April 14th, 2011 | 447 Entries

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447 Entries for “hysterical”

  1. hysterically useless physical attraction time to go. that didn’t do it, time out, but we’re ok. knives like matchsticks, rice crispies and the grabbing of death by the cufflinks. we are ok. locked but forgettable and we’re jolting along ourselves rightly

    By Bharath URL on 04.15.2011

  2. everyday life. someone falling, never fails. bad hair in the morning. sour face. mad, crazy in love. reality t.v.

    By Lucia URL on 04.15.2011

  3. when i was a young lad my momther mace me feel quite hysterical. not really i am completeling lieing. there is not story line here but its okay and you feel okay and so do i. hysterical is a nice word to skay, i like how it fules off of my tongue. i wish i could tell my friends to say it now. ….yes i will tell them oncei have comp,.leted this task you have asked me to do. well im in art class now well actually in ceramics and its hystrical. what does hysterical mean? what language or land or people has it been derived from? id love to know. what does the hys mean, or the suffix cal? id love to know the answers to those questions as well

    By krista URL on 04.15.2011

  4. They make me hysterical. Punch-them-in-the-face hysterical. Will they ever shut the fuck up?! Why are they spending their freaking spring break here?

    By Leira Carola URL on 04.15.2011

  5. absolute insanity. comedians. not my boyfriend dan. hyenas? they’re totally hysterical. fucking awesome insanity. that kind of laugher that makes you roll on the floor laughing.

    By katie on 04.15.2011

  6. “Are you kidding me? This isn’t hysterical! You want me to show you hysterical?” Jim’s breathing was erratic; cold sweat pured down his face. He looked around for something to throw.

    By Seth URL on 04.15.2011

  7. When I was at lunch I hytericaly laft at my friend And I went to the talent show and the girl that was daceing was having prolblums with the music.

    By Jacob on 04.15.2011