May 24th, 2012 | 114 Entries

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114 Entries for “retrieve”

  1. I had to find it. What had I lost, anyway, that had turned me into this dull creature, this pathetic bit of flesh? I suppose I had to figure that out first, but, bottom line– I couldn’t go on like this.
    Something had to give. Something had to break.
    It wasn’t going to be me this time.

    By Mara on 05.24.2012

  2. Somehow o have to retrieve a shred of my dingity.

    By Barbara on 05.24.2012

  3. Apparently i must retrieve the memory of this word already written. Really

    By Barbara on 05.24.2012

  4. Maybe i dont know what this means.
    Every blurb is shot down ! Wtf?

    By Barbara on 05.24.2012

  5. Pushing the button frantically, no image arose. RETRIEVE. RETRIEVE. It had worked before, but maybe she’d used it up. She wondered what the memory had been, and whether she would ever miss it.

    By J on 05.24.2012

  6. My grandfather at the lake. The pungent aroma of barbecued meats wafting through the air while my cousin bobs casually in the water with his little bubble vest. Dogs and kids with kites. Scary abandoned house.

    By Chelsea on 05.24.2012

  7. He was like a golden retriever. It was that eternal smile that conjured up that image. There were few people dead or alive that had ever seen that smile go out. Tobias was one of those few. He’d seen that bright light shiver and blink out.

    By Julia A. URL on 05.24.2012

  8. I retrieved the broken piece of glass from the floor of the old church. The church was at least 150 years old, the wooden beams and the faded glass windows that were still intact even after all these years, was a beauty in itself.

    By umbazachika URL on 05.24.2012

  9. to retrieve something is to gain something back that was once yours. It could be an inanimate object, feelings or a physical one. The effects of retrieving something, is a positive one and it is always good to give and retrieve. PENIS!!!

    By Jessica S URL on 05.24.2012

  10. Sometimes my instincts tell me I should retrieve my heart back from you. The thing is I would quickly give my freedom to be held in your captivity. So I am not a prisoner but a guest.

    By Diamond URL on 05.24.2012

  11. The loose strands of chain link fence scraped against my hand, leaving long red lines in my skin. As I pushed my hand under the fence further to retrieve my dropped notebook, the wires began to break through and make stinging wounds that would probably scar.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.24.2012

  12. i retrieved my hat from you, and you asked why the hell i was wearing a hat anyway, so i told you the honest truth. i was having a “bad hair day.” and you laughed and said it wouldn’t matter anyway, because even when my hair is up in knots and tangles it still looks fine. i ask you what you mean by “fine ” but you just snatch the hat back and run across the schoolyard, and i don’t even care that the first bell has rung, because i would rather be a little kid like this again.

    By EJ URL on 05.24.2012

  13. I don’t really think about retrieving things much… It’s more of a dog thing. My old dog was never very good at playing fetch, but man, she’d try. It was funny to watch her go after a ball or a stick or a frisbee and then lose track of it altogether. I miss her a lot. Hopefully she’s in dog heaven. She was pretty well behaved..

    By Norah URL on 05.24.2012

  14. Retrieve. The memory. The file. Yourself. Retrieve who you are and your dreams from when you were three. Re-member yourself. Retrieve your life. Go out and live it and bring back a new bag of memories to get lost in.

    By LolaGirl URL on 05.24.2012

  15. i bent to retrieve the pieces of the
    glass i dropped on the floor and thought;
    ‘i wonder if this is how you see me.’

    By Effie URL on 05.24.2012

  16. I retrieve my school books everyday.
    A dog can retrieve a ball.
    Retrieve is a hard word.
    I retrieve the my ball from the yard.
    Retrieving information that I learned to use for a test.

    By Kevie Lui on 05.24.2012

  17. The letter came back, torn and damaged, covered in finger prints. The ink that showed the original destination was smudged, it could have been the rain, but it is sunny in Perth.

    By Flyderkov URL on 05.24.2012

  18. All I could think about was how desperate I was to go back in time and see it again. The smoky lights, the dim, faded colors of the curtains over the worn-out, wooden stage… The memory is so fleeting now that I can barely retrieve it. How sad, that things we once loved will end up such a grasp for us.

    By Elizabeth URL on 05.24.2012

  19. makes me think of golden retrievers and the i before e rule.
    Bout it. more time than needed I guess.

    By george on 05.24.2012

  20. “Retrieve the liquid from the small boy. He does not know what to do with it.” “I will,” said the heathen, “but first you’ve got to hand me your spoon.”

    By Teletha on 05.24.2012

  21. i tried to retrieve what we had but i couldn’t so i left it, left it there in the dark and even though it has taken me a while and it will take me some more time i have finally gotten the cotton balls out of my throat, i am finally able to speak clearly and hold my head up high. i have let myself loose from the ball and chain you had fastened around my neck

    By alicia URL on 05.24.2012

  22. Retrieve.
    To receive something back, either something that you treasure or something that you dislike. Receiving a essay back again to hand up the final is good, but can also make you feel overwhelmed by the amount of things needed to be changed.

    By sarahsarahsarah on 05.24.2012

  23. Old photos, letters, and notes scattered around the floor. She picked a photo up. The photo was aged. A bit tattered but you can still see the subject. She picked a letter next. “This one was probably decades ago.” she thought. The paper was yellow. The ink was fading away. And the corners were torn. As she struggled to read the context she caught a glimpse of a gold object on the floor.

    It was a locket. And as she opened it, she knew she was getting closer to retrieve what was rightfully hers.

    By RmCalderon URL on 05.24.2012

  24. I keep on going back into old annals, digging up more and more of my old treasures. They were all ideas. I used to scoff at people who were educated out of their great loves: educated out of their love of reading, of music, any passion at all, and formalized education could do it.

    Now I’m starting to believe I’ve self-educated my way out of creativity and originality.

    Let’s go undo that…

    By Jack URL on 05.24.2012

  25. i retrieved the best of my moments and concentrated to help pass through that monster question, which had hovered me, day and night . I will not give up, yes the efforts are great but the solace is even greater.

    By filza URL on 05.24.2012

  26. Loyal dog chasing a ball thrown by his owner. Simply peaceful, calm, tranquil in the park. A time of peace, and man and dog are the enjoying themselves tremendously – owner and pet, master and servant, Man and his best friend.

    By Alex on 05.24.2012

  27. Waiting back into our memories, digging through the music pulsing through my head, endless nothings flowing out of my brain… Go back, go back into that unforgettable time. I can’t tear it apart, but can only embrace the boldness so that every time I hold someone’s hand, it’s be just as special as that first time

    By Spark URL on 05.25.2012

  28. Retrieve me from the depths of your memory, can you? What does my face look like? Can you trace the curve of my jawline with your eyes? Just try.

    By Jonathan on 05.25.2012

  29. get something back.. my heart .. it was stolen… and I lost it forever… I want to retrieve it from the SCUMBAG THIEF!

    By Michelle on 05.25.2012

  30. How do I retrieve what I have lost? My heart, my strength. How do I retrieve my true self from this soul crushing experience …

    By Mia on 05.25.2012

  31. Retrieving my sense of taste would be paramount at this point in my life. Having scalded my tongue by using a straw for hot tea, i can’t feel stupider. What made me think that was a good idea? Whatever the case, the truth is that it reminds me that i should retrieve the proper cup next time.

    By Thom Takahata on 05.25.2012

  32. The dog went out of sight to retrieve the stick and that’s the last we saw of him. Frieda was upset and waited by the hummock all evening. I went home, happy. I never liked that yapping pest.

    By E.P. Hantera on 05.25.2012

  33. retrieve means to bring bak or recover. for e.g. The fireman retrieved his gear from the van on returning to the firestation. It is a seldom used word nowadays when vocabulary had degenerated to acronyms & pseudo words

    By Mansi on 05.25.2012

  34. I thought that I could retrive the kite in time, however the rain came down suddenly and destryed any hope of I getting my kite in one piece.

    By victor URL on 05.25.2012

  35. Haddison always sent one of us up to the surface to retrieve his packages. He never went to the top himself. I sometimes wondered when the last time he it was that he saw the sun. I always wondered if he was scared that they would find him if he took a breath of air that was not recycled by a pump.

    I always wondered if he was happier down there, deep in the earth.

    Maybe down there he couldn’t remember my mother. And the terrible way she died.

    By river URL on 05.25.2012

  36. Not much to say about retrieve, do have an interesting tidbit from Dutch politics: Recent austerity accord arranged for less subsidies on traveling, ‘in order to cut down on paying people to travel long distances first class, since they’re rich anyway’. Unforeseen (?) side-effect: cutting down doubly on everybody who goes to work by train (second class). Ouch.

    By Ralyn Longs URL on 05.25.2012

  37. I thought that any happiness was irretrievably lost. I thought that I’d be grasping on cliffs forever, trying to crawl up onto flat planes of security.

    By genahtastic URL on 05.25.2012

  38. get back

    By Linda on 05.25.2012

  39. “Heaven help us,” she said reaching down to pick up the keys.
    “What do you do with all this junk?” he asked. “Those keys don’t fit anywhere.”
    “All I do is pick up things; retrieve the lost and fallorn; gather up flotsom and jetsom. Just occasionally there is something of value, but if not it is all saved and treasured. I collected you, didn’t I? I saved you from being washed down a drain and disappearing.”

    By Meredyth URL on 05.25.2012

  40. Her dog faithfully bounced over the grass to pick up the rubber ball, turning on its heels, and running straight back to the owner. The Golden Retriever’s tail wagged, eyes up and alert, begging for her to throw the ball again.

    By Laura Riddle URL on 05.25.2012