February 9th, 2015 | 101 Entries

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101 Entries for “minerals”

  1. I don’t know what to write about.
    From the earth they do derive, shiny, sparkly, dull, majestic, comforting, healing, power to us all.

    By Sunshine on 02.10.2015

  2. The goat was licking minerals from the stones every day. Ralph was curious how they could get up there, these walls were too (whatever) to just get up there. But he couldn’t think about it for too long. He heard the helicopter and disappeared in the forest

    By Nah on 02.10.2015

  3. Minerals are very important to life. Without minerals we would die; they are an essential part of our bodies and environment.

    By Karen URL on 02.10.2015

  4. Doges are minerals. Doges are love. Doges are life!

    By Jarrett on 02.10.2015

  5. some people believe that minerals hold curtain healing powers. One type would fix this or that illness, another would cure something else. It’s actually funny where that came from.

    By Daphne on 02.10.2015

  6. vital for the body, minerals are found everywhere. In fact they are in the body due to the fact that God formed us from the dust of the earth. They are necessary elements for our survival. They can be coal or diamonds.

    By Denise Wallace on 02.10.2015

  7. I took a drink of the mineral rich water.
    “This is so clean” I say looking at mom “I cant belive it, how did you do it?”

    “We bought it from the store, for your birthday” she says happily

    By John Hurt on 02.10.2015

  8. Today, I didn’t sit next to Ryan. I didn’t talk to him in the halls, and I didn’t sit at the middle tables at lunch with him either. At recess, Ryan saved me a swing, but when I ran outside, I ignored his voice calling my name to sit with him. I played tag with Mia and her other friends, including Lia, who made snarky comments about me all day. In art, I sat in my assigned seat, which was across from Lia. “You know Charlie, I could give Ryan back to you, actually, I think I’ll keep him.” She said laughing. Today we were painting masks, and what a bad day for it too. I was so mad, that I scooped up a big, red, gooey, watery chunk of paint and threw it at Lea’s new white blouse. “Aghhh!” She cried. She looked at me with a look of revenge and scooped up a handful of yellow paint and threw it at my pants. “You rat!” She yelled.
    “Oh! Is that how you want to play it?” I asked picking up the entire plate of acrylic paint. I slammed it into her beautiful, expensive blouse. Lia took her paint plate and threw it at my face. I removed it as I wiped my face the best I could and spit out green paint. “Oh, game on!” I yelled scooping paints from my neighbor’s plates and threw it onto her hair. Paint splats dotted her face.
    “Art war!” One of the boys yelled. Soon, everyone was throwing paint at each other. The art teacher ran around frantically, trying to quiet us down. Eventually, when everyone was covered head to toe in multi-colored paint, the principal walked in.

    By Anna on 02.10.2015

  9. She was standing with her feet in the sand. She was looking down. She went to Cornwall to find her favourite minerals. She was collecting them, but she couldn’t find the best one – the one that would express her own personality.

    By Dinah on 02.10.2015

  10. He picked up the rock and examined it. It was smooth, and not exactly what you should find in the middle of a field. Turning it over revealed an inscription. Strange, he thought, that’s not English. He put it in his pocket, but it began to get hotter, and hotter and HOTTER. He dropped it back in the field and left it there permanently.

    By aerospeed on 02.10.2015

  11. Minerals,
    flow through my veins,
    Mary Jane,
    keep me sane.

    By olivia URL on 02.10.2015

  12. i eat minerals with an ephimeral smile, a wall flower type child i just want to spread the kind of wild fire style. so please, if you like what you read do me the deed of following me @grldg haha.

    By grldg on 02.10.2015

  13. They caught a glimpse of a sight they never thought they’d see. As they stood up from their fall from the ceiling, in front of them was a wide and broad catacomb crammed with glowing minerals. It had the smell of wet moss but it was rather pleasant.

    By Laurence Everett on 02.10.2015

  14. “Another rocks and minerals book, huh?”
    She didn’t answer, but quickly unpacked her bag and proceeded towards the stairs.
    “I’ve gotta admit, I was never that interested in geology.” She probably considers this useless small talk, I realized. No logic or reason to it, so of course she refrains from participating.
    Should I, as well, submit to the awkward silence?
    No – I have to say something to fill the continuously growing space between us.
    Before I make up my mind to persist in my relentless campaign of meaningless speech, I hear the faint noise of a door closing upstairs.
    “Could I look at it when you’re done reading it?” I say, this time to nobody.
    It’s a pitiful sound that achieves no purpose.

    By Isis on 02.10.2015

  15. I crave that mineral. I really crave the minerals I find. From walls to ceilings I will take the minerals and shovel them into my face. MINERALS

    By Hank on 02.10.2015

  16. Minerals make moves meticulously. It’s mind-numbing how many minerals might make up a map, a man, a mentor. Malice marks the spot, mister.

    By pausemc URL on 02.10.2015

  17. Sometimes I spend so much time vacillating between store brand and mineral water that I miss my bus. My mother would tell me that it’s smart shopping, but it’s grown into a bit of a problem.

    By asavas on 02.10.2015

  18. Minerals are good for health. I don’t have much to say about them because i didn’t do any research on this particular subject.

    By Zuhal on 02.10.2015

  19. I sipped the water trying to be polite. It tasted grainy – Mom would say, “It has a lot of minerals. Be polite.”
    I smiled despite the taste.

    By Cat URL on 02.10.2015

  20. smth chemical, that could improve your healthy

    By Liza on 02.10.2015

  21. Earth.
    Once growing and thriving.
    Minerals plentiful, gems shining.
    Now deteriorating.
    Crumbling before our eyes.
    Toxins throughout the world.
    Keep our planet alive.
    Leave things for others to enjoy.

    By Theresa on 02.10.2015

  22. Minerals. Life sustaining and beautiful.

    By NothingButAir on 02.10.2015

  23. All my friends went to the gem and mineral show to see all the shiny things
    I wish I was there with them but I am here with me.
    I need some more precious stones
    Cuz if I had more rocks then I wouldn’t feel so alone.

    By Mandolin on 02.10.2015

  24. The endless rocks stretched downward four times farther than any shaft Delaney had seen. “The endless minerals!” he shouted as he examined the precious ores and seams lining the walls. Further down he thought he saw a glint, a precious shine amidst the countless precious metals. Jumping to it, he found the crystallized body of a miner, encased in diamond.

    By Austin Oakman on 02.10.2015

  25. I see the goat, working effortlessly on its trek to taste what he desires. Although the angle is nearly 90 degrees, the goat is unfathomed. I guess he craves it too much. The salty substance is almost within his grasp, and just as quickly as it took for him to get there, he ungracefully tumbles down the mountainside.

    By mia on 02.10.2015

  26. The goat, unfathomed by my approach, steadily continues up the hillside to reach what he desires. I notice him take a stumble, but the salty substance’s allure is too high for him to resist despite taking a tumble. I guess he just really craves that mineral.

    By mia on 02.10.2015

  27. Tiddies. Miraculous, wonderful, fish tiddies. Oh, how my world would be less bland without them.

    By nemo on 02.10.2015

  28. Without him, her life was bland. Tasteless, quiet, and all of the things that she hated. He was her rock, her love. She had lost her home.

    By mia on 02.10.2015

  29. I already got minerals. My heart is breaking. Betrayal- does everyone start out with minerals? How is a person even supposed to write about them?
    Do you not care enough about me to give me a different word? Is this hate, rather than love, animosity rather than affection? Will you ever care? Or will I be stuck with minerals for all eternity, stuck with the hard minerals of your distaste.

    By Rachel Hughes on 02.10.2015

  30. I crave that mineral so much. Just like those Alpine Ibexes. I am one secretly. I am an Alpine Ibex. I crave salt deposits. I climb mountainsides. Minerals are my life. Please someone send help.

    By caitlyn on 02.10.2015

  31. “Do you want some mineral water?” Jake asks, sliding the bottle across the table to his sister.

    Francesca frowns and shakes her head. “No thanks. What do minerals even do for you?” The minute the question leaves her mouth she groans inwardly, knowing how much of a nerd her brother was and how he could literally go on for hours about something that excited him.

    By AJ Kenobi on 02.10.2015

  32. The basic foundation of our earth is full of minerals and precious gems that the human race has demmed valuable. This, yet again, proves the superiority of our race. As human beings, we are connected to the planet. Since the dawn of human kind, we have used the earths resources to our benefit. Now this seemingly harmless harvest is now a planet killing plague. The harvest and burning of oil and gasses has destroyed the ozone.

    By Ethan on 02.10.2015

  33. “Senator, do you believe that the toxins in the ocean from your company’s ‘green’ initiative program are harming the sea creatures and other wildlife?”

    When Graham Bullock looked Macy Roberts in the eyes, she thought back to the days when she was a rookie reporter writing fledgling articles that no one wanted to read. Back then, she probably would’ve collapsed at the thought of being in the White House and getting a front row spot on the press riser—but here she was.

    As the Senator licked his lips and began to answer, albeit cautiously, Macy already knew what he’d say. Something about how his company had no say in what got put into the ocean, and how the fish/wildlife were getting all the minerals and nutrients they needed to survive.

    Crap is all it would be.

    “Well, ma’am…I don’t doubt the validity of your question. But my company has no say in what gets put into the ocean…”

    By Ethereal Angel on 02.10.2015

  34. You decided you’d
    stop eating people,
    but it was dry and

    Pillows didn’t quite
    crack in the same way
    as bones, and marrow
    gave a protein-sadness,
    even when you crushed it
    and sucked it up a straw.

    You complained my face
    wasn’t the red shade of
    convertibles – my teeth
    were too white and straight
    to house a serpent-liar.

    But my dreams never
    inhaled hotter, and the skies
    never walked off happier than
    the clouds in the throes of
    smoothie-colored sunsets.

    People: we’re all just minerals.

    By Pandatry on 02.10.2015

  35. the minerals were sparkly. pressed between her fingers they crumbled. aqua sparks. she stared fascinated. her eyes scanned the pile of sand for more.

    By Anu on 02.11.2015

  36. The day would come when all the resources were exhausted. Even down to the flora and mitochondria that create us. The minerals that had lasted us and nourished us would eventually sour, and turn on us, for the plague was ravaging the very fibre of humanity’s being. Amidst it all, the steel plated men looked on, automaton eyes glaring back at the organic frigidity drowning before them, with the buzz of their droning limbs sounding their victory call.

    By Austin on 02.11.2015

  37. He tries to study me like minerals in the ocean. To distill who only knows what kind of purity or essence, but that’s the thing, there is no separating all the things I am for the sake of someone else’s comfort. I’m essential as I : nothing more, nothing less.

    By Intuition on 02.11.2015

  38. ze stuck zes hand through the dirt, the soil cool around zes fingers. ze wiggled them gently, sluggishly, feeling the bits of dirt cling to zes skin. when ze pulled zes hand from the dirt, the specs of rock, different substances, sparkled under the sun. zes hand became a museum of minerals and the earth in zes hand sucked in a deep breath.

    By parker on 02.11.2015

  39. I am wondering why we are doing minerals again! I did this yesterday. Oh well.

    By Christine S. Cone on 02.11.2015

  40. Standing on the edge
    Of a million years of rock
    Gives you perspective

    By Soft URL on 02.11.2015