March 30th, 2012 | 191 Entries

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191 Entries for “rainy”

  1. spit splat.
    spit splat.

    down it comes.
    the spiders run to hide.
    the clouds rumble.

    it is safer outside.

    By Devin URL on 03.30.2012

  2. For most people, rainy days are sad.
    But not for me.
    It’s probably the only time I have to myself, the only time I can think clearly and openly… I don’t have to put on my every-day act to please people. The rain brings out the true person inside of me.

    By Mika URL on 03.30.2012

  3. The subject of conversation for many small-talking Londoners. Stereotypically England has a lot of rain. I don’t think that is true – I think it is the pessimistic outlook of the Londoners.

    By Katara on 03.30.2012

  4. When it’s rainy outside, and the clouds hang over me, breathing on my shoulder, I feel dreary. I feel burdened. I feel more weight is put upon me, just like clothes feel heavier when they are damp. Single sheets of paper and lone feathers do not float to the ground when they are wet; they drop with no resistance to gravity just like most other objects. My eyes feel the need to close, since the back of my eyelids do not look that much different from the sky outside. There is nothing to do but sleep the day away. Come tomorrow, I will wake up and feel as light as a feather. The problems will be dried up and gone just like the rain.

    By Laurie R. URL on 03.30.2012

  5. Thick grey clouds the color of his eyes blanketed the sky that day. We silently splashed along the sidewalk to the teahouse, trying to avoid the majority puddles, until he, grinning, kicked up a wave of dirty street water in my direction. Now soaking, I breathed in the smell of wet asphalt and the rainy Seattle air, trying to decide whether to laugh or berate him.

    One look in his direction and seeing only his feinged innocence, I exploded in laughter, feeling the happiest I had in a long, long time.

    I miss those days.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.30.2012

  6. Clouds

    By marquia on 03.30.2012

  7. Such a rainy day, streets full of sleet, everyone bundled tightly in their coats, and umbrellas coloring the sky.

    By Desiree J URL on 03.30.2012

  8. I woke up this morning to see a bright sun shiny warm day.
    I make plans for a bon’ fire and to go out and have a great day
    and come to find out its suppose to end in a rainy day.
    How upsetting I am, what can I say.

    By Greg "Defender of Light" Thompson URL on 03.30.2012

  9. Rainy is when it is raining outside and you dont like it…

    By Kaitlyn Williams on 03.30.2012

  10. it was rainy the night that you and i had our first kiss. after all of those years. it was like electricity. and it was slow and perfect. and as your skin touched mine, i melted. into you. and i want it back. and it runs through my mind every single day. but we can never be. and must go back to the way we were. before the rainy night.

    By kylee on 03.30.2012

  11. horrible things happen on rainy days but none the less i love them because it means that there will be snow in the mountains and i LOVE snow and skiing ya
    ALSO you guys have a bug in your site if you hit submit without putting in you email and stuff it says you have to put in your email and stuff and so you just hit back and it gives you another 60 seconds
    OH and also you can write for as long as you want if you don’t use periods.
    nvm you can still use periods and write for as long as ou want

    By Andrew Michelmore on 03.30.2012

  12. When it’s rainy, it’s raining.

    By blah on 03.30.2012

  13. rain. wet.
    raining hard.
    rainy here.

    By Bob Derpsauce on 03.30.2012

  14. we pretended we were out in the rain. we opened our umbrellas and while you were splashing in make-believe puddles I let the torrents pour down me. I opened an umbrella indoors.. but I think I’ve had about as much bad luck as I can hold.

    By Anais on 03.30.2012

  15. My favorite kind of weather. It makes me feel alive. I’m not a sad person I just like to feel the rain on my skin. It’s makes me feel euphoric. I like to listen to the rain. I feel safe when it rains. On rainy days I look up to the sky every now and then to make sure there are still enough clouds. So that it won’t stop raining any time soon.

    By Luna on 03.30.2012

  16. I love a rainy day, just cuddling up in an afghan reading a good book, or taking a nap, while listening to the rain on my roof.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 03.30.2012

  17. Bleak
    Droplets pelting my face
    As I walk throw the rainy road
    Eyes Open
    Hands up
    Catching moments into pools
    Of Sadness

    By Ella Blue URL on 03.30.2012

  18. no rain today. no rain today. the sun is up, the sun is out; let’s joke and laugh and be free. Let’s forget, let’s remember, let’s be happy because there’s no rain to today.

    But we don’t no about tomorrow.

    By Alice on 03.30.2012

  19. the rain pours as i step out of the library. darn it! i forgot an umbrella… i get soaked… but then a nice gentleman comes up and puts an umbrella over my head:) how sweet of him

    By Roooonnniie URL on 03.30.2012

  20. “I was saving this for a rainy day,” he said running his hand over the glass jar that was brimming with small change. The light caught on the shiny pennies.

    “Well it’s not exactly sunny today,” I said.

    “I don’t know how many more rainy days I’m going to get,” he answered and raised the jar to smash it.

    By april93 URL on 03.30.2012

  21. I looked at the clouds today and saw the skies billowing. I wondered what the weather would be like. Was there just a mere chance of rain, or was I doomed to get wet leaving work? I counted my blessings and hoped that forgetting my umbrella at home wouldn’t leave me in woeful regret!

    By Kate on 03.30.2012

  22. Makes me happy. It worries dad. Yeah, I get worried too. Especially when I have to drive in it. But it still makes me happy. I guess it’s selfish though. I am happy but people sometimes suffer during it. There are accidents. People’s roofs leak. Homeless people are left to battle nature. And the drivers. Oh the drivers. They just don’t get it.

    By Mary on 03.30.2012

  23. today it is rainy… but it always rainy where i live. I love the rain there is just something so soothing about the constant pitter patter. Sometimes it rains softly perfect to read a book. Or sometimes it rains very hard which is perfect to curl up on the couch watch your favorite tv show and hot chocolate.

    By Mtali on 03.30.2012

  24. my roommate asked me if i liked rainy days today.

    there’s really no accurate word to describe my feelings for rainy days. when it rains, it is like the day might as well not have happened.

    when everything is gray, i might as well be dead.

    By paper URL on 03.30.2012

  25. It was a rainy day like all the others that had come and gone, but she didn’t feel the same comfort from the foggy windows and past drawings coming to life in the condensation of the glass. The water pounded from the sky and pitterpat along the roof. Her breath was warm but her skin cool. It wasn’t the same. It was never the same alone.

    By Shannon URL on 03.30.2012

  26. it was a rainy day and i thought i was going to fall asleep but i didn’t then a big bear came into my house and attaced me!!!!!! i never fell asleep after that!!!!!! <3 but no bear attaced me again!

    By Emily on 03.30.2012

  27. Rainy days are for singing and dancing. You splash through the puddles with wild abandon. Laugh as the dirt on your jeans turns to mud then clear water. Dance until you heart burns and your sodden clothes feel light and warm. Splish! Splash. Drip and drop. The car had its bath and the trees a drink. Umbrellas are for shade.

    By toriroot URL on 03.30.2012

  28. The city in the rain is a burden to the unimaginative. It haunts and washes out the color from the sky and sends all their hopes and dreams of a sunny day away. To the bright and clever, who use more then just their eyes to be in this world, it is the feeling of tiny wet drops falling on your head, the laughter caused by splashes, the joy of wet hair snaking down faces, and the promise of peeling off of wet clothes to feel another’s skin when we get home.

    I love the rain, because I reach out and feel it. I don’t judge it, I embrace it.

    By River Ranter URL on 03.30.2012

  29. As she sat in her car, as the rain pelted her windows, as tears streamed down her face, he though of her. It was a rainy day after all.

    By Skye Blue URL on 03.30.2012

  30. She was sitting there, just staring out the window and thinking. If this rain would only go, what things I would do! But the rain did not go, and she had no choice but to make the best of what the weather offered. The question was not so much one of how today would go, but how would today affect the future? This was what was unnerving at the present moment. And the rain still poured down in torrents, leaving river trails on the window pains.

    By Lisa on 03.30.2012

  31. Rain drizzled and thunder clapped outside as I sat in my room, praying mournfully. The week’s events were insurmountable, to say the least. How could I go on? How was I supposed to do His will if I couldn’t even keep one lousy kid alive? Maybe if I’d been more faithful, he wouldn’t have died. But there was one thing I realized, above all: no matter how much I missed my son, he was with the Father.

    By SkyeDreamer URL on 03.30.2012

  32. She was sitting there, just staring out the window and thinking, “If this rain would only go, what things I would do!” But the rain did not go, and she had no choice but to make the best of what the weather offered. The question was not so much one of how today would go, but how would today affect the future? This was what was unnerving her so at the present moment. And the rain still poured down in torrents, leaving little river trails on the window panes.

    By Lisa URL on 03.30.2012

  33. Astor stared dazedly past Leona at the rainy window on the other end of the room. “I don’t want to get up.”

    “I’m afraid that’s too bad,” the sphinx said briskly, pulling the comforter off the bed to expose the trickster to the freezing room. “Up you get.”

    “I can’t.” His voice flat.

    By Julia A. URL on 03.30.2012

  34. It’s hard when the rain gets in your eyes. It’s hard to see, hard to focus on anything beyond grey sky and wet. How do I remember what’s beyond rain when I can’t get it off my face? My hair drips, my mind drips, my hair drips. Where is the sunshine, where are the white clouds on blue. Where are the birds, where is the warmth on my face. The rain will subside, I know it – it can’t always be rainy. And when it does subside I know that I will long for the rain again. Because the rain is not so bad. It invigorates me, washes away the dark film of negativity hat accrues on clear days. I know the rain will be good. But for now I just want it out of my eyes.

    By Ayla on 03.30.2012

  35. Today was a rainy day. i was so sad because we couldnt go to recess or the track.monday will be a great day because its not going to be rainy

    By Wynn on 03.30.2012

  36. It was a dark and rainy night. The people in the store were huddled in the dark corners, scared and emotionless, waiting for it all to blow over. In each and every one of their minds was the images of loved ones, the thoughts of tasks and errands undone. There’s little else they could do but wait in a cloud of stormy anxiety.

    By Samuel Cook on 03.30.2012

  37. Mels looked out of Amy’s window. It was rainy outside.

    “There’s nothing to do,” Rory said.

    “I have an idea,” Amy said.

    “What?” Rory asked.

    “You,” Amy said, pointing at Rory. “Can dress up as the Doctor.”

    “I am,” Rory insisted, pointing at the big white dress up shirt and stethoscope he’d pulled out of Amy’s dress-up bin.

    “No,” Mels said. “You’re dressed as the /wrong/ Doctor.”

    Rory looked a bit hurt.

    “Don’t worry, Rory,” Amy said. “We’ll dress you up as the right Doctor.”

    By Damaris URL on 03.30.2012

  38. I dont like when it rains for many reasons.One reason why I dont like a rainy day because my hair gets wet.I don’t like rainy days because it makes me sad,and that’s another reason why I don’t like rainy days.The final reason why I don’t like rain days because I get scared of it.I don’t like rainy days at all.

    By Wynn on 03.30.2012

  39. it was a rainy day, we met on the bridge. There were little droplets of water caught on your long eyelashes. My over sized coat shielded us from onlookers, as we stood still embracing each other on the foggy spring day.

    By Crystal URL on 03.30.2012

  40. “Crud,” the boy yelled out into the pouring rain, not caring that he was all wet and he was being soaked to the bone.
    Passerbys stared at him and they hastily quickened their pace when he pins a vicious stare right back at them.
    “What’re you looking at you bastards?!”

    By Yuki on 03.30.2012