May 24th, 2012 | 114 Entries

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114 Entries for “retrieve”

  1. Back in the 1970’s, Dave started making his own guitars out of broom sticks and hubcaps. Many cars in his neighborhood were missing at least one cap. One year he got tools for Christmas. Somehow, dad’s tools disappeared. Next, Dave asked his best friend Jonny to retrieve a tool called, Tire Iron. Lastly, they installed the rusty old lug nuts they found on Mr. Kotters Trans Am, using them as tuning pegs for their guitars.

    Neighbors crashed – got mad – cussing even.

    By vanhaydu URL on 05.24.2012

  2. As Harriet bent down to retrieve the scrap of paper that had flown out of her empty backpack, she recoiled at the sound of laughter. The three most popular girls in school – Lucy, Lisa, and Leslie – were all skipping toward her, pointing at her.

    “Getting your letter from your boyfriend?” they teased before dancing away.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.24.2012

  3. want to travel , see and be somewhere where I have never dreamed of and be extremely happy. world peace

    By toni on 05.24.2012

  4. Deep breath.
    Hold it in.

    By morganashleigh on 05.24.2012

  5. What can I retrieve from the past? Can I learn from the mistakes? Can I redeem the time – retrieve the years of the locust? What can my heart learn and store to make tomorrow’s dreams and treasures the ones I want to retrieve?

    By Anna Pugh on 05.24.2012

  6. I go on the Internet to retrieve pictures of TH. Because I love him. He is amazing. I want to meet him. Please, let me meet him! He is beautiful. No one else can compare, truly.

    *Retrieves picture of TH*

    *stares at those wonderful cheekbones*


    By Mathilda on 05.24.2012

  7. I wish I could retrieve all the time I wasted.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 05.24.2012

  8. I could hear the ball approaching. It dove through the air like a nuclear missile, aimed with precision at a spot I could never reach, but I was already there. My tail a-wag, I felt the sweet joy of a well-caught retrieval in my future. Leaping from my hind legs, I lunged.

    By Erin on 05.24.2012

  9. I had to retrieve the lost photograph. It was the only link between myself and that man. The one thing that could link us on that fateful day. The one thing that shows that I was not where I said I was. The one thing I couldn’t have predicted.

    By Inge on 05.24.2012

  10. It took Jason quite a long time to retrieve his memory from Hera/ Juno. In the end, she didn’t him back all his memory. She said it’ll all come back within time… what a jerk.

    By Roooonnniie URL on 05.24.2012

  11. The golden retriever bounded to the door with a look of puppy joy on his face. “It’s nice to know someone’s happy to see me,” she sighed, reaching down to pet the loving dog.

    By Emily McNally on 05.24.2012

  12. I checked this book out from the library two months ago. For some reason I haven’t had the heart to give it back. I just loved it so much. I know it’s time now, to give it back, because I’ve gotten visits from a “Retrieval specialist”. I am scared.

    By Beatrice Amaro URL on 05.24.2012

  13. catch this for me. throw this down over a balcony with a fishing rod and a toolbox full of worms you caught this morning before the sun rose. Make this something I could never conjure up myself

    By Sam on 05.24.2012

  14. How do you retrieve a wasted life? If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice that might make you go a different direction — change your fate — would you do it? Or would you let stay the course and end up where you are right now?

    By SWellsBennett URL on 05.24.2012

  15. I thought I should retrieve. Just retrieve and act as if I wasn’t about to do it. But I couldn’t and I was feeling courageous and the moment was perfect and so I went for it.

    By Laura URL on 05.24.2012

  16. memory retrieval. it’s a critical part of our minds, but god, don’t we all sometimes wish that we couldn’t remember. that we could forget. leave the memories dusty and buried, never to be dug up again.

    By Char URL on 05.24.2012

  17. I work hard to retrieve the money I feel I deserve. I work hard for the money so I can retrieve the things I really want in life weather it be simple or extravagant I work for it so I can retreat myself however I please

    By Greatness URL on 05.24.2012

  18. Well if you find it in the back of your throat then you’ve just got to cough it up again. And if you find it in the small of your back then you’ve just got to pull it out. And if you find her name on the tip of your tongue then you know what needs to be done. And if you see her in the corner of your eye, then blink, man, blink until it just goes away.

    By crabmuffins on 05.24.2012

  19. I will retriev3 the shoe I throw if you retrieve the dress you throw of mine. Here doggy doggie. go retrieve the ball for me.

    By teeda URL on 05.24.2012

  20. Years passed and memories faded. I had no way of recalling what had happened that night anymore than I could recall being an infant. My hopes were lost, my challenges faced and overcome. And yet I buried the thoughts amongst the rubble of my mind. There was naught left for me to retrieve but the dust of slaughtered promises and garnished dreams. I had given my all that night to save someone — something. What it was, whatever the cause, whomever the loved one who’d lived — it was worth the sacrifice of my mind to bring them peace. Or maybe I hadn’t. Without my recollection of the evening, I would never know.

    By Emily URL on 05.24.2012

  21. it fell. down down thud. they’d never be able to get there in time. She jumped, carefully after it, grabbing at the sides to slow her fall. The rocks cut up her hands. She ran to it, picked it up. Held on to it like she would never let it go.

    By amelia on 05.24.2012

  22. I’m learning that in order to fully retrieve pieces of data you must first understand what it means. Expressing oneself can be difficult especially while trying to retrieve words to represent your personality.

    By Ford URL on 05.24.2012

  23. i’ve been an ugly, small thing of a person all my life and i don’t know how to stop.
    it’s written deep in my bones, in the lines of your aging face, in the weight of our mutual silence. it will never go away.
    and i’m sorry i reach for your hand, break its fingers with my fumbling apologies over and over, until reach for it again, long after you’ve gone.
    i don’t know how to stop and i’m sorry i’m sorry i’ve always been sorry.

    By invinculis URL on 05.24.2012

  24. Reach deep inside your mind…
    And find once more what has been lost

    By Michelle URL on 05.24.2012

  25. So many things to retrieve. Some just right out of my reach, like my drivers license. 7 fucking days!!!! I believe once I retrieve that, things will become a lot easier and a lot of stress will be lifted off of me.

    By Alec Vigil URL on 05.24.2012

  26. i think of being a dog, how they have to watch people throw the things they want in the opposite direction, how they’re JUST EXPECTED to go and retrieve it, and how much that must suck. being a dog would suck… thats why im a human. i choose what i do and dont do because i am awesome and profound and im, ‘ya know, OPHELIA FREAKIN PATTERSON ohhhh yeahhhhh (said just like the koolaid man). i dont have to retrive NUTHIN’ retrieve is stupid.

    By Ophelia Patterson URL on 05.24.2012

  27. Retrieving the axe from the fallen foe’s skull, Milan ran back to the encampment. When he saw what had become of the temporary shelter his group had set up his fingers let loose of the blade again. His comrades’ bodies, bloody and in pieces, were strewn across the ground – one thin, black skeleton lay on top of the remains of their fire.

    By SIggi on 05.24.2012

  28. I went to retrieve my graduation picture from the high school I technically graduated from. I say “technically” because I was one credit short but was rewarded the credit on the case that I paid a school official for one. The world today is corrupt but who am I to say I can change it, when I’ve had to rely on it?

    What will a revolution accomplish, even if change can be found peacefully what will it accomplish? Ghandi is a symbol of peace and non-violent protesting while Hitler is synonymous with the Devil but in the end who are these people? Nothing but their actions, and their actions are nothing but in the past.

    By Eric Harrell on 05.24.2012

  29. Someone, please help me. I don’t know if I can do this anymore. Not alone. I’ve lost my mind somewhere along the way on this long, dusty trail, and now that the destination looms ever closer, I’ve finally come to my sense and began looking in earnest for what I’ve misplaced.

    I’ve earned this reprieve. It’s been a long five months, and I deserve this moment of clarity.

    I picked up smoking the other day. You never really think the act of slowly wanting to kill yourself might seem attractive, or something that you decide that you’ll do, but fuck it. I’ll give a whirl. We’re all going the same way anyway, some of us faster than others. Maybe I’ve decided to start jogging.

    By vhee URL on 05.24.2012

  30. I reached out for it, I needed to retrieve that. It was almost in my grasp, but it kept evading. I clasped my fingers around it but it slipped through like sand. I grunted, wouldn’t this stupid thing just give up?

    By Aspen on 05.24.2012

  31. I watch from a distance because it’s the closest I can get anymore. She retrieved all of my broken friendships and tried to make them her own. It doesn’t matter now; my feelings are almost done being hurt. My strings are cut, and I’m ready to fly. She can burden herself with all of the messes of wasted existences.

    By Marissa URL on 05.24.2012

  32. can you retrieve my soul?
    my longing to live.
    will you retrieve my heart?
    my strength to withstand.
    stop for a second,
    look into my eyes
    tell me it’s good
    it’s alright
    things will always be right
    tell me to drop the fight
    scurrying through my mind
    any night
    show me the light
    it’s time

    By Karla URL on 05.24.2012

  33. someday you will be mine again, i gave you my heart knowing that i was taking a risk but i knew it felt right, i will one day retrieve the love i gave to you and you will be mine again.
    i see you walk through the halls, we say “hi” and no matter how much i try no to care that your with someone else, i still feel what i felt the first time we were together.
    you don’t seem to notice how i feel, and you assume that i have moved on after so many years but really i am still here where you left me.
    i will retrieve what was once ours, what meant so much to me and to this day i still don’t regret saying “i love you” to you, because honestly i have never meant it before, and i haven’t since then.

    By cassandra on 05.24.2012

  34. to go get something. a lot of people are sent to retrieve certain items. it usually is used for demands or commands. I really don’t like this word… thank you for really making my day.

    By Kailey URL on 05.24.2012

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    By 6776tb on 05.24.2012

  36. retrieve a pocket knife near the orange baseball sand, in the grass that was like straw in the cold, and with the school behind up sitting flat and low, a single story. The knife, brown hoarse plastic, the blade as dull as a badly made spoon, and a metal face in the brown with a dirty eagle.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.24.2012

  37. If I hold my breath and count to ten, can I retrieve those memories, those old thoughts, those old feelings as she can? Can I find it in myself to hold my breath until I see the truest purple behind my eyelids, until I feel that hard pavement beneath my bare feet? Can I remember how it felt to laugh at my friends who grimaced at my bare feet, remember how it felt to call them babies because they could not stand the pain, not because I didn’t feel it, but because I loved it?

    By morganashleigh on 05.24.2012

  38. Retrieve what’s been lost. We always fret when we lose things, the smallest knick-knacks like our cell phones to the people who have raised us and taught us to love. Sometimes we can get them back. Other times, we have to learn to deal with the loss.

    By Ashi URL on 05.24.2012

  39. get, chase the dog, go get it you can do it, get the ball, retrieve the stick, find, the dog retrieved the ball out of the bush he was running back from the bush at got attacked by a retriever.

    By Laura on 05.24.2012

  40. He scanned the horizon, the sun beating down on his shoulders. Perspiration trickled down his temple, knocked aside as he retrieved his sunglasses from the top of his head. The forest below was green, sweltering, humming. If he wanted, he could be lost forever.

    By cmsiena URL on 05.24.2012