February 8th, 2015 | 54 Entries

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54 Entries for “bland”

  1. Tasteless as cotton. Who would’ve thought you’d be lacking so much flavour? You are certainly not as advertised.

    By F. Cole on 02.09.2015

  2. It wasnt a very good sandwitch, it was bland, tasted like bread, and the nothing. Just a bunch of nothing. Why would this even sell? He wondered to himself It is the worst thing ever

    By John Hurt on 02.09.2015

  3. Her life was bland. She couldn’t make anything out of it. She never had any interest, she never had any interesting experiences. Sometimes she was even thinking that her life is so pointless, she could die and no one would notice. Well, that’s normal if you’re 15. It’s worse if you’re 44.

    By Dinah on 02.09.2015

  4. Bland like the taste of flour
    when you thought it was sugar
    that time you dipped your finger into the jar
    and thought you were being so mischievous.
    A taste of a taste that tasted like nothing
    and only left you wanting.

    By asavas on 02.09.2015

  5. Her dip-dyed hair stood out prominently among the rest. Her numerous piercings and tattoos on display garnered a lot of flak between the spectators. She looked starkly different from her surroundings and even more different from those around her.
    Her one mistake would mean an endless supply of bland hospital food i.e till the time she’s alive.

    By Ice on 02.09.2015

  6. “Just because you think it’s bad, it doesn’t mean like that!” Andrew shouted, slapping himself in the face. The picture was bland, he wasn’t going to lie, but at the same time he felt like defending it.

    By Darned on 02.09.2015

  7. The Martini Asti had been staying in the fridge since three months ago – a foolish attempt to bring the team together. How bland did it taste now, after so much light had been shed on the unpleasant details. The secrets that it governed, and the hurt the bottle had seen.

    By ptakopishka on 02.09.2015

  8. bland ewe that is boring ewe that is dumb ewe that is bland. bland that poor word in itself. when that word it was born it was given a boring existence, no one uses the word bland too often, poor word, its just bland.

    By Kami on 02.09.2015

  9. Without her brother, her life was bland. She used to laugh constantly at how unpredictable he was. Now her life was only a circle of the same motions; she had even grown to expect her mothers bedroom door to be shut tight, all day, and she certainly was not surprised anymore by the wailing that came from behind it at night. In her bland, grey life, unpredictable was something she no longer knew.

    By Lucie K. on 02.09.2015

  10. I think of the many great transcendentalists who isolated themselves to feel the euphoria
    I practice being alone and I promise myself everything is beautiful
    I wait for my hopes to elate while I say goodbye and I think this is finally it
    lonely never felt so good

    By Hayden on 02.09.2015

  11. The world can seem bland and boring sometimes. Stuck with the same routine over and over again everyday. You can’t let yourself fall into a routine like that. You need to experience and learn and be alive. Do the things that you wouldn’t normally do. Otherwise it becomes impossible to find the wonderful beauties that this world has to offer. Earth is a kaleidoscope of colors, you just have to open your eyes.

    By sweetxcherrywine on 02.09.2015

  12. It’s bland screamed the young boy it’s bland you did not put any salt in this soup I’m not eating your cooking.

    By Nathanael Cone WI on 02.09.2015

  13. The bland taste wasn’t so unusual to him. He’d had that sort of thing before. This time, though, there was a bit more … juice, was it? Whatever it was, it made him crave for more to shove into his hungry mouth. And when he was finished, he went out desperately to find more. There was plenty more out there to be had.

    By Keith M. on 02.09.2015

  14. Here she was again, typing on her keys, procrastinating the day away. The 15 year-old girl who was born with a minor abnormality on her right ear which gives her a disadvantage when attempting to hear from that side. As a child, she never bothered about this fact and just went along, smiling purely without a care in the world. Growing up as a teenager, she began to grow much conscious. So conscious, she was sometimes declared a bland and uninteresting pushover. Now, looking back at those memories, she smirks. She ties her hair up everyday, exposing it confidently. Sometimes, it’s better to love yourself than be loved instead.

    By Laurence Everett on 02.09.2015