July 29th, 2012 | 271 Entries

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271 Entries for “principal”

  1. The principal walked into the room in a hurry. Such a catastrophe had never met any of the previous holders of the quasi-prestigious title. The floor was stained a rich crimson, and the depth bore clarity enough to delicately reflect the horror that was in the room.

    By shivani raina on 07.29.2012

  2. I Couldn’t Help it.
    All the Fowl Words in the World Were Climbing Up My Throat
    Yearning to Be Released.
    But I Kept Those Words Down
    And Instead
    Opened My Mouth
    And Spat on His Shoe.
    I Watched His Face Turn a Nasty Shade of Purple
    And He Stood
    And I Hopped Out of the office Chair,
    Grabbed My Friend’s Hand
    And We

    By Story Solo on 07.29.2012

  3. The door swung closed.
    “Its too early for this shit, Goodwin.” A fat balding man sat behind a desk with his hands clasped in front of his mouth.
    “I’ll just be going then.” I quickly turned around to open the door to his office when he stopped me again.
    “Sit down.”

    By Amy on 07.29.2012

  4. oh god really? You’re going to make me think about school when I have summer reading to do that I’m not doing oh my lord help me christ I’ve been on Tumblr too long , look at these run-on’s

    By April on 07.29.2012

  5. pprincipii the misspelled fallacy, i got logic on the mind mr prickly, mustache, rashes, determination. things I’m listing make no sense, around the bend we lend our cash, fast quickly hurry!! drop!

    By Michael Frew on 07.29.2012

  6. The principal screamed when he walked in the classroom and saw the professor laying dead on the floor. Her head had been bashed in by a broom and the children stood over her, looking at the principal with a twisted grin and an evil glimpse in their eye. What was wrong with them?!?!

    By Lili Frank Robinson on 07.29.2012

  7. “Hauptsache Gesundheit.” Das hat mein Opa immer gesagt. Er saß am Küchentisch, immer auf der Eckbank an demselben Platz. Er tunkte sein Brot in die Tasse Kaffee mit Milch, weil er sonst mit seinem einzigen verbliebenen Zahn nichts mehr beißen konnte. Er schaute auf das Brot und sagte: “Hauptsache Gesundheit.”

    By Lisa URL on 07.29.2012

  8. I’m reminded of my public education prior to college. My elementary school principal was a middle aged man with a fabulous beard and glasses combination. My high school principal was a middle aged woman who always donned too much perfume and you would always smell her before she turned a corner!

    By stayseevillapause URL on 07.29.2012

  9. The principal of space, the astronomer to do good things, and the carrier of light of reason. When all turns to dust the principal of all things innocent comes to mind.

    By Rita McCloud on 07.29.2012

  10. I was sent to the principal’s office for the fourth time that term. She was a stern woman, with a flat round face and deeply set blue eyes. She had me filed as a ringleader, if anything was amiss at the school, she sent for me,

    By Caroline on 07.29.2012

  11. i never did like principals. how did they get their profession. is it their love or hatred for children. on the other hand people use this word to say the meaning, purpose of things, “principal of things”. it has always been a masculine hard headed word for me. strong, and angry it yells at me off the pages

    By lauryn on 07.29.2012

  12. We looked around the sullen room, only to see the sadness in their eyes. The people scattered around the room were awkward and lost for words. One person stood out and I could not tolerate her lack of human principles…

    By Suzanza54 on 07.29.2012

  13. The principal stood in front of the auditorium looking out at the students, waiting it seemed for silence to descend, inspired solely by his presence. Failing this, he stepped to the microphone and cleared his throat. Still, chaos. He tapped the mic with his finger, and a few students found their seats, feet on the floor, looking up at him with expectation, but most continued with their conversations.

    By Candice L Davis URL on 07.29.2012

  14. The more I thought about the homework I was assigned, I felt a growing pain in my stomach. The world was just moving and I couldn’t find a way to stop it. God damn them, god damn the world for making me live through my life. Especially when there was nothing quite exhilirating about the one I was given.

    By Hayley on 07.29.2012

  15. The principal eyed me as if he had a strong idea that I was indeed a trouble maker. He marked me with his eyes like he would time and time again mark down my actions. The actions he determined in me with his grey eyes. Sadly I saw the distorted potential he guessed in me and I had not dared challenge him.

    By frances URL on 07.29.2012

  16. Principals are like values correct? Principals wander school hallways, I liked mine. I once left him random cookies on his doorstep and he has never known it was me. I like principals of the Gospel. Like honesty. I could never give up honesty. I like it blunt. Wow and I figured out how to cheat on this site. Maybe that doesn’t adhere to my prinicipals so well. And I can’t freaking spell principals worth my life. I have to learn that. I can’t really spell restaurant either. I actually suck at spelling, stupid computers.

    By Madison on 07.29.2012

  17. The person you dread to go see.
    The person that holds the key to you freedom.

    By Cassie on 07.29.2012

  18. “I’m not just your principal, I’m your princiPAL.”

    By Emily on 07.29.2012

  19. I don’t like high school. The principal is crazy. She freaks out when you wear tank tops. I don’t even understand the concern about tank tops! They don’t show anything. Well, atleast they dont on most girls. But some girls abuse the privelage and do stupid stuff and ruin it for everyone else.

    By Marie Trudel on 07.29.2012

  20. princip is very important because the world is built on some princips. if we have princip of being good, good, positive energy will rise and will be in all of the world. simple as that.

    By Vanilija on 07.29.2012

  21. He knocked on the door.


    The principal’s office was immaculate in its neatness. All files were stacked on shelves in alphabetical order, and no signs of mess or untidiness could be found. That is, until the boy walked into the room, scruffy, unshowered, and bloody.

    By Salem on 07.29.2012

  22. it is not easy to be a principal.
    You have to walk the halls and keep order.
    You set the tone for the school.
    You better do a good job

    By Robin on 07.29.2012

  23. I made my way down the corridor, my heels clicking loudly with every step I took, bouncing of the walls around me. My jaw was clenched and fire was in my eyes. My hand held the paper I had just gotten from those troublesome boys from my eighth period class. Today they wouldn’t get away with this. Either they leave or I leave, though I’m pretty sure I would make sure I get them out. I stopped in front of the principals office, and knocked twice. A solemn ‘come in’ came from the other side. I pushed the door open and walked right up to his table. He looked up with surprise, noting my anger stance. I was usually a very calm and collected person. “Ms. Ratheron, I hope everything is alright?”

    I looked at him with a sarcastic smile. “It will be now.”

    By fam on 07.29.2012

  24. “You do know why you are here, don’t you? I do not tolerate bullying at my school,” the principal sternly told the young student. How ironic of her to say, seeing that she is an overprotective and overbearing abusive parent.

    By Sophia on 07.29.2012

  25. She’s looking at me funny. I know She’s out of time, so am I. What can I do about it? Sometimes I think I can change, but the chances are slim.

    By Kirstyn on 07.29.2012

  26. he’s not a prince, hes not my pal. but thats his name. i don’t really understand. I guess he’s ruler of the school, so i guess that could be a prince, but wouldn’t he prefer to be a king? and he could be my pal, but then when he yelled at me, i’d tell him to go away.

    By grace flanders on 07.29.2012

  27. This reminds me of school even though it is spelled differently. The principalnever liked me but I tried my best to be a part of things even though she didn’t want me or my sisters there. She was a nun and then a lay person and both were evil-ness personified.

    By mol on 07.29.2012

  28. i am writting the things that i would no know how to write, cause i am not english and i only speak in portuguese. As you see i do no i do write in english, how? I just learned. Nop! I am joking, joke, jukebox. Whow! Music knox is my best hoax. How about, i do not write.

    By Hugo on 07.29.2012

  29. principle is what is important what drives ideas, minds, hearts. Principle is the head in schools is the one there to set an example, thus we could assume that we are the principles in our own lives and that we are the ones mean to drive it.

    By alejandra on 07.29.2012

  30. my school the principal the main principal the principles we must follow. is principal even a real word anymore i have no idea what to write now. principal principal principal im done yes im done writing principle

    By valentina URL on 07.29.2012

  31. schools are everything. but they teach nothing i dont even know why i say what i say but i do. School is nothing more than a place for political propoganda. does the mr usa prez even care about an individual child of 17? no he does not. even i dont care. but i do. i want college and life beyond these years. but I cANNOT see correctly. i have a high iq i assure you. I am brilliant in all things common sense. forgive me but i cannot tell a lie says jeffry domer. im insane she writes.

    By Ren on 07.29.2012

  32. I don’t think principals in schools hold much authority. They’re really more like figure-heads. I remember in elementary school when we switched principals and how I felt the new principal was mean. And then later on when I was in 6th grade we switched again and that new principal was even meaner.

    By Emilia URL on 07.29.2012

  33. he looks at me with a worn face, begging for the truth. But he knows I won’t speak. he lays out my consequences in front of me, trying to slap me with fear but nothing will work. expulsion from school and possible charges, but i can’t speak. the words won’t leave my lips. because although these consequences will destroy me, I can never destroy the boy I love.

    By inspired on 07.29.2012

  34. I think the principal principal is a principal of a school. I am english you see, but always seem to associate this word with an american version of our very own ‘headteacher’. I’ve probably been too influenced by films… A principal is in control. I’m not sure what else to write.

    By Mimi on 07.29.2012

  35. The principal of it.
    Im whining. I keep forming all these principals.
    i want to tell my boyfriend i love him
    cuz it feels like its bursting out of me everytime im with him
    and i love him. But im afraid he wont say anything back
    just because i says he doesnt know how to put things into words
    so he shows me in other ways
    but i just dont always speak that language
    and i might over react and cry because i dont want to love someone that doesnt love me back again
    especially not isaac.
    i tell him to tell me how he feels and he just says he cant put it into words.
    Every time im not with him i just want to say it more and ive never really felt this way about someone before
    but ive read lots of books and heard stories and watched movies and i know what it all looks like but to feel it.
    i see myself going through all the things im supposed to go through im living up to all the principals of love.

    By Harlow URL on 07.29.2012

  36. main, important and relevant

    By Sónia on 07.29.2012

  37. Reminds me of my high school principal who was very mean but no grudges towards him just remember him./

    By GCollectibles URL on 07.29.2012

  38. it is authority to ideas and concepts. it provides an ambience of solidity through boundaries.

    By ARS on 07.29.2012

  39. Rock, and its many forms,
    are my principal diet –
    breakfast brings shingle, pebbles and sand
    lunch consists of bricks,
    dinner time rolls of boulders
    and at time, a midnight snack,
    my tombstone, salted and fibrous
    from the weeds and sea breeze

    By gsk URL on 07.29.2012

  40. a princicpal of a school. like mrs pokorny. people always say that principals are super mean, but i am yet to have a mean principal. i dont know if they have principals in college. i dont think so. because there are just too many people to look after. that would be a difficult job. im so freakingexcited for college. i can hardly stand it.

    By TaylorLondagin on 07.29.2012