car? Obsolete.

    The boxes? No longer able to be used.

    I sure hope my 2:00 appointment gets here early.

    By vanhaydu.com URL on 04.13.2011

  28. for something to be obsolete is it for to have either disappeared due to its lack of perceived significance, or simply due to physical reasons. a side deep thought — what is truly valuable is slowly approaching the status of ‘obsolete’. but alas, that’s my own opinion, nothing more.

    By sid blake URL on 04.13.2011

  29. the desert was an obsolete wasteland. Not a soul bothered to shrug off its existence here, and this was the barren, miserable land that I was lucky enough to call home. A prisoner in my own right, yet free as the man with the most open of doors.

    By Nisha URL on 04.13.2011

  30. this world is obsolete. scrape my feet against the street. walking around barefoot, trying to be discrete. lookin for the beach. trying to teach the world my lessons. but i’m to young to speak clear enough for the world to hear me. give it time.

    By rowan brind on 04.13.2011

  31. the vorlesungsverzeichnis is obsolete, said the thinny and bizarre man to the ersties, who heard their first academic ans ununderstandable word at th Freie University…..
    To be continued

    By Gael Anna on 04.13.2011

  32. Not relevant. Useless. Stupid. If you become obsolete then you are dead. End of game. It is like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife. The spoons are obsolete. and so is that example.

    By Bulwark Exterminating URL on 04.13.2011

  33. You make me obsolete and unnecessary, like obvious directions on the back of a box. Instructions that would otherwise be implied. I am not needed because of you but rather, I need you. I need you more than I realize.

    By Rachel Van Eman on 04.13.2011

  34. not useful anymore. printed encyclopedias. wooden rocking chairs. not useful, or not used? what makes something useful? the fact that it’s used? if i could have fun with an encyclopedia, is it useful for entertainment purposes?

    By Alex URL on 04.13.2011

  35. Memories are becoming obsolete and we can’t remember what we were looking for or what we wanted. The actual act or remembering has become extinct and time travelers have to go back in time to find their memories. A cultural amnesia is the result. This is all because of Google. When hand writing became obsolete, soon memory did too.
    I know this is hard ti imagine, but it is true.

    By Small Affair URL on 04.13.2011

  36. gone forever… what once was needed is no more… it has been replaced by what, exactly? Has the need gone away or have we find other ways to manage without it? Planned obsolesence is a modern-day evil which tells us that every purpose comes to an end, and everything is replaceable. It is not true. Some things will never be able to be replaced, and I think it is truly rare when a purpose comes to an end.

    By Freya on 04.13.2011

  37. Nothingness. A feeling of ambivalence wedged between contention and hopeless desires. The inability to conform to standards.

    By Gabrielle on 04.13.2011

  38. My feelings for you have become obsolete. Something bigger and better has come along and so you my friend, are no longer needed. Is that bad?

    By Clare on 04.13.2011