July 29th, 2012 | 271 Entries

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271 Entries for “principal”

  1. “The principal’s back!” Zoey whispered as we saw her limp down the hall.

    She limped because under her navy blue slacks, there was no actual leg anymore. It was shining steel and plastic material – a prosthesis of the master kind – helping her stride proudly into each classroom to check in. Under her eyes, we could see the literal scars of war – having left her school post as a teacher to join the army.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.29.2012

  2. principal? like the adult who ran our school? principal? like the adult you went to when you got in trouble? yes, that person, that very person who ruined our lives and deprived us of fun? no, our minds grew from their education.

    By victoria URL on 07.29.2012

  3. I slouched in my seat, streaked blue hair slipping down to cover my face. I hadn’t done anything wrong, honest! It was Devin’s fault. He provoked me, and then my fist just kinda….wound up in his face. Or, something like that…

    By Lyric on 07.29.2012

  4. Principals are nice. Most that I’ve come by have been women, yet there’ve still been plenty of men as well. It must be hard … everybody just believes by bias that you’re someone to be avoided, when really you’re one of the only ones who are actually working for the good of your school.

    By Patri on 07.29.2012

  5. No one knows the difference between a principal and a principle. How is it that the English language left us with such a similarity between words with such different meanings? Where did this language of ours come from and why do we manipulate language in such a counterintuitive fashion?

    By AJ on 07.29.2012

  6. An annoying rich usually older woman. Not very cool, unless your lucky. Pretty scary. But hey! Thats what their there for..

    By Taylor Mantey on 07.29.2012

  7. I walk into class, late again. The teacher loses her temper, I do the walk of shame to the principals office, down the hall. My palms sweat, my brows twitch. I try to think of an excuse. I hope she won’t be in her office. Up the stairs I go. The class rooms are all silent, as if waiting in suspense. My steps echo against the tile floors of the hall. I get ready to knock on the door, I raise my fist, and I bang it on the door. It swings open, silent as death, there she stands. “Piper Thompson, good morning. Come inside.” does she smile viciously, like she’s waiting to tear me to shreds, or is it just a trick of the light? I enter the room, and the door locks behind me.

    By Ideecee on 07.29.2012

  8. ghghf

    By ryan on 07.29.2012

  9. Once upon a time, I was walking around school, when suddenly, BAM! Everything froze, even me. My principal walked out of his office, holding this strange gun thing. He looked at me, looking horrified. “Oh god.” He said. “I am sorry. I was testing out my time gun.” Then the Doctor appeared and whisked me away. <3

    By derpette on 07.29.2012

  10. There is no principal, only a headmaster. And that headmaster happens to be my dad.
    It’s a fantastic life, you see, going to school where your dad can monitor you constantly. Honestly, it’s not that bad. Dad’s a good headmaster, and I don’t have to obey him to begin with. ‘Cuz he’s a Solaris, and I’m a Solaris, and that’s about as far as the relationship goes right now.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 07.29.2012

  11. It’s really the principle of the thing. You don’t say shit like that. What is it really gonna do. Think about how you sound like apiece of shit right now because you talking shift. Honestly

    By Emma on 07.29.2012

  12. Driving through the small village, a dog jumping to avoid my swerving car, I realised that I didn’t care, that arriving at a brick wall with my faculties intact would be the one principal on which I could base my life. And for which I would die. The knowledge that I died knowing what I was doing.

    By Santa Monious URL on 07.29.2012

  13. i can’t decide
    is good sex worth friendship

    she’s not a friend.
    he treats me more kindly

    we have more fun
    without acid
    and we dance to better music
    and collect better people together

    is it the principal?
    or is everything just fine

    By ryan duncan URL on 07.29.2012

  14. She sits in her office. Pompous and proud. Snooty and strong. Who knows her worries, really? Walk around the office and smell her old woman smell. Mystery life she lives.

    By Leslie on 07.29.2012

  15. I thought of him as the principal of the world and only at midnight, when the life outside my house was quiet, did I realise how wrong I was to think that.

    By emlex on 07.29.2012

  16. His principal priority when dating women was to find the perfect wife. And he eventually did. She just wasn’t the perfect mother.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 07.29.2012

  17. One day, I got called into the principal’s office due to an event I was in. The principal was very rude and didn’t let me talk. The principal was such a douche! I can’t believe it! Man, I wish I had a different principal.

    By Rena on 07.29.2012

  18. Principal; something of the highest rank or value. Not to be confused with principle; a rule or moral of high regard. Both are equally important. One setting what one values most, like life, while the other sets the rules and guidelines to be followed. Two things working together harmoniously for the better.

    By Emika Y. on 07.29.2012

  19. My principal from middle school and from third grade on loved me. I was the star student in every class. I did everything I was told and more. I felt like I was totally loved and would be successful. Freshman year, I doubted that but now I am the editor in chief of an award winning yearbook and I am so proud of myself

    By Blake on 07.29.2012

  20. Principal. The rules. I can never decide what rules I’m supposed to follow, trying to find myself and discover the world. Do I agree? Do I conform? Do I create without merit? Oh, principal…what rules do I follow?

    By Jordan on 07.29.2012

  21. He sat there, staring down at me. Yet another day trapped in his office. The secretary avoided my eye contact knowing that making it with me would be futile, and laughing with me would only reward her with the grumpy gaze and a few harsh words from the principle.

    By Anella URL on 07.29.2012

  22. Principals of life are very simple. Be happy and strive to become a better person. Be kind to anybody you bump into no matter how they react, they are people like everybody and else and might need some kindness to brighten up their day. If people follow these principles life could be better.

    By Aerrol Ampeloquio on 07.29.2012

  23. The teacher of teachers, the boss, the one in charge, the overseer, a figurehead at the top of the school system, the intimidating force in many young lives

    By Lucy on 07.29.2012

  24. Its the principal of the thing. This means that if something is right then do it! don’t try to avoid, procrasinat put off or forget. Just do it because it is the right thing to do

    By judith on 07.29.2012

  25. The principal
    A principle
    What’s the difference,
    I really can’t tell

    School principal – you keep us in order
    Although many don’t
    like you, I do

    Why must I change to make you happy
    What am I going on about

    By Vanessa on 07.29.2012

  26. The principal matter of interest is the one principal attraction of personal introspection. It is I, primary, colorblocked, first, important, principal in self concerns, that principally matters. Primarily, I prime myself for prestige, but my principal pursuit is simply being.

    By Sam Fomon on 07.29.2012

  27. I’ve never had a good principal, or if i have, they’ve never been close enough to notice.

    By meliora URL on 07.29.2012

  28. The last year of my elementary school life, our principal Mrs. Stewart retired. We made a play acting out important events in her life. One of the events was her meeting her husband. It’s the only part of the play I remember. I think our school wasn’t ever quite the same after that year. I never went back so I can’t know for sure. Our sixth grade teachers Mr. Sedberry and Mrs. Keim kept saying they might retire that year too, because students nowadays weren’t the same anymore. They had posters going across the wall, each of a class they have had; each year the students would sign it. It went up to a large number. I wish I’d stayed on the last day of class, when we were given the option to go home early. I missed their tradition of taking down the turtle from the clock. Instead Mom and I went to McDonald’s for lunch and had Filet-o-Fish. I think. Or that might have been the last day of some other school year. Now the students have uniforms. I hear all the old teachers are gone. But I saw Mr. Burton, walking by the lake once. “Keep up the good work,” he always said.

    By Holden URL on 07.29.2012

  29. She had never been called to the principal’s office before. A straight-A student, she was one of the good girls.

    “I hope I haven’t been a bad girl, Sir,” she whispered to him as he stood before her, with a stern look on her face.

    “Oh, you’ve been very bad, young lady,” he said. “And you’re going to have to be punished.”

    By Kayla Lords on 07.29.2012

  30. i have had a lot of principals but my favorites were always my principals from elementary school. they were mrs.mathis and ms. davenport. they were amazing and i am really sad that they retired last year.

    By Kealie Burr on 07.29.2012

  31. A principal. One who leads a school or educational entity. Or, something that one agrees with or stands by. A moral.

    By Lindsay Fletcher URL on 07.29.2012

  32. Principal-the leader of a school. sometimes th emost inspiring person in the school. i have had wonderful principal throughout my life. they had good hearts and good spirits. jrghfhgkzfhgfnglfngljfnkldfhnkfdnbdfkgn,fnhb,mdfhb,mfznbkjgdhhjhbjczx.kgghxhvnv,cxvfhgfbkvg lxf/ ug
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    By Kealie Burr on 07.29.2012

  33. I have no principles, no motives, no reason to carry on. The lingering past must vanish for the present to develop into the future. All that ever was blows away with the wind.

    By Bekah on 07.29.2012


    “Astor I am a headmaster.”


    “Because the oneword for Julia’s writing exercise was principal?”


    “Maybe we should just. Oh, I don’t know. Have a day where we don’t party.”


    By Julia A. URL on 07.29.2012

  35. Smith had never met the principal.
    He had always been a quiet, middle of the classroom, hand-up to answer questions only when it was compulsory, and “present” during role call the only words he spoke during class – kind of lad.
    Now he had a date with the the master. the head. the ”Boss” as the others liked to call the toweringly tall, imposing but mysteriously absent man, few of them had ever met.

    By matty on 07.29.2012

  36. school. when i grew up I went to a catholic school and my principal had a shoulder twitch that I would mock her about when her back was turned. Acting like my shoulder was twitching so hard it threw me across the hallway. The walls were the color of mint chocolate ice scream.

    By Cole URL on 07.29.2012

  37. She was tall, she stood with her back straight, and she wore the same shoes everyday.

    Sadly she also wore the same shoes, those ratty leather things with ribbons like a schoolgirl, at night, so she never had any secrets from me. The head of academe, also giving head in fishnet stockings.

    By Mint M on 07.29.2012

  38. The principal of this school was mad. She was really mad. Words are meant to be written on paper, following a correct order of carefully written patterns. Words are not meant to be typed out on screen of the computer. Like this. The principal does not approve. She does not approve at all

    By Susan on 07.29.2012

  39. Principal again? What, is there any other words, like maybe principle? Is it so hard for this website to throw a different word? Fine, I’ll write about a principal, provided I have enough time. Wait, look, it’s running out….TIME IS RUNNING OUT… oh, I’m near the end, it’s going, itl

    By Susan on 07.29.2012

  40. school. art school. rules. grammar rules. grammar school. teachers. students. kids. kindergarten. crayons. mean. old. wrinkles. yelling. loud. punishment. detention. in school suspension.

    By cassidyrose lanza URL on 07.29.2012