October 8th, 2012 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “mass”

  1. Mass has no weight. But mass contains all the matters in the universe. Funny, isn’t it? It’s like our thoughts. It has no weight, but it matters so much to us. It’s what we are made up of. Thoughts. Mass. Similar. You can see the connection. They take up a space…but no…exact quantity.

    By sarah on 10.09.2012

  2. It strikes her all at once. The generations of families who will never live this down. She looks over, his hands holding his face as if to hold him together. He’ll never recover from this, and the guilt that weighs of entire planets will never disappear. Still she cannot comfort him. Not yet.

    By Jimes Tooper on 10.09.2012

  3. You put the weight of your world on my shoulders, and took my hand so we could run through the world and show them how happy you were now.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 10.09.2012

  4. Mass is the weight or space which is displaced when an object occupies space. Like my mass is great and I displace most of the water in my bath tub. Most people might laugh but sadly its all true. It can also be explained scientifically but I don’t remember what it is.

    By T Tagore on 10.09.2012

  5. I walked into my yard and was confronted with a mass of leaves. Pulling out the rake, I worked and sweated until the scattered mess was piled into a more manageable mass. Once I’d raked the last rake-full of leaves into the pile, I could suddenly hear barking. I strained to work out where it was coming from, then as the mass in front of me started to shake I realised it was coming from inside the leaves. I started digging with my hands and out jumped a puppy! It was a good day.

    By alleycat on 10.09.2012

  6. Every day among the masses, I see a light at the end of a bridge, leading to nowhere. And nothing good has come of it. And from then on, there will be no looking back. Every day at the end of mass, there is nothing to compare life to, and so I take a walk
    Among the masses, I see me. Travelling nowhere.

    By Melissa on 10.09.2012

  7. I believe in the power of perception. A change of mind can turn the sun from a sparkling star into a hot ball of gas. A heavy hearted blink can change the dark corners of a room into beasts. A mass into a feather. A heartbeat into a thunderstorm.

    By genahtastic on 10.09.2012

  8. on my shoulders

    By hlyhly on 10.09.2012

  9. Mass. A substance contains mass. Catholics also attend mass. Mass is what keeps us on the ground. Mass interacting with the environment around us. environmentally friendly mass floating through the open abyss. Forever feeling lost without purpose. Some people view lives as mass simply being met, simply being filled. I believe that mass is the evidence of something greater yet to come and of a greater thought than we can understand.

    By Roxanne on 10.09.2012

  10. mass production is what this world suffer from, its our big problem we are stereotypes now, no one have its one style the are all falling for the mass production, mass thinking, mass… mass

    i dont believe in mass thing.

    By tonifares on 10.09.2012

  11. I have a massive dong.

    By Adem Ali on 10.09.2012

  12. It was a mass of confusion when the prisoner escaped on the way to the police station.What make it more serious, it the fact that he was in possession of a gun and had taken a hostage in his bid for freedom.

    By victor URL on 10.09.2012

  13. Hugeness of an object, the area, the mass
    why am i so stupid omfg i’m a loser
    tumblr i miss you bby just wait a few minutes

    By Aika-Pale on 10.09.2012

  14. What to write about mass? Well it’s a lot of different things, well no not really… It determines the density of an object and an objects weight. It’s a big deal for science, but I don’t know what else to say about it.

    By Felicia URL on 10.09.2012

  15. I wish I had been raised Catholic so that I would understand mass. As it is, I was raised Baptist, and we have a MASS of a whole different sort! (the weighty kind!)

    By beckenbocker on 10.09.2012

  16. I stayed up so I could watch the sun rise, to sit in silence, in the cold, in the rain, when the rest of campus is still asleep and the masses of students aren’t rushing from one set of walls to another, the sharp, clear breath of peace before the daily grind, and I am content.

    By elly on 10.09.2012

  17. I didnt like the weight of it – it was too heavy, too dense, too real. It hadn’t been like that before, not when Joan gave it to me that rainy day in September, the water flowing off the sill into the tin tobacco spitting pot.

    By Elliot toms on 10.09.2012

  18. weight amount science space a mass is similar to a weight weight is not mass mass is the size and how condensed something is bmi= body mass index health

    By nouha on 10.09.2012

  19. A mass, a horde, spinal cords adjusting themselves along my hairline. A brain, or two, if this one won’t work as suggested. In the end, the will to live is connected to tissue and gangrenous nerves traveling into infinity without carriage, without wheels, and no one is at the helm.

    By RS Bohn URL on 10.09.2012

  20. I hate going to mass. I don’t know why. I guess it angers me because some people believe that going to mass is the only way to connect with God. I think you can connect with him in other ways. I respect mass, after all, you are in God’s house. But then again, isn’t the whole world a church if God made the earth…wouldn’t you be attending mass all the time under then?

    By littlediamond on 10.09.2012

  21. I wonder if all we are is just mass, or are something so much more special and complex than that? Can we be living, emotional, magical beings? Or is it all just down to a science now?

    By Lucy on 10.09.2012

  22. Distruction. The A bomb. Lots of people -the Masses. Churches hold mass on sundays. I don’t go to church.

    By Deena Smith on 10.09.2012

  23. People are masses. We are matter that takes up space in the universe for seemingly no purpose other than to destroy the planet we inhabit. We area virus, slowly draining the Earth of its very core.

    Or maybe we’re just people. You tell me.

    By Sister Ginger on 10.09.2012

  24. The single mass of her hair hung down her back in a gnarled, angry mess. It looked like ferrets had made a nest of it, then fought with a pair of tribal weasels for dominance. The fact that is was earth brown and dirty didn’t help her any, either.

    By Anna on 10.09.2012

  25. It was a big thing. Located on the back left leg, right above his hock. The doctors said it was a tumor, mass, whatever. All I heard was blah blah, cut it out, blah, might be cancer, blah.

    By michelle a.m. on 10.09.2012

  26. A sticky, gooey mass running down with a greenish light and the smell og bubbly acid.

    By Alegría URL on 10.09.2012

  27. they stroll to the alter,
    one by one,
    and recite all the things that
    they’ve been taught
    to believe.
    Never do they question,
    not once do they ask
    how else,
    until it’s too late.
    By that time,
    they’ve lived life
    blinded by man’s interpretation,
    not God’s.

    By NuSol URL on 10.09.2012

  28. Over the hills we climbed until the the shores licked salutations against our toes and then our heels, wrapping around the earth in a rhythmic, timeless push and pull. We were one giant bruise, bandaged haphazardly and dying for a little antiseptic in the arctic cold of deep dark corners. What sort of shadows don’t know how to stop wishing the light would love them, stop wishing the living would hug them? Where pride seems so little in our bodies the longing rises up and makes us sick like dogs in the heat; tongues lolling and noses wet and cold with neglect. The mass of our forms sway in the night when everything else is quiet and sleeping and gone. We’re shadows here, trembling in the light of day and florescents and life.

    By N.J. URL on 10.09.2012

  29. They weren’t enough. They needed more people to push through the gates. But all those who would have been willing to help, were beyond. Locked away they told them, as if it were some safety measure, and the majority accepted it that way. The small but strongly pushing crowd knew better.

    By soil on 10.09.2012

  30. I dont like mass. Mass*gravity=weight, I think? Mass reminds me of fat people. I.e. ME. Mass is big or small.

    By blahblah on 10.09.2012

  31. makes me think of church of some space in some other dimension next to our reality. it also makes me think of Massachussets, where my father used to live. Sprngfield, that is the state. it can be anything, object, element of surprise, inside a determined time or a state of mind.

    i don’t know wht else to write, i went back because in the next page there is an error because i didn’t put my name or email. so, i don’t know, i guess i will try again, i want to see what this is all about.

    By stephanie URL on 10.09.2012

  32. Mass for me, relates to religion. Its something that you go to just to show everyone you are religious and you have a relationship of sorts with God. my relation with God is between me and HIm. I don’t believe in mass or the organisation that holds it. Mass, for me, occurs within myself.

    By Tess on 10.09.2012

  33. i already wrote about this. I said it coould be a church service, a space in determined time and it reminds me of Springfield.

    Some foxes and cows bothered the tortoise until he freaked out an conducted a massacre.

    By Fefalandia on 10.09.2012

  34. the mass weigh of all of our parts equals more than us all apart. its the same for our feelings, our rights, our riots. if we get together we can equal something big, bigger than all of us alone.

    By Maria on 10.09.2012

  35. I stopped by the Catholic church on Marshall st. and wanted to talk. I didn’t know anything about the church and I wasn’t Catholic. I just needed to talk. And I did.

    By Chris on 10.09.2012

  36. The streets are empty, the courtyard bare
    Then all at once the mass arrives,
    Swarming through the sideways walks
    Conglomerating at the hive
    Where honey of more thoughtful kind
    Is made, and nourished,
    Till each of them, at end of day
    Is completely satiated.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 10.09.2012

  37. Sitting through the Atheist Mass,
    Show so much through what you see
    Large brown windows, you call eyes
    Gives me a sight that blessed to share,
    So I sit at mass, and have faith…

    By Simon Says.. on 10.09.2012

  38. Massive, round, large ideas coming back to settle my shoulders, weighted mass

    By LB URL on 10.09.2012

  39. mass, k im done.

    By famk on 10.09.2012

  40. That’s all you left behind. A big heaping mass of regret and anger. How selfish of you to leave me to tend to all your baggage.

    By Alicia on 10.09.2012