June 23rd, 2012 | 274 Entries

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274 Entries for “dwell”

  1. It is in the heart of this writer to dwell in a sea of thoughts. Get drenched in them before trudging back to the shore to lay out in the sand. Feelings evaporate into the ether. I lazily observe as bliss joins the dust motes in shafts of sunlight, taking form, taking flight. Days turn into nights, and when I blink it’s gone. Time to dust off the mirage and go back out into the real world.

    By HelenGrant URL on 06.24.2012

  2. She thought she could stop thinking about it, but her mind kept dwelling on that face. Scared, angry, tired, shouting at her as she looked in the ground. What had she been thinking? Defiance had been folly, but she didn’t know what else to do.

    By Amelia on 06.24.2012

  3. Her wonderful home, the place where she could dwell in peace and quiet. Serafina stroked her free hand through her hair, letting her other cradle Tessalyn closer to her body. Tyler smiled at her as he stepped out on the doormat, his eyes twinkling with recognition. Serafina sighed with contentment: she was finally home.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 06.24.2012

  4. I’m dwelling on what to write about, but nothing seems to come to mind except this sentence. Dwell, ponder, think, explore. Dwell. A well is deep. D(eep)well. When you dwell, you have a deep space to conquer and think within. There is an endless amount of possibilities.

    By Leah on 06.24.2012

  5. “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” I have so many dreams. Dreams of college, of friendships, of skating tests passed and competitions won, of relationships and marriage and babies and weddings and dreams of changing the world. But lately I’ve just been coming up with dreams, tons of them, and forgetting to live them out.

    By Breze on 06.24.2012

  6. do it well

    By Valentin Eni URL on 06.24.2012

  7. Life isn’t a turn-based game. Every second you dwell on things that could have gone otherwise is a second of inaction. Other people are building up their empires. What about you?

    By Holden URL on 06.24.2012

  8. To think, thoughtful unhappy? Maybe happily dwelling on something? No, dwelling seems depressing. Like the Raven. Once something knocks and is turned away, it is rare it will ever return, be it love, opportunity, or something else, unless it’s hatred.

    By Lily on 06.24.2012

  9. To dwell upon something is to avoid living in the moment and, therefore, avoid living at all. We may be the personifications of all of the past things we have experienced, but we have all the potential to be something more.

    By Madi on 06.24.2012

  10. This is what gives us limitations maybe I should do that or this. Have us thinking about the unchangeable. 99 problems

    By avery on 06.24.2012

  11. i dwelled on this word yesterday. what time of the day do they change the words. is this site based in california or something ?

    By joe on 06.24.2012

  12. Morar en el pensamiento de quienes la rodean, ese erasu unico objetivo. Poder apropiarse de sus memoria, ocupar un lugar importante, resaltyar. Permanecer viva en la memoria. En eso consistia su vida

    By maayya URL on 06.24.2012

  13. She tried not to dwell on thoughts of home, but it was difficult when it was all he wanted to talk about. “Shut up!” she snapped finally. He looked shocked for a moment. She stood up from the grassy hilltop upon which they had been sitting, and hurried into the forest, breaking into a run as she entered the trees so he could not follow.

    By bramblepath on 06.24.2012

  14. Morar, permanecer, habitar, vivir, sentirse parte, confundirse con el paisaje. Estar y ser en el momento y espacio correcto.

    By Maria Roa on 06.24.2012

  15. As the small creature cowards in the corner, out of his normal dwelling, began to grow. He grew into a giant beast wreaking havoc on all the people in the city. Revenge for what they did to him.

    By Hannah on 06.24.2012

  16. I wander like an open book to place I have never been before. My life upon the pages, opening a new. I wish to dwell in the past, but I am forever pushed toward the future.

    By Trinity on 06.24.2012

  17. “I dont want to dwell on that.” I smiled, smiling doesnt always mean your happy and this is one of those cases, i was smiling to stop myself form crying.
    “Lana, you’ve liked him for what? A year! He doesnt know your name, who you are. He doesnt know you and you dont know him! How can you say you love him?” Kasey sighed.
    “Leave me alone Kasey.” I replied as i walked away

    By mee123 on 06.24.2012

  18. For some reason this word made me think of Hobbits, specifically of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins in Bagend with a bunch of dwarves singing (which is the best part of the commercial so I guess I can deal with that). Maybe I should examine my love of LOTR+Hobbit. Or maybe this is a result of my love of Sherlock. . .

    By Hyperbole URL on 06.24.2012

  19. I dwell on many things, everything in my past I wake up and think about every single day. My family, my friends, my brutal childhood growing up with many complications. That’s what I am known for, dwelling. I can’t move on, I find it impossible. I’m still living in the past, and can’t accept moving on and trying to improve my life. I do the opposite.

    By Kelly on 06.24.2012

  20. I dwell on every single thing I do. I dwell on what everyone else does. I’m dwelling on it right now. Dwell is weird word.

    By Justus on 06.24.2012

  21. Don’t dwell on the past. Often people have this problem: they think back and they simply can’t let go. You have to learn to do otherwise. Life goes on and so should you.

    By NS on 06.24.2012

  22. I try not to dwell on the future. That would be a little self centred, don’t you think? Dwelling on what might happen, while totally ignoring what’s happening around you… You could really hurt people. Dwelling on the past is pretty bad, but not as bad, i think. Dwelling on memories is fine. That shows a healthy love for rings other than yourself.

    By Catori on 06.24.2012

  23. Dwelling on the past is all we’ve known and for some odd reason we always make the past seem better or worse as a result of our dwelling. Excepting the past for what it is may just put an end to all this dwelling.

    By Kelly T URL on 06.24.2012

  24. Once upon a time there was an old man that lived in a shack by the sea. He was a quiet and quaint old man but he had a dark secret. he knew where the moblins dwelled. Down by the waters where the sirens called. A dark tumultuous secret.

    By Duncan on 06.24.2012

  25. I dwell. I dwell on everything about my past. I have regrets, but I don’t want to regret. I over think, and I over analyze and it kills my inside out. I dwell on my love life, my losses, my family being dysfunctional, etc. I dwell. Do you? Do you dwell on your regrets too?

    By Shannelle URL on 06.24.2012

  26. Tati wondered whether or not it was a good idea to dwell on the strange absence of her father. On the one hand, she knew that letting the emotions and memories of his death nestle themselves in heart would bring her great sorrow; on the other, however, she knew that these feelings would offer her an even greater strength when it came time to avenge him.

    By RE_Sullivan on 06.24.2012

  27. I don’t usually dwell on the past, but when I do?

    I’m thinking of the times we had.

    By Marie on 06.24.2012

  28. you can’t just dwell on the past as many people do. dwelling on the past creates regrets in the future that then mold themselves into the past and thus become a pyramid of regrets that you continue to dwell on. of course there are happy memories too, but dwell mainly has a negative connotation

    By AK on 06.24.2012

  29. To dwell is to loose. Loose at life that is. Life is all about lessons. To dwell, means you didn’t learn.

    By Mackenzie Winters on 06.24.2012

  30. dwell.dwellingdwelledwilldwellhavedwelledtodwell..oh well more dwell..oil well then d well..down the well dwell..fellow..fell dwell farewell dwell.

    By joe on 06.24.2012

  31. I’ve been dwelling on my therapist. I wonder what this woman is hoping to accomplish. Is she really trying to help, or just wanting to medicate my thoughts into nonexistence.

    By Kiss_My_Freckle on 06.24.2012

  32. I will help myself. I will no longer dwell and hide and run. Because that’s what it’s about. Fall down a hundred times, get up, fall down a thousand times, get up, it will never be enough to pull me down. it never will be. i will always stand up. do you get it yet? am i getting through? I am not a dweller. As of today, I am a seeker.

    By meliora URL on 06.24.2012

  33. Dwell. Dwell. Dwelling on the past.

    Sometimes people need to put the bad times behind them and just look ahead. Look forward into the bright new future.

    Before you start feeling sad about the past, think to yourself, will this matter 5 years down the road?

    By Rylie Shoop URL on 06.24.2012

  34. I couldn’t dwell on anything. They say you shouldn’t, but I had never felt so much longing to remember the bad things; to cry over mistakes; to go over everything in my mind. Just one memory. Just one.

    By Sherlock Holmes URL on 06.24.2012