May 24th, 2012 | 114 Entries

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114 Entries for “retrieve”

  1. I retrieve the stick
    and put it back
    after following it through the air
    each sense attuned to the flight pattern
    through which it goes
    I run after along with my senses
    and use my snout to judge the distance
    at which it comes
    then I look around
    and wonder
    where is it?

    By t44 URL on 05.25.2012

  2. All he was supposed to do was get it back. Retrieve the stupid flying disc that always had a way of escaping him. That brightly coloured floppy thing that the upright one kept catching and throwing and taking from him. It was mildly frustrating, but ever so much fun.

    That is, until it landed on the dark coloured pavement, and the roaring machine with the blinky eyes and the rolly legs came and charged into him, crushing the magic disc along with his furry skull.

    By noiseandhammers URL on 05.25.2012

  3. Deep in my soul, behind a curtain of anguish and disillusionment, I am trying to retrieve what used to be the essence of me I could finally reconcile with.

    By Taddy on 05.25.2012

  4. Her fingers twist a single key
    tumblers slide
    and release.
    Those same fingers reach
    into the open
    She retrieves a single coin
    flips it, heads or tails;
    it is, she loses.

    By Domiknitrix URL on 05.25.2012

  5. When Mom and I were cleaning out my father’s office after his death, I was playing around with one of the cabinets, and accidentally locked it.
    “Where’s the key?” I asked but Mom said there wasn’t one.
    I kept thinking that there was something important there, that we’d never be able to retrieve now, just because of a few seconds of stupidity.

    By Holden URL on 05.25.2012

  6. I retrieved my keys from the depth of my purse looking forward to where the car will take me… There is a world of opportunity awaiting me in those 4 wheels!

    By Alwaysjoy URL on 05.25.2012

  7. Her footsteps echoed through the empty house. She didn’t have much time. The stairs were rickety and yet she climbed them easily. The bedroom was to the right and she slipped inside. The pouch was under the pillow, like she knew it would be. As she retrieved it, she heard voices and moved as silently towards the back of the house as she could, slipping out a second floor window into the night.

    By Meghan Gabehart URL on 05.25.2012

  8. The dog bounded after the thrown stick, enthusiasm unending, despite the fact that this was his twentieth time after this particular stick.

    “He never does seem to get tired of it, does he,” the girl asked the boy.

    Unperturbed by the laughter behind him, the dog came trotting back, his prize in tow.

    By terradi on 05.25.2012

  9. The hot water’s over–
    I soapily retrieve from the shower .

    By Nadin URL on 05.25.2012

  10. standing on tip-toes and performing a balancing act, reaching for something on the top shelf of the bookcase, trying not to knock over the entire thing in one silly, clumsy move that would knock over everything.

    By Jason on 05.25.2012

  11. Retrive I think means to get something back like when a dog gets a disc and it retrives the that like one example of retriveing something.

    By The tos so Awesome Rayanne on 05.25.2012

  12. one day i was playing soccer and i was going to goal but someone took the ball away from me so i went back to go retrive the ball.

    By mackenzie on 05.25.2012

  13. Retrieve the data, interpret the data, send the data out. This is what I call your opinion. This is rarely ever fact.

    By Joseph Dimanche URL on 05.25.2012

  14. my dog will retreve the bone retreve is when you go and get somthing!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!

    By FRANKIE♥♥♥ on 05.25.2012

  15. retrieve means to stay. usally people say it to dogs but some people sday it too people which is a little weird because it sounds mostly good for a dog not a human.

    By autumn fleming :) on 05.25.2012

  16. When a dog caches a disc he retrives the disc.For a seconed I could not think of what it ment……….I should GET A LIFE!!!!!!

    By skylar on 05.25.2012

  17. To me retrieve means to go get somthing and bring back. That is what I get told all the time is to retreive

    By Lori on 05.25.2012

  18. I have nothing to say about retrive so…. yeah i have NOTHING to write about…

    By Maddy on 05.25.2012

  19. Retrieve is like when you throw a stick and your dog fetches it you probably retrieve something everyday like a pencil or something

    By Emm@ eats elephant ears on 05.25.2012

  20. To retrive is to take or recive something like a dog retrives it’s treat or toy.

    By Popcorn Lover on 05.25.2012

  21. I was playing with my dog and she went and she retrieved the ball.It was her first time to retrieve a ball.

    By Morgan Zubrick on 05.25.2012

  22. Dogs retreive things. I guess. Like fetch. UGH this thing takes FOREVER!

    By Morgan Blank on 05.25.2012

  23. Can I retrieve all that I’ve lost? All the people, all the friends that broke in my struggle to stay afloat. Tears gather in my eyes. The image of hope gets blurry

    By laughalot on 05.25.2012

  24. My dog Rollie retrieves my other dog Sam we she runs out of the room.

    By Mireya:D on 05.25.2012

  25. when you retrieve something it is like when you throw a ball for your dog and then the dog runs and gets the ball and brings it back to you and you say good boy !!!!!!

    By Brookeanator Hughes on 05.25.2012

  26. Mrs. Stuckert 5/25/12

    By Mrs. S on 05.25.2012

  27. She had to retrieve the bag from the car. She knew that without her retrieving it, it would probably stay there for a very long time. So she went out to go get it, and then she realized the door was locked so she went to retrieve the keys.

    By Jenny on 05.25.2012

  28. Harry called to Cedric, implored him to save himself, to bolt across the graveyard and retrieve the cup. The Triwizard Cup.

    By April URL on 05.25.2012

  29. I went to get the baseball back from the neighbor’s yard. Bubbie warned us that the neighbor on that side was not so friendly. We heard the dog barking before we saw him. Big bark, must be scary. Little dog, big bark. Got the ball back.

    By SToporek URL on 05.25.2012

  30. hello beautiful how are you wat r u going lol i miss u are u having fun and i wanna see you i love you lol ur weird shawn ur brother is obsessed with me and ghe is like in love with me and why tf am i doing this? i dnt even know lfotrcldl i cnt wait to meet ur mother o waiti already met her. oh my gosh i have to do this agin like for real i am getting very annoyed like im serious lol do i type fast? supercalifragilisticeexpialidicious :0 lollllll ehe i wanna see my bestfriend becky:( awww now im sad….

    By Anna URL on 05.25.2012

  31. Sometimes I wish I could retrieve the younger skinny me.
    The jazz dancer flirt, the good-time girl, the edgy artiste.
    I believe that I can–it’s like the statue hiding in the marble–you just have to let the figure out, shed the extra weight and fly.

    By Robin on 05.25.2012

  32. to get something from someone can you retrieve a memory or once gone are they gone forever. can a dog retrireve a stick and is that the same as restriving a memory? getting something again or for the first time. does retrive imply you once had it. can you retrieve seomthing you never had. can you retrieve a body form the water as it floats down or only things. memories, bodies, sticks all floating by and making ripples where ever they wander. i reach out and grab as many as i can. i wonder if the ones i don’t retrieve are gone forever or if, the river as a merry go round, they will float past again and i will be able to catch the ones i want. can i throw in the memories and bodies and sticks i do not want, making them avaiable for others to retrieve?

    By alii URL on 05.25.2012

  33. I am known as the Retriever. When you fall asleep at night, I’m the last person you want to dream of.

    By Jordan on 05.25.2012

  34. Sometimes, we lose things, and we have to retrieve them. We lose almost everything. If you lost your keys, you could easily retrieve them. Just retrace your steps.

    But what about the big things we lose? What if you lost your mum or dad? Or a grandparent? Or a close friend? How do we retrieve them?

    But surely, can not we retrace our steps?

    No, we can not.

    By Damaris URL on 05.25.2012