February 9th, 2015 | 101 Entries

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101 Entries for “minerals”

  1. “Hand me a bottle of water, Jeff?” asked Mark.
    Mark took a swig and then spit it out.
    “What is this? It taste like you washed 400 pairs of athletic feet in this?”
    Jeff said, “It’s mineral water. The finest in the area.”
    “The finest in the area. Well, that must be the crappiest area within 500 miles.”

    By MsLanaK URL on 02.11.2015

  2. Minerals can be found in rocks. The different types of mineral can have different uses. Minerals can also be beneficial for the body. The body requires minerals for certain functions.

    By Connie on 02.11.2015

  3. The minerals in the mine were hidden deep in the rocks. Above Gilman was alive with buisness but down here, the miners were chipping away at the rock, hoping to reach the minerals like gold and lead in the gray rocks. It was long hard work searching for the minerals.

    By Nellie on 02.11.2015

  4. The first thing i think about is minecraft. All the different kind of minerals that you can mine. Diamonds, gold, redstone, lapis lazuli, etc. Coal. Minerals in the water we drink, I play mine craft on my dented iPad.

    By instagram: @joseisjozer URL on 02.11.2015

  5. The minerals they had pulled out of the dirt shone brightly in the sunlight. The two boys had polished the minerals they had found until they had shone like gold and then they had displayed them on a table that had minerals stuck in the granite top. The sunlight hit one mineral, a red one and bounced off of it onto a blue mineral. From the blue mineral the light made an arc and bounced over to the yellowish orange mineral Quinn and Cody had found. The light continued to bounce from mineral to mineral, creating what started to look like a map of a planet.
    “Must be some minerals from an alien planet!” Cody exclaimed, his eyes filled with wonder.
    “Don’t be stupid. Aliens don’t exsist.” Quinn scoffed. Cody and Quinn were brothers, but Quinn was the older one and he thought he knew everything. Just then the planet looking circle of light started to spin at top speed and a voice came drifting out of it. The voice spoke in a strange language.
    “Marhenaeohfo biuareijro hewihiuahoisehf boaehb!” The voice sounded distrested.
    To be continued…

    By Nellie on 02.11.2015

  6. Minerals are required for life on earth. If minerals didn’t exist, life on earth as we know it wouldn’t be here.

    By Jarrett on 02.11.2015

  7. It grows naturally on Earth. It can be used to make jewellery. You need it to survive and is beneficial to your physical body. I don’t know how to find it or what it looks like. I’m a dumb guy.

    By Sleeve on 02.11.2015

  8. Diggy diggy hole. diggy diggy hole. wow digging minerals is boring.

    By Alexis on 02.11.2015

  9. He picked up the rock and examined it. It was smooth, and not exactly what you should find in the middle of a field. Turning it over revealed an inscription. Strange, he thought, that’s not English. He put it in his pocket, but it began to get hotter, and hotter and HOTTER. He dropped it back in the field and left it there permanently.

    By Graham URL on 02.11.2015

  10. Guys, I think we did this yesterday did we not, were goes nothing , I’m going to say the same thing I said yesterday at least try to! Rocks are nothing but minerals, a matter of fact you yes you who do you think I’m talking to have minerals in your mouth they are called ready teeth!! Professor Nathanael!

    By Nathanael Cone WI on 02.11.2015

  11. Precious stones that I have hidden away. Its raw form masking its true value. I wish you knew how much I was worth and the goodness I could bring. You misguided passerby!

    By F. Cole on 02.11.2015


    By Nathanael Cone WI on 02.11.2015

  13. Salt, emeralds, and most any other rock. That is where I feel alive, at home. Around the minerals of the earth I find peace. Cataloging, inspecting and understanding these beautiful specimens. Some may call me a scientist, I say I simply appreciate beauty.

    By Alibear on 02.11.2015

  14. I’m a Professor run for it get those rock out of here! They smash’t my desk oh.

    By Nathanael Cone WI on 02.11.2015

  15. Minerals are found in the earth. They are important to all forms of life.

    By Karen URL on 02.11.2015

  16. Minerals make me think of rocks and rocks mademe think of crystals. I love crystals. They have healing properties. I have always loved the aesthetic beauty of them. Their colors and the ones that sparkle… But I haven’t always believed in their powers. I do now. I have experienced it first hand. I guess, right now, my favorite stones are obsidian and snowflake obsidian. I got my cards read last Ovto ER on Trade street on the Arts District and she told me that my life was going to be tumultuous. She said it would spin Aron’s me but land in a good place at work and with a good man. That obsidian would hell with the anxiety and negativity ty that will come with the preceding shit shorn. So, I believed her and bought some. I do t always temper to carry them or cleanse them by running cool water over them… Washing away the negative that they have absorbed… But when I do? I notice drastic differences in how my day goes and those around me and just how I deal with shit in general. So, yeah, I love me some minerals. They are amazing things those minerals to rocks to stones to crystals to healing to health to awe and wonder and beauty and an established order from the earth in a man made world of chaos and crap.

    By Betterlate44 on 02.11.2015

  17. he had been told to drink great amounts of wine and minerals

    By Ari on 02.11.2015

  18. “Wasnt this the same one from yesterday” The girl asks you “I already wrote about this”

    “It might have been” you reply “I really dont know, because I wasnt here”

    By John Hurt on 02.11.2015

  19. Struck gold in those. Secrets are treasure found only in dark places and even then have to pried from desperate, embarrassed, ashamed hands.

    Can you let go of your treasure?

    By Alexandra URL on 02.11.2015

  20. Minerals are items that come from the earth. They can be valuable. They can be common. They can be ugly. They’re found in the dirt. They are also important to our health as human beings. We find them in our water, and in the food we eat, and can be very important to our bodies functioning properly. You know, get your “vitamins and minerals.” I suppose the word minerals might come from the idea of mining.

    By Jen on 02.11.2015

  21. When I sit in front of the half assed alter I made in my living room, looking at all the crystals and candles and all that other hippie shit that is suppose to make me feel better, I realize this is not my life and I don’t know when it stoppped being mine.

    By Liz on 02.11.2015