October 9th, 2012 | 273 Entries

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273 Entries for “dominant”

  1. The dominant gene will react and be attributed to the characteristics of the person. It is the counterpart of recessive gene :D

    By :3 on 10.10.2012



    By VBVB URL on 10.10.2012

  3. It’s a little ringing in the ears this morning. I missed the concert last night but still have the aural hangover. Maybe it was too much whiskey. Maybe it was the sweet nothings whispered in the ear of a stranger.

    By Bryan URL on 10.10.2012

  4. i have dominated
    i will dominate
    domination has conquered my rough lymphatic sheets of skin and plastered walls and beautiful halls of my arms to my heart and its insiticutaul boundaries to control every movement of my life love and blood.
    ill dominate myself
    control my being
    the uncontrollable
    i am the dominant

    By Jacob G on 10.10.2012

  5. I am not this but i know someone who does. I prefer wearing leather than latex. And i don’t like to crush other people with my heels. I don’t really want to be domniated either. I am perfectly sane indeed.

    By julien on 10.10.2012

  6. Hey again? I already wrote about it … :-|

    By Saurabh D on 10.10.2012

  7. My dominant hand is my right hand. I write with it, but I piss with my left hand. In sports I shoot a hockey stick left handed, but I golf to the right. I don’t know why that is. If I was a killer though, I’d use my right hand to hold the knife and the left to hold the throat.

    By Chris URL on 10.10.2012

  8. Still dominant? World domination by one nation, is not right!! xx

    By Ian Harvey on 10.10.2012

  9. strong, the ultimate one,the leader, the best in his domain

    By nabil URL on 10.10.2012

  10. to overpower. to take control. I am not submissive, but I am not dominant. you permeate my being and take control over me so very very slowly. I am but a product of your strong hand, led by your power, driven by your madness.

    By Kristina URL on 10.10.2012

  11. No one among us is more dominant than another person. We all came from dust, and to dust we all shall return.

    By Jee on 10.10.2012

  12. You are dominant. You are not necessarily stronger, but I allow you to feel the control you need to course through your veins. Your instincts say you need it, your primitive being says you need it, and I will allow you to take over.

    By Kristina on 10.10.2012

  13. Must be dominant. There’s no room for passivity in a world filled with less time and a game of fighting for resources in a small amount of time. Understanding takes time and humility. Just obey me because I’m in charge. Dominating, just do it.

    By adsfdafs on 10.10.2012

  14. a person who can lead control and make others conform. may not be for everyone as it can seem to be ruthless. should be a person who has a mind for perfection and proper leadership. should be a person who can think of the people.

    By james on 10.10.2012

  15. The world. Nature. Controlling. Overpowering. An illusion, what is domination, if people own their own destiny? An illusion.

    By redglassesgirl on 10.10.2012

  16. I’m not sure how I felt while reading 50 shades of grey, but I do know that I have a kind of dominant. It’s fun and exciting. His name is Trevor. He is….very….interesting. But that’s what you get when you date someone with MPD.

    By Amanda C. on 10.10.2012

  17. I once had a teacher who taught me that power is a fluid thing. To this day I know he was not wrong. I’ve only to look beyond all borders to see what’s left behind in the ebb and flow of time.

    Control flows through many hands.

    I once had a friend who asked me about his teachings. Specifically she asked where that left her and I in our dialogue of friendly exchange. I said we were equal. What I should have said: “we are in a state of trying to maintain equilibrium.” She seemed slightly taken aback, which quite frankly was amusing to me. She seemed not entirely resistant to the original notion by the end of it. Dominant traits are not always magnanimous ones, but when they are…

    By Power to the People on 10.10.2012

  18. Trevor….

    It’s funny how you don’t think you’ll ever be in a situation until you are in it.

    Like…being tied to a bed. That’s very interesting.


    It’s different…. exhilarating.

    But it’s good to know that I have someone who won’t take it too far, yet lemme live out my freakish fantasies.

    By xxnann3rzxx on 10.10.2012

  19. He always thought he was the dominant one in the relationship. He was the pursued, not the pursuer. That was until the day that she left without the word. There was just a short letter on the table.

    By Mike on 10.10.2012

  20. I did not like her. How she topples on everybody’s toes like she has more than everyone else’s. Too dominant. Too superior. I hate her. I hate her guts. She’s just one of those who want to be the one, the only one.

    By kazumi on 10.10.2012

  21. woman over male in a relationship. Parent over child. big vs smaller. smart vs stupid. the dominant person takes control and things will go their way. dominant is sometimes good, but too much can be bad. Some people need a little dominance.

    By Adina Robles on 10.10.2012

  22. She was the dominant one in the relationship.

    By jessica on 10.10.2012

  23. controller, one who wants to control everything and everybody. But does’´t realize he have first to control himself.

    By male on 10.10.2012

  24. I wish I could become the dominate lover. I want to be in charge with my heart. Don’t allow any pain to continue with him. I want to be in love I wanna feel his soul as strong as my soul feels for him.

    By Tiffany on 10.10.2012

  25. I have the dominant eye gene in my face therefore I have blue eyes lol jk blue eyes are recessive. Go glen coco. I like blue stuff. blue stuff is cool. I dominate over everything in this world. woooohoooooo Party up in this club tonight.
    Raise the roof and shake your booty.
    holler at my swagger.

    By Katrina URL on 10.10.2012

  26. You think that I follow you
    You think that I believe
    All the crap
    That spews out of your mouth
    But truly
    I only blindly watch
    As you carry on
    I have but one dominant thought
    The reckoning is coming
    And I will be your witness
    As you drown

    By recogirl URL on 10.10.2012

  27. One who takes over and leads a weaker people. Usually strong and persuasive. Manipulative at times. Top of the food chain. The best.

    By Ed Baer on 10.10.2012

  28. I think when the day comes that I fall in love, Hahaha, I would like my partner to be somewhat dominant. Enough so, that I know he is a man.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.10.2012

  29. The dominant creature prowled around his prey waiting for a chance to pounce and kill its dinner

    By Rosa Beckerton URL on 10.10.2012

  30. April. T-shirts used as handcuffs. My tanktop used as a blindfold. Full moon. Oh, the screaming was so nice. The sweat. Me and you. I couldn’t see just fell, and boy was it wonderful.

    By aac on 10.10.2012

  31. her hands are like jewelry
    (ankles, wrists and throat)
    that wants everyone to stop
    (and gawk, admire, or envy).

    By isa on 10.10.2012

  32. bending light into the eye – our Sun to the planets – cancer multiplies – procreation, a new life is a born – to much of anything will make you sick – anatomy of the ghost inside your body – religion was thought up by man for those who cannot cope with death – music is on trial – happiness

    By Orjaw on 10.10.2012

  33. Her hair was black. Mine blond. Her eyes said confidance, mine were blue, like always, and a little intimidated, too. Her hands held the leather whip not far away from my face.

    By Bryn URL on 10.10.2012