April 13th, 2011 | 490 Entries

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490 Entries for “severe”

  1. It wasn’t a wishy-washy feeling, and it wasn’t just a few tears. It was an overwhelming emotion that threatened to knock me over, kind of like standing in front of a huge tidal wave and not knowing how to swim.

    By iGoldilocks URL on 04.14.2011

  2. things have been severely cold in northern michigan ,making for a sad spring . the plants are not growing and there is no color just a snowless extended winter.

    By beth on 04.14.2011

  3. i had a severe head injury once. well not really. thats just the first thing that popped into my head… so i fell of the sink in my bathroom when i was like in 3rd grade and i had a concussion. i ate a swiss cake roll and threw up…. it was pretty groiss… i got to ride in a wheelchair though.

    By branden fetzer URL on 04.14.2011

  4. Life is severe. It only knows how to ask for more, not less. Things are constantly being thrust upon you…especially if you’re ambitious.

    By Karim on 04.14.2011

  5. when i was severe it was because i deserve it and i don’t want you to get hurt but i really love you and that’s why but i don’t know shy really i go with that over and over again when i know you are just a kid ,you soul is a kid and i don’t know why i just mutilate that like you don’t know nothing.

    By Virgula URL on 04.14.2011

  6. severe thunderstorms seem to happen so often in the world. But Georgia has been blessed with a mild weather, sometimes we don’t appreciate the things we have and living in Georgia is one of those things I don’t really appreciate probably. Its a nice country overall.

    By Anzor on 04.14.2011

  7. it was to severe for anyone to notice. there she was in the white tshirt with the fake smile once again. They look past her like she is one of them. A person with plastic lips and false intentions. Thats all they have. The severity of that is to immense for anyone to comprehend. Let me tell you. That day was to severe for me I still get sick at the thought of it.

    By casey on 04.14.2011

  8. very harsh and hard. not very nice. punishment. angry. horrible. too harsh. serious.

    By Emily on 04.14.2011

  9. if something’s severe it’s not nice, not friendly. It’s harsh, it’s a punishment. I’ve already written about this word but I’m having to write about it again for some reason.

    By Emily on 04.14.2011

  10. i never liked wearing my hear like this, but i had to for ballet. “helmet heads, girls!” miss crystal would always say. so after about three pounds of mousse and the ponytail twisting of my life, my hair would be ready for a show.
    I also remember trying to take it down afterwards. Inevitably i’d get an itch on the scalp in the middle of the bun and try to scratch it while it was up with a hairpin. but once i finally took it down, every single hair follicle it seems would scream for attention from being forced in the wrong direction so long.

    By Julia on 04.14.2011