July 29th, 2012 | 271 Entries

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271 Entries for “principal”

  1. It’s the principal whose responsible. Never mind the teachers and the custodians, the boss always has the last buck and it stops with him. Last time I had to deal with a collar and got to hit me across the butt with his hand. That was strange. I was a senior in high school.

    By Dingus on 07.29.2012

  2. zamanında karıştırdığım kelimedir. sınavda amcamın mesleğine “principal” yazmıştım, halbuki adam müdürdü. principal’ın anlamının tam olarak “müdür” olmadığını da o sınavdan 80 alarak öğrendim.

    By dnalgore on 07.29.2012

  3. A principal rules, but with the principles they think need to be ruled with. They aren’t unjust and unkind simply because they’re principals. This is there way of teaching discipline and keeping operations effective. How would a school be if every kid got to skip class everyday with no repercussions?

    By Marissa on 07.29.2012

  4. principal salter was one of the funniest people I’d ever met and given I only spent ages 4-6 with him, that’s saying a lot. I was always in trouble as a kid and made a permanent space for myself in his office. He never seemed to mind too much, just shook his head and laughed.

    By Erin Yeschin URL on 07.29.2012

  5. The principal aim in life is to live it. Not to think it or wonder what is going to happen or go ‘tchah’ at what did.

    This is the present.

    By adrians on 07.29.2012

  6. When I see the word principal I automatically think of my two elementary school principals- Mr. Harris and Mr. Parrish. An unlikely duo. Mr. Harris shorter and squat was much more personable and friendly while Mr. Parrish tall and lean seemed to be much more strict.

    By Tierra on 07.29.2012

  7. Principle. Your purpose, your reason. Like so many other words, principle has many meanings. Even words that have one meaning can mean many things- can be twisted into something else. We must get back to our principle instead of confuse others with the meaning of our words.

    By Frankie Fucci on 07.29.2012

  8. Euhhh. Pembridge Hall principle. She was horrid!!! I was in the large city of London for fourth grade and I did not like it.

    By jehaan on 07.29.2012

  9. sitting at the desk gives you a sick sense of power. your office overlooks the playground where you can see them conduct their adorable little games. one of them runs and the other chases, it reminds you a little bit of your superintendent. where are your teachers going? he asks. they can’t just be disappearing. and then you run. he chases but you run. he has no reason to chase you – that is, not to anyone else.

    By charlotte on 07.29.2012

  10. this is the leader of my school, he is the main boss who tells me what to do. if i do something bad, the principal will yell at me. but if the teacher does something bad, the principal will yell at him/her too. the principal is the principle person in the school building, and i quite wonder if those two words are related in etymology. they must be, they are essentially the same, the same game name blame dame etc.

    By David URL on 07.29.2012

  11. A lot of people confuse “principal” with “principle.” It’s a common mistake, but one that’s easily remedied. Just remember the principal of your school should be seen as your “pal.” It’s funny to think how such a small difference in spelling can make all the difference in a word’s meaning.

    By Phil Fahim on 07.29.2012

  12. I have many principles. Yet only one principal, though I doubt I could call any of my numerous past ones my pals. They have seen me when I’ve been sent to the office, smiled politely when passing me in the hallway, clapped after my numerous speeches. But through the smiles I can see, that the little respect they have for me is the same that is allotted to each child. I am no different than the rest.

    By sevenwords on 07.29.2012

  13. something that you cannot live without a rule that you can’t break something you’re born with !!! principals are the reason behind all calm and wise minds !! or at least that’s what i think it is :)

    By cooko on 07.29.2012

  14. it was all done by principle by our principal. Mr. Horseman had the hoarsest voice any of the students had ever heard but he never let them down, only once. When he canceled the homecoming on account of the team not being able to come home due to a storm in town over.

    By Danielle on 07.29.2012

  15. school, life work. hard working. head master. money. shit. careless. careful. caring. disinterested. convinced. like-able. unlike-able. serious. school. non sibi. scarsdale. high school. writer. good writing. could be gay. happy man.

    By stephanie on 07.29.2012

  16. the principa; of the thing is simple just do it dont think just go its ok if you dont do it right you just have to try that the principal of the school of thought of things its action if there was no action there would be no prinpical at all because there would be nothing there to school. principals.

    By esmeralda on 07.29.2012

  17. “Its the principal of the matter” She argued, lounging in her chair.
    He jumped up onto the desk, sitting with legs crossed. “He still did something wrong.”
    “For a good reason, isn’t that enough?”
    “not to a court it isn’t.”
    “You’d better be a great lawyer then.”

    By Analese on 07.29.2012

  18. Seriously. My most sensitive topic right now. I thought I had freed my emotions by cutting the cord on the cloud and watching her float off into the distance. And then it’s the first word. Universe, you love to test me.

    By Shay on 07.29.2012

  19. The principal’s office had become something more familiar to me than my own bedroom. Which I suppose made sense, seeing as I hardly spent any time there; or in my house at all. Regardless, I had come to cherish the overwhelming pine scent of Miss Arbox’s room and the obnoxious sqeaks of her malfunctioning chairs. I walked into the room and inhaled refreshingly. Home sweet home.

    By imani on 07.29.2012

  20. I knew the principal was staring right at the back of my neck, just as he always had since that night. The one night. Homecoming. We were alone in his car, just after the dance had ended. It started as a simple “Julie, do you need a ride home?” I nodded, looking around and trying, in vain, to find my “date”.

    By Gabrielle on 07.29.2012

  21. Principal. Like the one that tries so hard to get me to like him. Like the one who thought he could take Jazz Band away, just so the football players could get new equipment or whatever.
    Yeah, I don’t like him very much.

    By Sarah C. on 07.29.2012

  22. huh, this is quite a word huh. it’s got letters in it and… well, not much else really. it’s got p. and i. not really a word i like much.

    By damon on 07.29.2012

  23. hmmm i seem to have this word again. again it’s a word with letters. some spaces in between the shapes. it’s a word that can be used for an authority figure, or other things… if you want.

    By damon on 07.29.2012

  24. Head of a school. Disciplines children. Spellllingggggg.

    By Jacob on 07.29.2012

  25. I was always told the principal put the “pal” in principal. Turns out the principal was never really my pal at all. Its just the principle of the matter that gets me.

    By Tom Oder on 07.29.2012

  26. My high school principal was a complete bitch. She went out of her way to ruin my life at every conceivable turn. I couldn’t stand her. I ran into her at a grocery store years later, and she barely remembered who I was, but a friend of mine was working at the checkout counter, and he treated her like shit.

    By Tim on 07.29.2012

  27. Ew. School. ew. I graduated high school and a off to college in 17 days but this reminds me of high school. Bad memories. Stupid bitches. Stupid people. him. Me screwing up.

    By Jordan on 07.29.2012

  28. This is a person in charge of a school. They can be very mean or very nice. Good ones support teachers and are excellent leaders of a school.

    By Niradi on 07.29.2012

  29. It was the principal of the matter, he said. He was always talking, whether she listened or not he blathered on in the background, his voice a sterile drone. In time she’d grown numb to it, but now and then she heard his voice in her head. A fractured whisper, faint static crackling and sparking.

    By nichole URL on 07.29.2012

  30. *Principle. It was the principle of the matter, he said. He was always talking, whether she listened or not he blathered on in the background, his voice a sterile drone. In time she’d grown numb to it, but now and then she heard his voice in her head. A fractured whisper, faint static crackling and sparking.

    By nichole URL on 07.29.2012

  31. Principal Sherly’s heels clicked down the hallway, her large beehive bouncing to the beat of each clack, clack, clack echoing through the entire school.

    By Aggie on 07.29.2012

  32. He stared at the poor girl with an unrelenting grimace.

    “Disgusting,” he said, “This whole thing disgusts me.”

    “Well,” I replied, “That’s not your job.”

    By Shaina on 07.29.2012

  33. Principal is something that you live by–it’s your own code of honor–what makes you do what you do. It’s the difference between the right and the wrong. It’s was differentiates the good people from the bad.

    By Charlotte on 07.29.2012

  34. the one who’s supposed to have everything together. From the lesson plans, to the payroll. The headhancho of the school. But there is more than one principal in some cases.
    more than the ones in school, the ones that matter.
    The ones that no one really considers until its too late.
    What do you do when its too late?
    Do you regret it?
    or learn from your mistakes and move on?

    By Katie URL on 07.29.2012

  35. The principal that we’re normally talking about is just the dean or the head of a school, from elementary schools to high schools and colleges. My principal in junior high was an asshole. Yeah, he hated the world and the kids he had to lead. I have no fucking idea as to why he continued to work even though he secretly devises plans of getting rid of all us poor junior-highers.

    By Michelle S on 07.29.2012

  36. The principal was still at his school, he was there when I was a child and still the same caring and devoted man he always has been. Loyal and trust worthy, he was honest and fair.

    By Jeanette URL on 07.29.2012

  37. I never realized how untidy this library can get! Here I was strolling through the stacks when I stumble upon roadkill. Roadkill! In my school! The carcass’s state of decomposition tells me that it’s been dead for days. Unacceptable!

    By Joseph on 07.29.2012

  38. rule the school, sometimes suppress the students. won’t let kids express themselves while simultaneously protecting the school from bullying. Needs to learn to stop spending on building the school and more on the students.

    By Angelica on 07.29.2012

  39. she looked lost, unfamiliar with her surroundings and wishing she had not run away from home but her principal reason for leaving was adventure and excitement which involved taking risks

    By John on 07.29.2012

  40. Life gives us principals to live by. They are the rules to happiness and how to get there.
    They give us the basic knowledge to life

    By Tey on 07.29.2012