March 30th, 2012 | 191 Entries

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191 Entries for “rainy”

  1. inhaling the cleanness of nature. it is so very calming. i want to got out a dance in it. it is refreshing and it will wash away all the worries in my life.

    By Natalie on 03.30.2012

  2. Why does rain make you tired?
    Rain!Rain!Rain!Why are you sad?
    Rain!Rain!Why do you make us cry?
    Rain!You can be amazing though.

    By Wynn on 03.30.2012

  3. Rainy Days stink!Why why whyyyyyyyy!They are sad,tiring,messy, and fun all together!It doesnt make sense though.i will ask a scientist or two!

    By Wynn on 03.30.2012

  4. It is very rainy in my shower,
    soapy, suddy, oh so smelly,
    my shower jelly on my belly,
    just like they do on the telly

    By Lord Jim URL on 03.30.2012

  5. All tired and sad.
    Bring your umbrella.
    Capture the water in the drain.
    Dodge the rain.
    Exact torture.
    Follow the way home.
    Grap your rain boots.
    Hollar for help.
    If it lightenings then dont be scared
    Jot down ideas to help not be scared
    Know youll be be alright

    By Wynn on 03.30.2012

  6. Today was one of those days that soaks you to the bones. That waters the seeds deep deep down in the hidden places of the earth, of the heart. Oh spring, all your refreshing rains hold such hope for life to blossom and beauty to reign the whole summer through! How I adore these steady, small drops that strike this barren land. They sing together a song loud and strong. Open up you land! Open up you thirsty, weary hearts and drink me in! I am the refreshing you’ve been longing for! The goodness you’ve been waiting for! I am He. The giver of every good and perfect gift. I am Life. I am.

    By Hannah Coleman on 03.30.2012

  7. When I remember the other days rain
    My heart feels sodden with the water
    That fell from the skies (one day,my eyes) and
    All I can think about is Grams needing
    Help down from the car to avoid the puddle.
    Once she skipped through them
    (Though I never saw it)
    Once we chaseed a rainbows end
    (We never found it)
    Now she is older and-

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 03.30.2012

  8. rainy days always make me better when im in a horrible mood. it seems to respond to the tumoil in my head. whether it is due to a bad day at work, or simply from the happy feeling of love after watching a romantic movie. it just makes me feel all calm in my head. id love to sit next to the window and just read a book, while the rains falls down.

    By tanya on 03.30.2012

  9. Rain. Clear. Cool. Watering the earth… wonderful from God. Drink deeply. Satisfying and yet sad, too. Makes things grow and introspection occurs.

    By Christy on 03.30.2012

  10. It was a rainy afternoon, and all was damp and gray and everything that you’d expect from a rainy afternoon. Until, of course, that damned phone rang. I raced across the room to pick it up, only to hear more rain.

    By Litchic79 on 03.30.2012

  11. It was probably the last moment they would ever have with her. The nurse had turned the IV off. The heart monitor was switched down. As they looked at her over the dying light, they sat quietly and thought to themselves: rainy.

    By Sam Cook URL on 03.30.2012

  12. rainymood.com
    It always rains here. Bad weather but I love the sound.
    A Lack of Colour – DCFC and rainmood.com sounds great together
    Um, hi.

    By Sarah on 03.30.2012

  13. When it’s rainy outside, everything is wet and gross. I love when it rains, but I love to be inside to only see and hear it, and I enjoy being cozy and dry. I love summer storms and the smell of the air after the storm rolls through. When I was little, I loved to sing and dance in the rain, and I got absolutely soaked. I caught raindrops on my tongue and thought it was the most fun thing I’ve ever done. But now I’d rather stay inside and just watch the rain.

    By Rachel on 03.30.2012

  14. I love rainy nights especially when the lightning flashes, the thunder booms, and rain pelts against the window. For some reason it comforts me that I am sleeping in my cozy bed and the noise soothes me to sleep. However, I don’t like extreme gusts of wind. That’s too much noise.

    By Kris URL on 03.30.2012

  15. Stop raining. I’m stuck inside watching the rain beat on my neighbors wall.

    By Barbara on 03.30.2012

  16. Rainy day, sunshine in the clouds, running fast and far.
    The window is speckled with rain as it washes out the sky.

    By umbazachika URL on 03.30.2012

  17. I once was out and about in my hometown,Bockery.I was lost.i didnt have any sense of direction just like my dad and my oldest sister.With no water,food,nor company i still had faith until these big thunder storm came.it was saying,” can you think of your family names?”i responded,”Ummmmmmmmmm!Maybe.”so iwent ahead to think.”my brother’s name is……..Wait i know my sisters name……….”i never answered.i struggled for two months with no water,food or company,but i was with the rain!

    By Wynn on 03.30.2012

  18. It’s sad, dreary, tiring and droopy. The clouds are big, the ground is wet, and the people feel dreary. The temperature decreases, and you feel cold.

    By eliza on 03.30.2012

  19. SPLASH- a puddle wraps around my ankles.
    GUSH- the sound of galoshes
    CHIRP- a tweet from a feathered friend that wishes to say hello.

    By Mara on 03.30.2012

  20. I secretly love rainy days. I don’t know why I just do. The smell, the atmosphere everything. I wish I could let my hair out and just stand in the rain for hours. I just love it.

    By Ryan Marie URL on 03.30.2012

  21. The rain poured down and the violet tips of his ebony hair seemed as if they were crying as he hung his head in silence. He was thinking of what he had just seen, nothing could compare to the horror he was feeling at that moment. He had to watch his little sister torn to part by those damn witches. They made him sit there, they made him suffer! Damn them! He swore to himself that he would get revenge. He wanted to rip them to shreds, destroy them, and hang them like people were supposed to do to witches. They were the reason he didn’t trust people, or get close to people. They ruined his trust.

    By XMaliceInMurderlandX URL on 03.30.2012

  22. Its rainy outside, but i’m inside
    its rainy outside, but i’m alone
    its rainy outside, but i’m reading a book
    why is it rainy outside, but sunny inside
    rainy, rain, that is how my soul looks at my life
    and that’s how i will feel because you left me…

    By Agnes Hwangpo on 03.30.2012

  23. “It’s a horrible rainy day.” Sophie flopped onto the living room couch with a pout. “I hate the rain.” She whined.

    “As we all know.” Her father folded the newspaper and placed it on the end table by his elbow. “You haven’t stopped telling us since it started.” He frowned. “Can’t you amuse yourself some other way than-”

    “But I wanted to go out!”

    “No one is stopping you, darling.” Her mother soothed, with a half-glare at her husband seated in the recliner. “You can go outside and play in the rain.”

    “I hate the rain!” Sophie glared at her mother before burying her face in her arms. ” ‘sides, Tony’s out there.”

    “Anthony?” Her mother bristled. “That freakish-!”

    “Stop it, Dilla.” The man frowned, rising from the comfortable armchair, his mood disrupted. “If Anthony wants to go outside can. The same for our dear little Sophie.” He scowled. “And I won’t have you filling their heads with your worthless ideas. You have only yourself to blame.” The glare darkened by several shades and something rumbled distantly in the background. “I warned you. I gave you plenty of time to come to your senses. You chose this path.” He closed the gap between them, his face, inches away from hers as he stared her down. “Don’t you dare turn this back on the children–they are no more guilty than you are innocent.”

    By Sara H. URL on 03.30.2012


    By JESS on 03.30.2012

  25. I do not like rainy weather but I have come to appreciate it because without rain there is no plants. Without rain there are no flowers. We can apply this to our spiritual lives as well. Without the storms of life we cannot grow nor can we flourish. Without growth we cannot truly appreciate the Lord’s grace by giving us life.

    By Diane on 03.30.2012

  26. I’m having a rainy day. My thoughts are rainy, my actions are rainy, and my words are rainy. I’m walking through a mile of mud. It sticks to the bottoms of my shoes as I plod on.

    By Meghan URL on 03.30.2012

  27. Rain is so cliché, she thinks. He’s not going to run back to her through the pouring drops, he won’t scoop her up in his arms and kiss her thoroughly until they’re both soaked through and they need to go inside for towels. She can picture it though; his corduroy jacket darkening with dampness, his hair wilting, a slightly comical image, as the water weighs it down. The rain sliding down his nose, only to drip off the tip and onto the shining asphalt, mimicking tears and vulnerability and maybe even love. No, he won’t do that. Not for her, anyway.

    By Liz on 03.30.2012

  28. I can write forever about the rain. Rainy days are completely comforting. I’m a firm believer in Sarah kay’s quote ” rain will wash away everything if you let it.” when my life is too much to handle, I’ll strip down to my bones and veins and heart and let the rain wash my veins and cleanse the buildup of doubt. My soul gets so heavy sometimes, and only rain will sufficiently clean me up.

    By Azure URL on 03.30.2012

  29. i hate rainy days. they make you stay inside and dont let you play. it a few weeks im going to my friends place, i hope it doesnt rain then. if it does rain then im going to be really really pissed.

    By bill song on 03.30.2012

  30. its been rainy in my heart for so long. i havent written in too long. i love this feeling:) feelings are an amazing thing when theyre true.

    By RachelJeri URL on 03.30.2012

  31. The rainy weather made him think of his mother. Each rain drop spoke to him in little whispers.

    By Demi Cervantez URL on 03.30.2012

  32. sometimes they’ll search for something they didn’t know they were looking for. some hidden desire to escape; a sporadic getaway. the power of the written word interpreted into various compositions of music. every note sung falls like tiny droplets on a rainy day. sometimes, they’ll wake up with a glint of recognition towards the ending of this search. sometimes they’ll hear, and truly listen. angst washes from their souls on this lovely day; tears falling from the heavens as we understand it.
    I kid you not, God is in the rain.

    By Tas URL on 03.30.2012

  33. today was rainy. not bad, but rainy. i didn’t mind it though, because i love the rain. i love running in it, splashing in it, watching it. my mother and i would just sit and watch the rain together sometimes, but that was before. i forced myself to stop thinking about it. i miss her so much.

    By amber on 03.30.2012

  34. The rainy weather is a kind of weather I’m really used to, being in the Philippines. Even now, when it’s supposedly summer. Global warming really messed us up, didn’t it? I don’t actually like the smell of rain though. A lot of people say they do, but I actually don’t. Not at all. When it smells like rain, I close all the windows.

    By Clarisse URL on 03.30.2012

  35. The rainy weather is a kind of weather I’m really used to, being in the Philippines. Even now, when it’s supposedly summer. Global warming really messed us up, didn’t it? I don’t actually like the smell of rain though. A lot of people say they do, but I actually don’t. Not at all. When it smells like rain, I close all the windows, to block the smell. I don’t know if I actually don’t like the smell of rain though, or if I just grew up with the window-closing.

    By Clarisse URL on 03.30.2012

  36. It was rainy day, light rain, but still nothing Tom would normally want to venture out in. But today, he was too curious and he couldn’t ignore the pulse of a foreign aura. One that was so sad, strong enough to be a family member. He had traced the aura through the city, pinpointed it to the woods, and in a damp clearing he found the source of the tragic aura. A girl, alone, curled up on the ground.

    By Cassie URL on 03.30.2012

  37. Everyday it’ll rain, rain, rain….
    As my heart and the world grow darker as time passes, I will soon find my own light that will shine through the clouds. Without you as the umbrella keeping me dry. I don’t need it, i will dance in this rain.

    By Patrick URL on 03.30.2012

  38. The rainy tree dripped the water it couldn’t absorb just as i was going under it and I got dropped on thoroughly, rainwater soaking into my hair and through that to my head under the bald spot it was cold when that happened on that rainy day but all the days are rainy around here it seems and oh lordy I do need another drink.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 03.30.2012

  39. no rain here a long back
    i love rainy season

    By troll on 03.30.2012

  40. Pitter patter
    Pitter patter
    I listen to Bach
    A song of rain drops
    Creature of habit am I
    And here I am
    Rainy days
    Sunny days
    What do I care for the passage of time
    If I can’t share this other worldly sign
    This rainy feeling
    This state of being
    All of it – showers to sunshine
    With you, someone I think so fine

    By IO on 03.30.2012