July 28th, 2012 | 267 Entries

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267 Entries for “cabinet”

  1. Harry Potter was interviewed in a Cabinet. He was claimed to be 12 when actually he was 15. I always thought this was a ridiculous accusation. Just count the years he’s been in school and add them to 12. Geez! Why is that so hard Rita Skeeter?!?

    By Amarie URL on 07.29.2012

  2. “Bring down the bowl from the cabinet, my love”. I reached up beyond where my eyes could see and felt around for the wooden bowl that had been passed down to my mother from her own mother so many years ago. My fingers found it and I pulled it down, handing it to her.

    By Melanie URL on 07.29.2012

  3. captain cabinets
    trapped in cabinets
    can he get out?
    will he get out?
    course he will!

    By hrh on 07.29.2012

  4. All my old things are lost inside, they’ve all gotten dusty save one. I look at it, wonder vaguely who touched it last, and forget about it for the rest of the day.

    By Mandy Godwin on 07.29.2012

  5. Eine leere Vitrine. Aus Glas. Mitten im Raum. Ohne Sinn. Ohne Ziel. Einfach da. Wie wir alle. Nur, um ab und zu wahrgenommenzuwerden. Meistens aber nicht. Der Raum ist leer sonst. Wie wir alle.

    By Deni URL on 07.29.2012

  6. In the cabinet lay the secret to happiness. He didn’t know what it could be, but he knew he desperately wanted to get rid of this heavy misery that rested on his shoulders. With trembling hands, he grabbed the brass handles on the doors.

    By Lili Frank Robinson URL on 07.29.2012

  7. The last day of the fair wasn’t one for the storybooks. Darcy wouldn’t have remembered much about that day, even if she hadn’t been high. But it was the day she won the cabinet. So, in a way, it was the last day of her life.

    By Ryan on 07.29.2012

  8. wasn’t this a word a couple of days ago. some cabinets are ugly. i wish it was 12:30 right now. love this site. hate people. love life. :)

    By janaye URL on 07.29.2012

  9. drawer, art, cab, taxi, kitchen, net softball, tennis , shoes, outdoors, activities, ball, throw

    By Ariel on 07.29.2012

  10. Pakistan has large cabinet of ministers.

    By Muhammad Azam Sarwar URL on 07.29.2012

  11. i hate cabinets well not really they are cool they keep things enclosed. but for some reason every time im high i put juice cartons in the cabinet after taking them out of the fridge. that’s some stoner shit for you

    By von gogh on 07.29.2012

  12. storage, dishes, cherry wood, laminate, expensive, glasses, other odds and ends,

    By hop on 07.29.2012

  13. Always with the cabinet; I wish that just for once something would change, rather than us droning on and on endlessly about the cabinet. I can’t tolerate all this monotony, the predictability; I’m in shambles.

    By Cinthya on 07.29.2012

  14. Always with the cabinet; I wish that just for once something would change, rather than us droning on and on endlessly about the cabinet. I can’t tolerate all this monotony, the predictability; I’m in shambles. IT’s as repetitive as this musing, as dull as life.

    By Cinthya on 07.29.2012

  15. A brown big cabinet full of food mother hubbord dogs crafts, food junk drawer tools clothing candy dresser couch , mirror bedroom living room, home home made ship cabinet dhip captain water carpet celery, cauliflower. cabin, 60 seconds is alot longer then I thought a cabinet is a piece of furnitiure that can be used for many differen things imagination run wild type type type. what type of cabinet? school cabinet kitchen cabinet different colors of cabinets spell check. sixteen cabinets in 4 rooms 4 cabinets per room 17 people have cabinets in their home. 25 uses for cabinets!. tools 2. food 3. dog food. towels An english word. What is the greek word for cabinet.

    By sue on 07.29.2012

  16. they are usually dusty and must be spring cleaned about seven times a year. maybe that’s not true. exaggeration is fun. but seriously, mom obsesses about the cabinets. just like she obsesses about every other object that can be dusted, polished, and otherwise cleansed in our house. i suppose it won’t be my house for much longer.

    By Mandy URL on 07.29.2012

  17. i think this word is plain stupid because it’s a legal term that has nothing to do with the function or appearance of actual cabinets. it feels right to finally express that.

    By meliora URL on 07.29.2012

  18. The cabinet is beyond stuffed with awards, trophies, scholarships, medals. It even has its own lighting; Making it a makeshift shrine to the accolades received over the years.

    Your house never had such a cabinet, your parents never had anything to show off to passing guests what you’ve accomplished in your life (Except maybe that trophy you got when you were in the 4th grade, during Sports’ Day.)

    As you stare blankly into the cabinet, poker face in tact when you check your reflection in the glass pane, she proudly recounts how she got that medal, how she got that award, how she was one of few chosen for that scholarship.

    You’re sure to keep your mouth shut as she talks, knowing whatever that comes out would be tinged with sarcastic quips and spite. Today, you feel oddly compelled not to burst whatever she has going on today.

    That includes her sense of accomplishment.

    By Jules Looke URL on 07.29.2012

  19. there’s a cabinet on the wall. It is full of gifts and toys. another to the left filled with plates and cutlery. each identical yet differ to an extreme. what may yours behold?

    By Kiah Ann URL on 07.29.2012

  20. I always wondered about the cabinet in our hallway. I walked slowly towards it when I was 9, feeling the cold chill of fear slithering down my back. The screwdriver, solid and harsh in my grasp was shaking along with my small hands. Just as I slid it into the screw, I heard the noise I have been dreaming about since then.

    By Larsen on 07.29.2012

  21. She walked to the cabinet and pulled the door open. “This is an exercise in futility,” she half-heartedly mumbled to herself. She’d seen the contents of the cabinet a million times before and it had shown no change in the last thirty seconds. She was hungry for something more than food. Where could she go from here.

    By Ryan Rester URL on 07.29.2012

  22. “Now where did I put it? I know it has to be here somewhere! Where else could it be? The spices go in the spice cabinet, the sugar goes with the baking supplies, the fruit with the fruit, the knives with the knives, the rolling pins with the rolling pins!”
    She turns around.
    She opens up her freezer and pulls out a pair of fuscia stilettos.

    By Meg URL on 07.29.2012

  23. A cabinet is either a place to put things or a meeting office for people. Cabinet also refers to the group of people who meet to support a prime minister. I like old cabinets and would like a nice wooden one for my future appartment/house wherever that may be.

    By Maria on 07.29.2012

  24. Again he found himself staring at the cabinet. It taunted him. He had tried to move on and start something new but here it was again. The cabinet just kept creeping back into his mind. What was it that he had seen before? What was this thing that wouldn’t let go no matter how many times he had clicked “Go” and hoped for a new word.

    By ryan rester URL on 07.29.2012

  25. A place to hold things
    like dishes
    or secret meetings about Iraq

    both with probably break at some point anyway

    By Skip Ploss (aka Poemasabi) URL on 07.29.2012

  26. I went to the cabinet to fetch myself some pudding packs…however it appeared that my loving sister had eaten them all. She is a bit of a pig.

    By Jason Reshea on 07.29.2012

  27. Cabinets are ideal for storage. Not knows to meany, but the concept of a cabinet is a relatively modern idea. Traditional houses had flexible spaces with no specializations. Present day houses however boast of cabinets.

    By shivani raina on 07.29.2012