February 11th, 2015 | 49 Entries

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49 Entries for “enticing”

  1. drippping jaws
    courage to take
    one glimmer
    into the pocket
    and then he
    but couldn’t see

    By bilbo on 02.12.2015

  2. he stared. her eyes were beautiful, sea green and deep as the ocean itself, waving lullingly to him from far off lands. maybe this one is different. maybe this is THE one. or maybe not

    By meep on 02.12.2015

  3. The moment when you wake up, mind fluttered, trying to keep track of the night you’ve had. Arms searching for his presence, his gaze entices the softest and hardest parts of your body. He is enticing.

    By Violet URL on 02.12.2015

  4. You’re sitting at the local coffee shop, the one just outside your house, the one the handsome man with the stubble never fails to visit. You know, because you wake up at 6:30 am everyday just to see him grab his morning treasure. The one with smell, so well textured, sandwiches so well made and cakes so well baked, especially the velvet ones. Its enticing vicinity leaves you wanting more every time. Perhaps one day, you’ll meet the guy with the stubble, and his lips might taste just as good as the velvet cakes…maybe even better.

    By Violet on 02.12.2015

  5. the enticing things are the most valuable of life. So the idea of become creative is necsarry

    By rewel on 02.12.2015

  6. The smell of the beef stew was incredibly enticing, but Carolyn knew she had to wait until everyone sat down before they could eat. And even before she could lift her spoon, she knew that her father had to be the first to taste the food. She watched as the short yet heavily bearded man she called her dad scurried into the room to sniff at the pot.

    “Perfect,” he growled. “Dinner’s on, kids.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.12.2015

  7. The enticing scent of freshly fried flesh wafted into my nose as I descended from my corner of house–the broom closet by the childrens’ rooms. My trap had worked, and the family of the house now numbered one less. I smiled and licked my lips.

    By Kumquat on 02.12.2015

  8. Captivating and mesmorizing. The icing in enticing makes me want a cupcake…like really bad.

    By shelby on 02.12.2015

  9. It was…. difficult, not to venture where she was forbidden. She knew, even as a child, that her mother’s large closet held many secrets. The same exact gift wrap Santa Claus used, countless bags of knick-knacks, white dresses that no longer saw the light of day; treasure, for a seven year old, at least.

    By BJ on 02.12.2015