March 31st, 2012 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “charms”

  1. Charms. First of all, I think of magic. And Harry Potter. And Professor Flitwick. All of which make me think of my childhood.
    Charms – things God put in nature to show us His beauty. The charm of a sunny day, a clear blue sky…The charm of beauty itself.

    By J on 04.01.2012

  2. The charms are the least you have to know. Not only to know but to understand. They are simple, easy nd the most important thing in your world. Let me tell you the first charm, it’s n easy one, but always helpful. It’s called: Please

    By Fredda URL on 04.01.2012

  3. charms that tinkle in the sun hang from her slender wrist. each a wish, a memory, a whisper of the past and a hope for the future. but no one will ever know, as she lies dead on the cold concrete.

    By Hope on 04.01.2012

  4. she charms the pants off of anyone she meets….

    By Crystal on 04.01.2012

  5. I have a charm bracelet that I got for my eighth grade graduation. I get a new charm each year for Christmas and for my birthday. Right now I have two charms that I need to get put on it. I called a boy charming last night, he really is. He’s the best kid ever.

    By Leslie on 04.01.2012

  6. she flits her long eyelashes, and her magnetic charm draws you in. Being near her is almost enough…almost.

    By Crystal on 04.01.2012

  7. luck. we all need some type of luck in our lives. i love carrying around a small charm in my pocket, and just knowing it is there makes me feel happy. special something in my pocket.

    By K on 04.01.2012

  8. He had a lot of charm. Charms. Charming.
    He’s very charming.
    I wonder if it’s real charm, or just fake. Like the charms you get to put on a friendship bracelet when you’re little. But they turn out to cheap plastic and break around the same time as the friendship falls apart.
    Real charm?
    Or plastic?

    By Nymeria URL on 04.01.2012

  9. does the cereal “lucky charms” constitute cultural appropriation? aren’t leprechauns real parts of irish folklore and tradition, that shouldn’t be comodified?

    By sam on 04.01.2012

  10. test

    By afer on 04.01.2012

  11. Charms can be magical spells or they can be characteristics that attract those around you, pulling them in like a magnet. I wish sometimes that I had either of these things.

    By Lana Jordan on 04.01.2012

  12. He threw his charms at me as if they were weapons, he slyly winked at me as if it would send a strong wind to blow me over. He smiled as if it was a sharp glare, and he laughed as if it was an earthquake swallowing me up.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 04.01.2012

  13. Her charms were such that most men could not resist the way she batted her eyelashes. They fell onto their knees, looking up (sometimes down) at her in quiet resignation at the beauty she radiated. Alyssa knew all this, leveraging her appearance in order to win favours. This was nothing new.

    By AfterMath on 04.01.2012

  14. hes got grace, shes blessed with charm. she touches his face, he grabs her arm. ‘dont touch me bitch, you make me sick” “baby why are you being like this?” he pushes her down, pulls her back up, pushes her down as if she hasnt had enough. she begs him and pleads him and tries anything to please him ,but theres no pleasing the hand that starves you. sorry to alarm you.

    By sydney on 04.01.2012

  15. My favorite kind of cereal is Lucky charms. Each lucky little marshmallow makes me think that I have a special charm that will bring my luck throughout the day. I love the sweet sugary tast of the cereal even thought I get hungry after a very short while. I can’t imagine that the cnutirtional value of it is very high, but some breakfast is better than no breakfast. That is for sure.

    By JJ URL on 04.01.2012

  16. the girl’s charms outweighed her character…pretty…fluffy…nice to look at… but no substance

    By Jojo URL on 04.01.2012

  17. Charms for bracelets that I have had for many years. Charms to ward off evil and charms for luck. Not sure which ones I prefer but I think they are all linked together in some way that will become clear in the end.

    By Salamanda URL on 04.01.2012

  18. little things that make you smile, a small glint in your eye. something supposed to bring luck.

    By Judy on 04.01.2012

  19. there was nothing left in this world with a twinkle and nobody’s eyes sparkled at the sight of the sun. science had stripped it down to a ball of fire in the sky with the potential to one day kill us. everything could kill us. everything was dangerous. everything could influence us. subliminal messages under my fingernails, when i gazed out the window, on the doodles etched in my school desk.

    By sophie on 04.01.2012

  20. His eyes dazzled in the fluorescent lighting. Only overshadowed by his smile as he chuckled at his own joke. It was almost embarrassing, if he wasn’t so flattering.

    By Devin on 04.01.2012

  21. Charms as all of us no the meaning is very important in life because person who charms will be noticed by every one. Charms help you improve you business, gives a positive aspect to your personality

    By mohammad ajmal amirzad URL on 04.01.2012

  22. When I walked in last night, I touched your hair because I felt awkward and I didn’t really know what else to do with myself, and we didn’t talk really the whole night, but as you were leaving you embraced me and I melted into you and we shared a laugh and a smile. You were so charming. I miss your charm.

    By al on 04.01.2012

  23. The woman repeatedly used “seduced by feminine charms” as a substitute phrase. He could see her in his mind’s eye, laughing, always laughing at young people’s love lives, nowadays, sitting back in her chair and laughing more, until the chair tipped and her three-hundred-pound bodice hit the floor.

    Well, she could go to hell.

    By Holden URL on 04.01.2012

  24. witches and tabernacles and heathens, cursing us with pretty charms and ugly curses. what a wretch, what a wretched life to be. witches and tabernacles and heathens.

    By firefly025 on 04.01.2012

  25. The charms on Rachel’s bracelet tinkled delicate, alluring. Whenever Jacob’s ears picked up the sound of them, he was instantly aroused. He marked her, transgressed and she smiled, possessed. As the baby grew, her charms jingled like a monotonous radio ad, then clanked like chains, then softened to the rattle of bones, a deceitful mercy.

    By Miss Alister URL on 04.01.2012