July 30th, 2012 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “losses”

  1. I bury my losses beneath white pebbles but they still haunt me like ghosts, undying. They wail in the wind and appear in shadows. As white as ice, as angel wings. An ache, a grace, an invisible marking, and maybe, an accidental grace.

    By siobhan347 URL on 07.31.2012

  2. architecture friction money profit scientific nature worldly heat health sports olympics london worry mind retarded

    By Akanksha on 07.31.2012

  3. losing suck, a tennis players head in a towel, white and fury, furry backing down. a shield from the court, distort whats happening, what it is is not good, does what he should, wins the match.

    By Frew on 07.31.2012

  4. the most depressing word in the english language, losses, however one can draw hope from ones losses, learn from their mistakes, and most importantly help other people learn from their losses, we are more than just an individual, we are a species we are legion.

    By Christian Tsiantar on 07.31.2012

  5. Cut my losses and leave
    That’s probably the best idea
    If I don’t do it now I’ll be dead
    I have to escape
    He’ll be the death of me
    This life will be the death of me
    I hate this shithole of a country
    I hate these people
    I hate who I’ve become
    New life
    New start
    New people
    Still a shithole
    But a different shithole
    And different is key
    I need to start over
    Memories intact this time
    I’ll do better
    I won’t be beaten
    I’m determined
    Leaving in the dead of night
    On a plane before he knows I’m gone
    I can breathe again
    No more glancing over my shoulder
    No more bruises
    Only my own pain
    My own punishment
    I’m not skinny enough
    But nobody here is
    I’ll fit in just fine
    There’s no fear anymore
    I am safe

    By Cameron-Audrey on 07.31.2012

  6. My losses outnumber my wins. I think everybody can say the same. It might sound depressing, but I see life itself as a gradual stripping away. You lose your youth, your vigor, and your priorities change – not always for the better. Anyone who can accept this will be much better off.

    By dan URL on 07.31.2012

  7. life time everything at times are losses. you incurr losses becuase you trust and sometimes because you dont trust enough. losses are different to each of us. some think thye have lost it when they lose money, some think they’ve lost something when they lose a person or a thing. losses are sometimes good as they teach you to value everything around.

    By Reva on 07.31.2012

  8. Didn’t I just write about it? I have lost my ability to write. Temporarily, of course. I know exactly what has to happen- it’s not that. The words simply refuse to flow in an elegant, understandable manner. I have searched many websites for a cure to my writer’s block, and to reverse my loss of skill.

    By Skippy Dippy McMuffins on 07.31.2012

  9. The patriots lost the super bowl to the Giants last year. For the second time. Thank god for Manning, Bradshaw, Cruz, and Manningham.
    When I waatch football, I take a shot every first down.
    I’m stoked for footballs season

    By Shae on 07.31.2012

  10. I hate losing. Losses suck. I remember losing soccer games when I was younger, and it really upset me. And then you’d get those cheap little medals for “doing a good job” and “teamwork”, etc. Screw that. That doesn’t make you feel any better about losing. Especially not when someone else is getting the gold medal.

    By H. on 07.31.2012

  11. Losses are a tricky thing to overcome. Dependent of course on the nature of what has been lost. I for one have lost many sets of keys – but this does not come close to emotional gravitas that accompanied the loss of my father.

    By J.E.Tomlin on 07.31.2012

  12. losses breed character, losses suck, losses make you appreciate wins. Losses are the product of effort, losses not lossless.

    By accc on 07.31.2012

  13. those things that appear gone yet have really just moved out of your life for better things to move in.

    By Lynne on 07.31.2012

  14. i’ve lost many people, people who were close to me and people who were close to getting there, it takes a toll on my life but i think i can llive

    By Joseph Toscano on 07.31.2012

  15. Wins and losses are all just part of the game. We can’t pick and choose whether we lose before the game, but we can certainly do our best to try harder than we ever thought of ourselves. Because that’s the point of losing. You learn to get back up, try harder, and maybe next time it’s a win.

    By JPHuber URL on 07.31.2012

  16. He felt that they were going to have to cut their losses. There was no way they would be able to keep going like they had been, and to withdraw completely appeared sometimes more valiant than stubbornly fighting to the end. He didn’t consult the others before he had made his decision. He didn’t have to.

    By Sarah on 07.31.2012

  17. quit your losses
    toss them here to me
    i will not cradle them,
    but i will not shank them

    no mail in the box
    no money in the bag
    no muscles for the weary

    By Stephanie Kohler URL on 07.31.2012

  18. It’s hard to lose something. It’s even harder when it’s something that meant the world to you. Personally, I haven’t lost much in life. Ok im just supposed to write but idk what to write about. Losing something is scary as shit. Seriously, hi. I miss my boyfriend. I almost lost him once.Worst moment of my life

    By alex on 07.31.2012

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    By Carrie Grant on 07.31.2012

  20. Losing something is one of the hardest things anyone has to go through, I think. Losing people is the worst. But losing material things sucks too, I lose my phone all the time. It drives me nuts. But that’s just misplacing. Losing is when something is no longer in your life. I think a lot of people have trouble dealing with loss. I know I do. Losing stuff sucks…

    By littlemssunshine on 07.31.2012

  21. Gains and losses.
    Wealth, health, happiness.
    Poverty, sickness, sadness.
    Positive, negative.

    By Sammi Rye on 07.31.2012

  22. I know im a sore loser. i dont like, flip out or anything, i just feel a little angry when i see the other team celebrating, jumping around, cheering. makes me sick to my stomach.

    By Nola on 07.31.2012

  23. losses are not fun
    some people take losses very seriously
    maybe you should care less about your losses and more about what you have
    well, losses are fun sometimes, like weight losses
    i can’t remember anything else about losses
    i don’t think anything rimes with losses, maybe bosses ? what do you think about losses?

    By Maria Alzamora URL on 07.31.2012

  24. Coming to terms with something lost just breaks your heart again. It was already broken when the thing was first lost, but then when you finally realize that it’s gone–not coming back–that’s when your heart breaks a second time. This is even more difficult when it’s a person you’ve lost.

    By Alicia in the Sky on 07.31.2012

  25. We all suffer losses. Everyone of us. It hurts to lose something. Sometimes I truly feel that it is worse to lose something than to never have it. To love and to lose. To live and to die. To create and to destroy. To begin and to end. To fly and to fall.

    By Jen URL on 07.31.2012

  26. Never felt like it was enough anyways, she said, walking away. Never thought what? he yelled afterwards. She kept her stride, walking between people on the crowded sidewalk. As he followed her, she seemed to get faster – the people seemed to fill even more of the space, until all he could hear was her echo.

    By emay URL on 07.31.2012

  27. It is what happens when you lose something important. It could be a tournament or a big competition . It dosen’t make you feel good but it helps you train and prepare more. You try again and again until you win. Your hopes go up and the world seems just a little bit brighter. You congratulate yourself and continue on knowing that happiness has been achieved.

    By Audrey on 07.31.2012