May 25th, 2012 | 203 Entries

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203 Entries for “leading”

  1. I was leading the party through the jungle of squawking orcs yesterday. Slashing and screaming our victory was almost poetic. Our would be cast down through the ages if we weren’t so bloody.

    By Lunatic on 05.26.2012

  2. He was walking up ahead, eyes sparkling in that way I couldn’t refuse. Anyone sane would find it threatening, but the way his hand was reaching backward, almost holding mine as I followed him into the abyss… It was leading me. I simply couldn’t refuse.

    By Elizabeth on 05.26.2012

  3. A man in uniform pointing to his men, leading them into the battle he knows will be their last. He looks over them all, brave young men who had been hardened by a battle they could never understand but simply fight in. He had no need to scream orders, he had no need to recite a speech. He need only march and they would follow.

    By F on 05.26.2012