June 21st, 2012 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “fractures”

  1. Fractures hurt. You know that. Just the word will shoot pain through your leg or your arm. But when it actually happens, it’s completely unimaginable. Why do we associate pain with words? It’s just a simple word. It doesn’t exist in matter. It doesn’t poke you, or prod your nerves. Maybe that’s it. It picks at your brain, making you imagine the pain.

    By Laura on 06.22.2012

  2. When I was a freshman in high school, I was screwing around in p.e. and I fractured my left pinky. Instead of doing a forward roll, I decided to be funny and do a belly flop on the mat.

    By Mr. Loving on 06.22.2012

  3. The barrier between the worlds was solid at first, impenetrable, as it usually is. And then, as midnight came closer, fractures began to appear in the smooth veil between the worlds. Tiny cracks that grew in size and depth. The barrier thinned, and figures on the darker side loomed, fearsome, waiting for their chance.

    By terradi on 06.22.2012

  4. bones upon bones, joints upon sockets, the splinter sizzle snap of fissures and fractalized break of those of field and flight and raw breach of marrow. to spit claw gnaw at the apetures of insight into the gang fight of the wheels of turning round and the cruel crack of fellows falling down.

    By Zoe on 06.22.2012

  5. When your arm gets fractured it hurts a lot. Sandy had just fractured her arm. She hadn’t felt anything like this before. The pain was intense. She didn’t know if she was going to survive this pain.

    By Keisha on 06.22.2012

  6. fractures have been growing in my brain for days. years even, sitting there in my memory holding back my childhood. The cacophonous sound of my head hitting the ground and there goes my history.

    By kevin m on 06.22.2012

  7. I’ve had a fractured finger before, no major fractures. But I fractured my finger by falling off of a sofa. you never really see the true fragile side of yourself until you’re hurt like that in such a simple mistake?

    By Marie on 06.22.2012

  8. Fractured dreams. Fragments of them lie along me for which i am blind to see. Living it says.

    By joy on 06.22.2012

  9. Cracks. Pieces broken that can’t be mended back together by human hands but only the aching, shrewd hands of time that threaten every human life.

    By Simone Costa on 06.22.2012

  10. Bones. Hearts. Middle school girls and how their friendships are always fracturing and reforming.

    By Katie on 06.22.2012

  11. When something breaks, it needs to be set. It needs to be held tightly and protected so it can heal. However, when a heart breaks, it is often not offered that same attention and care. It cannot be put in a cast.

    By Tamara URL on 06.22.2012

  12. Fractures is breaking something. Or as to fractures a fracture in a relationship like something is ending. Normally though you think of when some one has broken or hurt themselves in some way. Fractures an odd and curious word. Where did it come from? latin, greek,? Who knows.

    By Kinza Hagerup on 06.22.2012

  13. fractures, like the broken pieces of my heart.torn, ripped away from me too early.

    By Lisa McReynolds Smith URL on 06.22.2012

  14. of my mind, of my spirit.
    fractured places that are


    now hardened with sadness
    in hopes one day the well will rush

    By Someone Else URL on 06.22.2012

  15. They were everywhere. The impact from the crash was worse than anyone realized. Everywhere you could see my body, it

    By hannah on 06.22.2012

  16. So, I have heard that fractures feel worse than broken bones. I wonder if this is true, but I’d rather not experience something so tragic. Maybe I could ask a friend!

    By Jaymar on 06.22.2012

  17. He’s lost four children at an airport in Germany. He may or may not have done it purposely. He does not recall, as he sits at a slot machine and watches as his money disappears pull after pull after pull of the lever that spins an assortment of cherries and sevens and illustrated naked women. He did not know you could gamble at an airport in Berlin. His wife spins him around and asks where the children are. He himself is his own lost child. He has no idea where he is. He considers, briefly, the possibility that this is some kind of simulation. That he is not at an airport, which he is, as he sips on his drink on his seat in the airplane and wonders where he is going, as the pilot’s voice comes over the intercom and apologizes to everyone on the plane but there’s nothing he can do, and he’s sorry, he’s so so sorry as the plane tilts down its nose and plummets towards mountains or the oceans or some vast open plane and the man looks out his window and watches as the earth pulls the plane closer and closer to it, as if for an embrace, and the man closes his eyes, still not knowing where’s he’s going, and hopes that it’s at least warm there.

    By Ian Rowe URL on 06.22.2012

  18. Fractures. Like bones, broken and chattering. Like teeth. Cracked and hard. Like skull. Like lines in the earth’s crust, bruised and soft with ache. Fractures. Like bones.

    By Kate Bartel on 06.22.2012