June 22nd, 2012 | 346 Entries

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346 Entries for “minute”

  1. one minute i was next to my sister, the next i had no clue. i had just came from the bathroom and she was gone! i searched for her as the wind howled, giving me the creeps, the freddy music was playing in my mind aswell. i pulled the her comforter from her bed and gave a huge scream as i saw my sister sleeping for the last time.

    By Trina Roller on 06.22.2012

  2. these little words
    traveling across the page
    like little birds

    am I crazy to think
    I could walk along with them

    not the same as what you are
    not what they see

    could I be?
    would you let me…

    I’ll wait for the answer

    even though i know
    with the bat of an eye
    you’ll paint a Vincent Van Gogh

    By Nightawait URL on 06.22.2012

  3. Give me a minute and I’ll show you the world. It only takes a minute to show you things that you have never seen before. I’ll open up just for you. Absorb my knowledge. I promise you won’t regret this. Read into me and I’ll show you the world.

    By Madison Clark on 06.22.2012

  4. A minute feels like an hour, a day, forever waiting on you. I can’t stand your silence, break it or i’ll break. This is why missing hurts, this is how much I care because it shows through my patience.

    By Flora on 06.22.2012

  5. Every minutes of the passing hour, we breath. And within that minutes, a secnd lives and that second lasts as a timeline to out waking breath. We hold on to thise seconds and minutes. We charish them and we love them. No matter what we say, that minute will always change our lives. Change our minds. And change out viewson life.

    By Caylin Miller on 06.22.2012

  6. there are many minutes in a day, often times it is a minute that makes all the difference. I sometimes think that it is the important minutes that make all the difference in life, if it wasn’t fro those minutes were would we be. minutes have a way of multiplying, and becoming more significant.

    By Charise Gutierrez on 06.22.2012

  7. Minute, a lot can happen in a minute. You can fall in love, you can loose everything you have, you could die. But that doesn’t matter… as long as you enjoy every minute you have then… it’ll all be a-o-kay. <3

    By Madi on 06.22.2012

  8. One minute can change a lifetime. You can write an article that makes you famous. You could create a new idea for an invention. One minute could switch your entire existence, from nothing to something. All it takes is those sixty seconds, that one minute.

    By Sarah on 06.22.2012

  9. Oh lord….here we go again…. Minute…. this is one minute of my life well spent, thinking and contemplating. So many words can be written for this one word… it has infinite meaning… Hmm… I need juice. One minute well spent..ha.

    By Madi on 06.22.2012

  10. A minute passes so quickly when you aren’t thinking of time. The seconds are like electrons – as soon as you try to measure them, they are static and in one place. As soon as they are out of your mind and not subject to the objectivity of measurement, they are free to exist in any place they choose.

    By jjsaul on 06.22.2012

  11. Minutes are fleetin. Seconds disappear with the breeze. This second right now, this minute… will never happen again. Neither will this one. Or this one. What would you have done with those seconds or minutes instead?

    By Corinne on 06.22.2012

  12. the time, rushing past, pushing me, like rain pushed from clouds, but it makes me feel as though I’ll fall, just like the rain, as it changes unwillingly and tumbles through the air, but I take a deep breath and– too late, the minute is already over.

    By Adele on 06.22.2012

  13. There was a minute left to live and all that was left of the earth was hurried breathing. Nothing was moving, nothing was alive. It was the last burst of anything at all just simple desperation. We are creatures, animals. A deer in the headlight in the time of death, not able to escape but not able to run because it is inescapable.

    By Erica URL on 06.22.2012

  14. in a minute what can happen? Anything. You can do anything. You can be anyone. You can see any event. Anything is possible. But it is so fleeting. You will never have enough of them. You’ll always want another. If you don’t then the minute passes too slowly. Too bad….

    By Mags on 06.22.2012

  15. I have a minute. One minute. You think not much could happen in a minute. But a minute can make a huge difference. It could be life or death. It could be struggling, or breaking free. It could be breathing or suffocating. You can get lost in a minute. Or get found. A minute truly is a lot longer than you think. Especially when your time is running short.

    By Mickie on 06.22.2012

  16. 2:00.

    His hair was messy.

    His eyes were blue.

    And the baby was laughing.


    The car was totaled.

    His hands were red.

    And the sirens were very loud.

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 06.22.2012

  17. I have one minute. One simply minute. A minute is not much, you would think. But oh, it truly is. In a minute you could die, in a minute you could fall apart. Your life could unravel in just this one minute. A minute.

    By Mickie on 06.22.2012

  18. fuck minutes man… seriously. they are made up. and on daylight savings time they confuse people. I mean, earth time is always the same and doesnt go about minutes. it just goes. so fuck everyone who gives a shit about the minute. fuck.

    By Ryan on 06.22.2012

  19. a minute. Time is so relative, something that is indisputably 60 seconds in length, has the ability to feel like 60 years.

    By dan on 06.22.2012

  20. A minute can mean the beginning, or it can mean the end. A minute can be love and hate, beauty and ugliness. A minute should be cherished every once in awhile, for if it is, one will surely lose themselves.

    By Jay Fik on 06.22.2012

  21. seconds
    part of a day

    By Rebeca on 06.22.2012

  22. plenty of time
    part of a day
    what can mark a begging of something
    not to waste
    60 seconds, how can you just don’t enjoy it, thats what

    By Rebeca on 06.22.2012

  23. Only a minute left.
    Anything can happen.
    Jim Bowman felt the the seconds tick by, counted them as he tried to remember which wire to disconnect. 60 seconds had become 30 all too quickly.
    It wasn’t meant to be this way. He just wanted to withdraw some cash, get some blow and have a good night.
    But no, the fucking bank robbers had to ruin it, and the police just weren’t fast enough.
    And neither was he.

    By drodi on 06.22.2012

  24. “D’you have a minute?”

    Ben looked up to see Tom, who looked distressed, in his expert opinion.

    “Something the matter?”

    “No, I just… I dunno, I feel a bit… awful…”

    “Why’s that?”

    “It’s stupid, I just…”


    “I miss my brother. I just needed someone to know for some reason.”

    By Julia A. URL on 06.22.2012

  25. a minute can seem like an eternity when you are alone and away from those you love. it can also feel like a single second when you are with that very person. i guess that’s love.

    By Erin on 06.22.2012

  26. I see I only have a minute to write about minute though that could also be minute which means really small and I think a minute of my heart beating is a long time and my heart is beating for love and I want to have a minute of love though that would be minute it would also be the whole world

    By Patricia O'Neil on 06.22.2012

  27. well. i have one minute to right about a minute. how interesting. it takes a minute to do so many simple tasks. it takes a minute to make popcorn. yummmmmm. think about the last minute you’ve ever spent with someone. my last minute was spent hugging and crying with my ex boyfriend.

    By Tori Provan on 06.22.2012

  28. Every minute detail on the function of her smile–he wanted to study it, engineer it, tweak it, perfect it; he wanted to have its master key.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 06.22.2012

  29. in a minute, everything can change…what you thought and what you wanted changes drastically. a minute is the difference between life and death, the difference between sleeping and waking up..make every minute count.

    By Asha on 06.22.2012

  30. a minute.
    i can so so much in a minute if the topic is good enough.
    if it makes me feel enough.
    if my heart is in it enough.
    or i can say nothing.
    no words come to mind.
    i’m blank.

    By Anne on 06.22.2012

  31. “Mortal: What is a million years like to you?

    God: Like one minute.

    Mortal: What is a million dollars like to you?

    God: Like one penny.

    Mortal: Can I have a penny?

    God: Just a minute.”

    Source unknown???

    By vanhaydu URL on 06.22.2012

  32. in a minute all will be lost, everything that you dream of now and feel now will be gone forever. and the funny thing about it is it never occurred to you that you could lose this feeling while it hit you like a steamroller in the moment. gone forever, each minute carefully handles you toward the next like a game of hot potato with your heart.

    By Gabby on 06.22.2012

  33. There is one minute to write about the word minute, and that one word is a nusicance. In Physics anyway. Everything needs to be in hours, or more likely, seconds.

    By Mary T on 06.22.2012

  34. There’s only a minute or two left in this world to give it all you got. So take the last minutes you have and use them for the best. Use your minutes to help people, to save someone, to do something good for once. Don’t waste them! They’re priceless! Don’t think for a second that you can just sit around and wait, don’t wait to go after your dreams, don’t wait to tell the person you love, that you love them. Do it now! Appreciate what you got in this minute! :-)

    By Kristen on 06.22.2012

  35. You only have a short amount of time on this earth, and you should cherish every minute you have, and keep every precious memory close to your heart, because when you die, the only thing that really matters how youve used your time on this earth.

    By Amber Tate on 06.22.2012

  36. I believe I only have a minute to write about a minute? And i feel like I’m the only one that actually just writes whatever I’m thinking instead of some drawn out story or a poem…. But maybe that is what comes from some people at the spur of the moment. If so,I wish I was that creative. I’m listening to music and it’s distracting….

    By Jessica on 06.22.2012

  37. the minute is what happen when you think, the time that takes you to create a whole new world.

    By danielmr94 on 06.22.2012

  38. i’ve already been typing for minutes. time is so ambiguous, a minute is a lie. a minute was created to accompany all other measurements of time, to control the masses. the minutes are a supplement to progression, the progression of those who do not wish to live in the very present minute in which they exist. the minutes are a ticking time bomb.

    By Alex on 06.22.2012

  39. It only took a minute for her to realize how impossible it was to forget him: his easy laugh, his lingering touch, his slow smile. One minute was all it took.

    By Amanda URL on 06.22.2012

  40. There was nothing left to be said, just another minute wasting away while we waited and our breaths became shorter and our eyelids fell heavier and the sleep we craved was denied. But that was our lot, it was the price we had to pay. Noone could’ve replaced us in this chore.

    By Ana on 06.22.2012