June 22nd, 2012 | 346 Entries

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346 Entries for “minute”

  1. I had one minute to get the little girl out of the burning house. She was crying, she had no escape and the house was going to come down. I ran in and grabbed her, she was safe. This time….

    By Katherine URL on 06.22.2012

  2. I want to grab her by the face and tell her to stop looking at the past, but I can’t reach through the mirror. There we were, a year ago, closer than ever. But that year feels like a minute of my life, chewed up, swallowed, and gone forever. We needed each other for that year, but when our time was over, there was no going back. And now I stare at our past and watch it die in the ashes as a new fire reflects in his eyes and a black void catches in mine.

    By Marissa URL on 06.22.2012

  3. One minute everything is fine, and the next, it all falls apart. People lie all the time, but that one person that was supposed to be different from everyone else, changes. In what seems like a minute, but it was years & years of deceit… I hate you.

    By Jes on 06.22.2012

  4. time is of the essence. five hundred tewnty fivethousand sixhundred minutes. how do you measure, measure a year. this is such a good movie. Rent is deffinately in my top ten. How much money does it cost to rent a small appartment in new orleans .

    By Zoe on 06.22.2012

  5. 60 seconds equals a minute. 60 minutes equals an hour. this game give me a minute to write about a word which this word is minute. and a minute is 60 seconds. and 60 seconds in an hour. weird how that works.

    By Summer on 06.22.2012

  6. It was a minute past twelve. He still hadn’t called. He had promised to call back once the clock struck eleven. Where was he?

    By Susy URL on 06.22.2012

  7. They’re not the same she insisted. A minute and a second. To my three year old mind they were both short and they were both dismissive. “I’ll be there in a minute,” “hang on a sec,” nothing ever had any measurable amount of time, but both words made me wait impatiently. I didn’t believe her. They were the exact same thing.

    By Heather URL on 06.22.2012

  8. I only have a minute to write this. A minute can either be really fast or really slow, depending on the circumstances. It always takes too long or goes too fast. And when people say they will be only a minute, it ends up being like 5. In this case a minute went by too fast.

    By Emily URL on 06.22.2012

  9. Minute.. time. thats what I think of. One minute is 60 seconds. 60 minutes equals an hour. Time. Minutes… Something you can never get back once its past.

    By Maya URL on 06.22.2012

  10. 60 seconds
    1/60 hour

    You can’t really meassure it…

    By BR on 06.22.2012

  11. if time is passing, what are we using it for? Are we wasting time, or are we spending perfectly, because we’re doing something we like doing? and can we actually accomplish anything in a minute.

    By katie on 06.22.2012

  12. In that minute she realized two things.
    1) That this was the end of her run from reality
    2)That she really had a problem
    And in second her view changed
    She flicked her cigarette.
    “Let’s go.” She said in a quite voice.

    By lauren on 06.22.2012

  13. A minute ago I was wishing you were mine. At this very minute I am not sure what I want. We’ve been blurring the lines between friendship and love for far too long. While part of me wants to call it off right now, part of me wants to push the limits and see how far we can go. When I blink it’s another minute and I’m back with you. It will be okay.

    By fluxandflow URL on 06.22.2012

  14. minutes tick by, ever so slowly but they tick by without us even knowing it, and before long we have none left. we take our minutes for granted and rarely use the term to discuss the length of our life whereas it is important to live every minute you have in life because you never know what minute will take your life away as easily as it gave you life.

    By Sharni on 06.22.2012

  15. in one minute the world will end. what are you going to do? who will you text? who is important enough to text in one minute! your legacy depends on who you text or call in this one minute. what are you going to do? one minute turns to 30 seconds which turns to 1 second. done.

    By codie noelle on 06.22.2012

  16. timelessness. it happens to be something that can seem like forever, but pass by with a blink of an eye… it can also be something so small, it may not even matter. how can this minute pass so

    By Shannon on 06.22.2012

  17. Minutes pass in seconds by the hour, but what to think and do and be? I know that I am, and being as I am, I know that I know nothing at all. And in a minute, in the seconds, in the hours of the day, I know I will never know all there is, but, maybe, just maybe, someday far far in the future, I’ll know. And that will be the minute I’ve been waiting for.

    By Kat URL on 06.22.2012

  18. Every minute, roughly 60 people are born. These people, from all places around the world, will grow up together – they don’t know it, and they never will. But they all share that one-minute timeframe together. They will die, of course, at different times. Everyone does. But until that minute comes, they are united, and they never know it.

    By Emily Olafson on 06.22.2012

  19. One word, one minute. It took her one entire minute to say it. Can you imagine? Sweat formulated and fell by the time she reached the hump of the word. She drew it out so long she created syllables in it that never existed before. By the third non-existent syllable, the listener no longer thought her drawing out of the word was weird, and no longer wished to tell her to stop or smack her, but rather, was entranced by the vibration of her throat. He had lost all sense of desire, all sense of self, knew nothing but the reverberation, while the speaker was in a painless sort of torture, the strange torture of spilling forth, spilling forth and not being able to stop. Like being angry and wanting something, or not being able to stop talking when you feel you’ve said something stupid, because maybe you’ll uncover a string of words that will save face. You don’t.

    The second word came out in one crisp and concise complete second. Then the sentence was complete and time could move again.


    “That’s all you had to say.” Desire throbbed in him again, along with failure now. And her torture was over, but she felt none the better for it.

    “I’m sorry.” “It’s fine.”

    By Lauren @ Pure Text URL on 06.22.2012

  20. A minute is all I have anyway…a minute upon another minute upon another (a favorite quote of mine from Ballad by Magie Stiefvater)…and let’s not forget that a minute can be forever or not nearly long enough. Or is this really minute – as in small (or would that be spelled differently?).

    By Erin on 06.22.2012

  21. It’s the word minute again. My goodness. Last time, like 30 seconds ago, I tried to do this but I didn’t realize that I was supposed to type in this box… I thought I was supposed to write it on paper. I’m kind of stupid. Minute maid is good I think, but I’m not sure what it is. I think it’s some kind of juice.

    By Sharon on 06.22.2012

  22. Just a minute. A little humingbird will appear at the bird bath. It has a long beak and a fancy tail. He’s a plump little fellow. Comes into our backyard every single summer. We look forward to his visit. Some year we will see a nest with tiny little babies.

    By kathryn on 06.22.2012

  23. A fraction of time. You have one minute to write about the word minute. There is sixty seconds in a minute

    By huxley URL on 06.22.2012

  24. Just one minute to let it all out. To scream, to cry, to jump. I want to run and leap and fly but you’ve got me stuck here in this minute. Sixty seconds to kiss you. That’s all I need. That’s all you need to tell me what’s going on, to tell me how we are going to do this. One minute. Five, four, three, two, one.

    By margo URL on 06.22.2012

  25. You can do a lot of things in a minute. You could brush your hair, say hello to your neighbors, a lot of things. And yet each minute that goes by, most of us will be doing, well nothing. We can do so much but we choose not to.

    By Isabelline on 06.22.2012

  26. it’s sixty seconds but can seem like an eternity for some. People really don’t take what a minute can give you and really apreciate it. for example try being exactly still for 1 minute. You’ll find that it is suprisingly difficult.

    By Gabby Trudeau on 06.22.2012

  27. Wait a minute, I just did this one! Look out the back window and you will observe one the treasures of the natural world. Every year the same robust little fellow comes for a stay. He obviously enjoys the sap from the abundance of red flowers. A hummingbird the size of a quarter.

    By kathryn URL on 06.22.2012

  28. I thought the word is randomized every time I refresh the page. This is my first and possibly my last. A minute either takes too long or it goes too fast. Minute sounds longer than seconds.

    By doodledots URL on 06.22.2012

  29. what can you acheive in one minute? Passion? hopes? dreams? you may never know until you take the precious minutes that you are given and put them to use like they were meant to be used. People take their minutes for granted, don’t.

    By Gabby Trudeau on 06.22.2012

  30. She always did this weird fidgety dance to pass the time when she waited for the microwave to beep. It was one thing he had come to accept about her in all the time they had been together, she could never, ever, ever hold still, even for one minute.

    By muscles4bones URL on 06.22.2012

  31. Minding the minute of mime, we’ve run out of time.

    By Marianne URL on 06.22.2012

  32. it take 2 minutes to brush your teeth
    I can’t help but take several minutes to take a shower
    for every minutes it equivalent to 60 seconds
    Each minute will accumulate to an hour
    It take minutes to run a mile
    It take minutes to walk around to get your heart rate up

    By Yesenia on 06.22.2012

  33. time
    hi whats up
    swimming color car

    By destiny on 06.22.2012

  34. I only have a minute left.
    One minute.
    One minute to change her mind. One minute to convince her to stay.
    The text is still on my phone. I stare at the screen. I don’t know what to do, what to say.
    And before I know it, the minute is up.
    I’ve lost her.

    By Savannah on 06.22.2012

  35. ενα λεπτο εμεινε μεχρι να φυγεις,σου φωναξα σταματα,δεν εχει λογικη ολο αυτο που κανεις.ισως να μεινεις παλι διπλα μου,να μου μιλας και να γελαμε μαζι.αλλα δεν εχει σημασια.ο χρονος ειναι πολυ αυλο πραγμα.παλυ θα κυλησουν τα λεπτα και θα χαθεις.αλλα σε κραταω ματια μου αγαπησε με μην φοβασαι.ειμαι εδω για σενα

    By ellie URL on 06.22.2012

  36. I only have a minute before things get really difficult. I don’t really know what to say, but I have always had this image in my mind of what you would look like once I told you. But now that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you’re here and listening to me. Well here it goes. I am desperately lonely and I just want someone to be with me, but I guess that you aren’t the one to fulfill my needs. I will find someone, someday and I will be happy. With out you.

    By Gerald on 06.22.2012

  37. esto no tiene ningún sentido, peor a veces me parece que simplemente no estoy hecha para el amor. No es que no lo entienda, sospecho, de hecho, que lo entiendo tanto como todas las otras personas, pero COME ON, no estoy hecha para él… simplemente no me “toca”, ese amor hetero sexual y yada yada que implica querer tirarse sobre alguien y sacarle la ropa para hacer cosas de gente grande y al día siguiente quedarse en cama, ese tipo de amor que hace que la gente sonría como imbécil, solo me toca de perfil y muy de vez en cuando, la vida es rara, y eso.

    By b on 06.22.2012

  38. they say that every minute counts. why then do I let them slide by with no thought of their power. What would it look like if we did make them count – to their utmost, to their fullest. how much powe do they hold? what could happen if we embrassed them as a chance for opportunity – each and everyone of them throughout the day. how many opportunities would we have to acheive. What would we achieve? What would this world look like?
    I can only imagine. I can’t only try. What if we all tried?
    Can I suggest that we do. let’s all try to make each and every precious minute of our lives matter.

    By Rachel on 06.22.2012

  39. One minute can feel insanely long or disappear so quickly you think you imagined it. It can change your entire world, or be so insignificant as to not matter. It is tiny and huge and incomprehensible from a scientific perspective. I need to learn more about how time works, just so that I can be awed by how much we do not know about our universe and ourselves.

    By Liz on 06.22.2012

  40. IT s just one minute before the end of the day. And you will write about that one minute, where you sip your life down a soursop and rum drink, watch the moth stay on your shoulder and a lizard approach through your back and eat it.

    By Lusmerlin Lantigua URL on 06.22.2012