March 30th, 2012 | 191 Entries

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191 Entries for “rainy”

  1. The plans for hike put off for it’s too rainy. How is that yesterday’s weather so bright, so beautiful, so perfect. Today — wet and rainy. Ah, but we can make new plans. Indoor fun. Quality time, together. Rainy blessings. Rainy day treasures.

    By Jeri URL on 03.30.2012

  2. a rainy day is
    always a chance to
    read a good book of
    poetry and quips,
    clever little things.
    Bukowski or Poe or
    Whoever you like.

    By joshuapaul on 03.30.2012

  3. fun . dancing . love . romance . dark . cloudy . cold . hanging out . young love . puppy love . enjoy . priceless . smiles . a dream coming true . forever says the girl

    By AmberinaAnn Quenga Costa on 03.30.2012

  4. It’s been very rainy lately. Lots of rain on the sidewalk making the pavement glow at night. It’s wet. The clouds are very dark, darker than usual. I lost my umbrella a couple times now because of the rain. I like the rain though. It sounds nice. Smells nice. Rain is calming and I hope it stays this way.

    By Maggie on 03.30.2012

  5. Its a time to dance in the rain .
    Being able to live freely for the moment .
    Its a time to not be in vain
    but to have a time of romance with your love .
    Its a time to be full of being romantic .

    By AmberinaAnn on 03.30.2012

  6. wet
    glowing pavement of the streets
    pitter patter on my roof
    umbrella got lost
    clouds are darker today
    yesterday was nice
    i like today better

    By maggiethecat on 03.30.2012

  7. I don’t like the rain. Living in the desert you get used to prayers asking for water, and drought warnings on the tv while you’re sliding down your slip n slide. But the things is, I hate the rain. It’s damp depressing and fills me with a soggy sense of hopelessness.

    By jamesbitticks on 03.30.2012

  8. I wish i live in a place when it’s rainy most of the time. As i love rainy weather.

    By Al on 03.30.2012

  9. It was a rainy day. The gray clouds seemed to reflect her mood. Today had been a dismal day. It had started off so promising.

    By Danni on 03.30.2012

  10. Rain is what we have all year as weather, and in just one form; cold. Rain is outside, a constant rattle in my head, glancing off the tin roof, the patter of raindrops hitting the streets. Today was no different.

    By Keenan on 03.30.2012

  11. I love it when it’s rainy. It was rainy one day and I crashed my car. I was late for my final. I remember I had pigtails on that day and they were all soggy and stretching out my hair. My flannel shirt was grey and ill-fitting but I thought it was badass! I’m so lucky I didn’t get on the freeway.

    By Emma on 03.30.2012

  12. The best days weren’t the sunny days. No, Carla secretly longed for the rainy days. She loved the way everything was washed clean and new afterwards.

    By lil_nail URL on 03.31.2012

  13. Gloom sometimes, but often refreshing.
    Shades of blending gray and silver
    reflection. The best smell in the world.
    Hot cider and good books.

    By Lindsey Lou on 03.31.2012

  14. It was simple. Rainy didn’t care who saw or what appeared to be. Rainy fell and expected no one to collect him.

    By Clarity URL on 03.31.2012

  15. who am i kidding? ghosts are not real. they simply float in the corner of my vision, like a rainy day that has lightened into slight sprinkles, until all that is left are the puddles, flowing over the drenched landscape. yet still, it is just a mirage, ascribed by exhaustion and the will of the fates. ghosts and rain: remnants of a storm unbroken, drifting blearily for a second, but in less than a second, before you have time to blink, it is already gone.

    By Skäila URL on 03.31.2012

  16. Well it rained last night and I hope it rains again today. I like the sound of rain it is so nice and relaxing and kissing in the rain sounds like a fun and romantic time. Once I danced in the rain. But sometimes I do not like rain but I think rain is cool. It makes me happy when it rains at night since it helps me fall asleep.

    By Mahal Kita on 03.31.2012

  17. It is the one thing that makes my terrible days feel insignificant.

    By Danny on 03.31.2012

  18. It’s a stormy day. And rainy. The storm blows. The rain doesn’t fall, it’s being blown. Everywhere. Hair. Despair. Not fair.

    By LotteZwo URL on 03.31.2012

  19. I love rain. The life giving waters of some force we only recently comprehend. The sound it makes on the roof is soothing to the point of being hypnotic. For nearly everything that lives depends on the rain: the fresh waters that sustain us all. Some of my favorite memories were lived in such precipitation. Poetry in every shining drop

    By red on 03.31.2012

  20. It was a rainy day. A grey day. A slow the world down and stay in bed day. Mostly it was a nowhere day, an in transition where are we going day. Annie resolved not to speak A word all day.

    By Louise on 03.31.2012

  21. wartery, unpleasnt, not warm, usual in autumn, do

    By oxana on 03.31.2012

  22. улица плачет. окна мои безутешны. струйки слёз перечёркивают правду. лужи отражают жизнь — что ещё остаётся лужам. фонари, дома, прохожие — все сталкиваются с искажениями себя.

    By longsong on 03.31.2012

  23. it was a rainy day in April, and May was sitting at the window seat, looking out. Funny being called May when she was born in June, but sometimes life was funny like that. Brian ought to be here soon.

    By Amy on 03.31.2012

  24. she tells me she’s never walked in the rain before today, felt the acid on her tongue or the acrid tears mixed with her own.

    By GOSHYOUSMELLBAD URL on 03.31.2012

  25. a rainy day is my favorite day when i want an excuse to do nothing. when its sunny i feel obliged to go out, exhausting myself. but on rainy day i feel drowsy and don’t want to do anything and just want to read a book.

    By kaorita on 03.31.2012

  26. oh how i love rain, it takes me back to being damp and wet and drenched and ears full of wondrous thundering rain in PNg, my home place, my birthing place. I feel at home in the rain and I feel comforted and hugged by it.

    By Susanne Doecke on 03.31.2012

  27. As they left the abandoned projects the weather turned rainy. Old style rainy, not with the ashen grit that had become all to common to Jensen. It felt good to him and he was ready to keep moving, but the Ninja babe stopped suddenly and said,
    “It’s time to take a break. Follow me. We’ll stay the night in those buildings over there.”

    By chole URL on 03.31.2012

  28. though the sun shines
    the water drips from my chin
    standing alone
    in a downpour
    a rainy answer
    to a last night question
    the day comes
    but it doesn’t always mean

    By Dee Martin URL on 03.31.2012

  29. it’s rainy to day

    By assouma on 03.31.2012

  30. Rainy day on the beach, fog sitting over the sand and the sun fighting its way to make a dent in the day. It is hit or miss here on the ocean front property.

    By Crisnole URL on 03.31.2012

  31. the rain fell slow down on all the roofs of uncertainty.
    i so crave that day when pink floyd lyrics will no longer be about me.
    but they are.
    they still are.

    in russia there’s a superstition specially for rainy days: if you want the rain to stop, you must remember 40 songs about rain. by the time i get to 30 i usually no longer care if it rains.

    By go on 03.31.2012

  32. Twas brillig and the slithy toves did Ruben memorize the gave. All brillig were the borogoves and the torture ungrave. Nevertheless, it was Monday and school was to begin breeding parasites anew.

    By Ruben URL on 03.31.2012

  33. And when it’s done, it’ll be wet. Because my heart is done yes, my heart just let. You into cold water with a burning oil. You slipped right past, yes, you took your toil.

    By Ruben URL on 03.31.2012

  34. Beautiful day but it is rainy. Going out for a walk.

    By R donaldson on 03.31.2012

  35. It was a dark a stormy night. All the words of Child and parent, Aunt and uncles, grandparents and the homeless, grew silent as they watched the lightning strick, and the thunder clap. Nature. Although so cruel at time, brought beauty into this ever so grey world.

    By Amanda on 03.31.2012

  36. The rainy weather outside mirrors the weather in my head. It is somber, with light thoughts pouring down and then dissipating.

    By Amanda on 03.31.2012

  37. The day was rainy with the wind gusting. Water was everywhere, the gutters filled up with pine needles and leaves

    By Mr M URL on 03.31.2012

  38. Memories of a rainy day,
    so far away,
    my fingers long to break the barriers of time
    and reach back
    to those moments
    where you held me wrapped in your arms,
    and everything was okay

    By Solanaceae URL on 03.31.2012

  39. And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down on poor old Pooh and Piglet.

    By Jordan on 03.31.2012

  40. rain.
    life as a
    just a storm
    but really it’s more.
    and i can’t seem
    to find
    the strength
    to keep going.

    By Em on 03.31.2012