May 23rd, 2012 | 136 Entries

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136 Entries for “lodge”

  1. ”I belong to a lodge” a lodge is a club or a place in a hotel you hang out at lodges and at the one i belong to you play games and adults drink.

    By Mark B. on 05.24.2012

  2. A loage is a place where some people go when they have no lives and everyone hates them.

    By Josh Koon on 05.24.2012

  3. I do not know what that is.

    By griffster#37 on 05.24.2012

  4. 5/24/12

    By Mrs. S on 05.24.2012

  5. We drove up on New Hampshire, in the snow and the dark in the middle of the night. We cuddled in the cabin by the fire with blankets and drank hot chocolate with marshmallows,

    By April URL on 05.24.2012

  6. relaxation, pleasure, fun, joy, friends, love, peace, connection with nature, freedom, feeling of excitement, nature, oneness, great energy

    By Stefanie URL on 05.24.2012

  7. I couldn’t figure out what it all meant, just that I had created some sort of lodge for all the pent up aggression I couldn’t release any other way. So it stayed inside the logged in room sitting next to a crackling fire, drowning everything in hot cocoa and rum.

    By inflmmatori URL on 05.24.2012

  8. When I went camping I stayed in a forest with a beautiful wooden lodge. Inside animal heads were displayed on the wall. A fire was blazing in the fireplace. I could smell hot cocoa. I could see the snowflakes dropping ever so lightly. I grabbed the nearest warm blanket with soft fur. I curled up in the corner of the overstuffed chair nearest the fireplace. I cracked opened my book and found my page.

    By Kate on 05.24.2012

  9. It is night fall. I have fallen into a ditch. I can only hope the lodge is close. I’m cold and am afraid of the night forthcoming.

    By Roberto on 05.24.2012

  10. i returned eight years later
    and everything lay broken,

    chickens wandered from my larder
    strange cats hissed at
    a pony with one eye

    those that suited me in armour
    now held the whip hand
    ‘things have changed’
    how long had i been gone?

    how does the hand
    unlearn to grip the hilt
    it held in sleep
    and death

    you embrace someone i resemble
    the faces and fires were one dark blur
    but i expected to feel
    every flashing blade

    war is no more dangerous
    than childbirth
    the school yard
    the family home
    the marriage bed

    but i did not defy death
    to come home
    and be crippled by life

    By minimalist URL on 05.24.2012

  11. He posted his grievance with a slight smile
    one corner of his face twisted up and out
    no amount of second thoughts, indecision
    rewrites and revisions
    could change the addled brain and bitten heart
    behind the bile left on the cartridge paper

    By gsk URL on 05.24.2012

  12. lodge is a place where you lodge.

    By just582 URL on 05.24.2012

  13. Something’s lodged in my heart
    I can’t feel
    Can’t breathe
    Can’t speak
    She’s coming
    I hear her
    But do I run?
    Do I hide?
    No. This time I’m standing up for myself.
    I stand proud
    Labret glinting
    Head held high
    And then…
    I’m on the floor
    My head hurts
    How did I get here?
    Did she…she hit me!
    In shock
    My mouth is bleeding
    Are you happy now?
    I’m done
    Just leave me be
    I flee
    Lock the door
    Clutch my cure
    Hold it to my throat
    Is this it?
    Am I going to do it?
    I can’t.
    I will.
    One clean slice and it’s done.
    A nice mess for them to clean up too
    Screaming in pain
    Clawing at myself
    Oh, God, why won’t this end?
    Please, someone, help me!
    I try to speak
    I try to breathe
    No air
    No voice
    Too slow
    Burst open the door
    But – the stairs!

    The prognosis:
    One broken arm
    One sprained ankle
    A scar on my throat
    And another failed suicide
    Lucky to be alive?
    Yeah. I bet.
    I failed again
    Why can’t I die?

    By Tamara on 05.24.2012

  14. the dark lodge was a place full of creepy ass weirdo’s, like black magicians from the dark lodges. I felt uncomfy there, it was filled with stuffed animal heads and dead babies, so I pulled forth my blade and roared at the darkness. But the dead babies rose from there stupor, charging at my feet, clambering along my body. There tiny hands clawed and scratched

    By Billy on 05.24.2012

  15. something trees cannot grow, something the wind cannot blow, something, something that only we can feel. it’s this. this, you, me, us that doesn’t make sense biologically, logically, what about physically? the hormones, is it the impulses of chemicals running through our bodies, because I can’t deny chemistry exists! but is that enough? I know it’s more, it is more than that. what, the spiritual? the divine? we’re only human but there’s more, because I can’t explain what brings two people to the culmination of euphoria and love, it’s love, so great and so deep within us, not mental, not psychological, but more, more. that’s all it is, it’s something more and I swear it’s heavensent.

    By Taylin URL on 05.24.2012

  16. I do not really know, what this word means. Actually, I had to look it up in a dictionary. But as there is no time for that (seconds are wearing away), I’m just typing this stuff so that I have at least something on the screen.

    By DerKirsche URL on 05.24.2012