October 7th, 2012 | 304 Entries

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304 Entries for “happy”

  1. Something that is forever just out of my reach. Fully visible and seemingly easy to achieve but obstacles constantly appear and it remains merely an idea, a concept.

    By Niamh on 10.08.2012

  2. “Oh, I’m so happy!” she smiled to herself, holding her various shopping bags and boxes.
    She shuffled in the huge double doors and remembered briefly her husband was still not him. He was still working in Europe. She wasn’t sure when he’d be back. She was helped up to her room by one of the maids and she sat on her bed surrounded by all the clothing, all the shoes, all the items.
    She sat on her knees and looked at all she owned.
    And she began to cry.

    By Tyler URL on 10.08.2012

  3. Confetti’s showering down to match the rainbow sprinkles on the white buttercream-frosted cake. Seven candles, red and blue and yellow but not green, the green ones are weird, and it’s super-loud but all you can see is the cake because it’s all for you, and the banner above the table exclaiming, in a cheerful font, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

    By Grace on 10.08.2012

  4. Happy is an adjective which allows people to define their mood or feelings. How often do we get to use this adjective in one day? 24? Six? Once? Do we even get to stay happy for 1440 minutes in this so called ‘real’, bizarre world ?

    By nsh on 10.08.2012

  5. It was the beginning of spring. I decided to go on a walk just to get my mind off things. I walked down a path through the forest, looked around, and began laughing hysterically. My laugh soon turned into tears- tears of joy. I felt beautiful. It was at that very moment that I knew I would be okay. The demons that surrounded me were going to be defeated. Every single one of them.

    By Victoria on 10.08.2012

  6. I am a happy girl.. happiness is a good feeling.. be happy.. spread happy..

    By smartpavi on 10.08.2012

  7. He knew that he was always happier than normal when he talked to her. In a non-romantic way, of course. What he didn’t know was that he was the happiest in his dreams, where he could talk to her feeling *anything*. He never found out, so she never found out, and they were both *kind of* happy, in their remaining days.

    By meep? on 10.08.2012

  8. Happiness is
    Not bliss, fleeting,
    Nor joys repeating;
    Simply sequential
    Moments of ease,
    Espoused of life’s teachings;
    Remembrance to breathe.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 10.08.2012

  9. This is me, full of happiness. Happy to be breathing. Happy to be thinking. It’s been such a long, such a grueling battle to reach this place, this ethereal state. But now I am here, what do I do with it? It is like a never-ending well of wealth and though I know it will never empty, I feel like I should try to spend all of it on every one I meet.

    By Sean Duffy on 10.08.2012

  10. Happy is what I could be. It’s what I want.
    I don’t know what happiness really is..
    I do know what is is not.
    It is not night terrors that wake me up crying. It is not me cowering in my corner when too many people are around. It is not me having to wear long sleeves because of my scars that surely people judge. It is not me needing a crutch every day. It is not my loneliness.
    People tell me I’m pretty and I’m smart and I have people who love me and there’s no reason for me to be unhappy.
    That’s what they all say.
    I know those things may be true but that doesn’t change anything for me. It just means nobody else understands what Major Chronic Depression is. They don’t understand that I cannot help what I feel anymore than they can. The doctors push pills at me that change me into a zombie. That isn’t happiness.

    By AngelDuCiel on 10.08.2012

  11. until this very day happiness has been such a fleeting feeling. unto itself it speaks volumes of the expectations. i find that it is not something to search for, but something to create. now just to find someone to create it with..

    By nik on 10.08.2012

  12. One claims to be happy more often than one actually is happy. It’s hard to be truly carefree and happy, but when it happens you know. It’s those fleeting moments looking up at the stars or drifting to sleep in the back of a familiar car. It’s simple things that make you happy, and we need more of them.

    By Becky on 10.08.2012

  13. I am so happy this morning as we celebrate with the West Indies cricket team for wining the I C C T20 tournament. it is a momentous moment that we should all enjoy.

    By victor URL on 10.08.2012

  14. when i wake up to see you lying next to me, white sheets wrapped all around your body, a kind of half smile on your face. and i remember that he used to look like that, too. i feel warm remembering that once upon a time, he occupied the space you’ve now claimed.

    By that-girl on 10.08.2012

  15. “Dazu fällt mir jetzt nichts ein!” Ihr lautes Lachen betrug Ihre Worte.
    Er gönnte ihr die kurze Freude.

    By soil on 10.08.2012

  16. when i wake up and look over to see you lying next to me, white sheets wrapped up around your body, mouth twisted into a sort of half smile, breath moving slowly in and out. i remember that, once, he took up the space you’ve now laid claim to, lying still just as you are now. i remember that, once, i was happy.

    By crooked teeth on 10.08.2012

  17. i look at her in shades of blues and reds,
    & never ever look at her in yellow.
    i never ever spend a day without feeling
    she’s worth more than i can offer.

    By isa on 10.08.2012

  18. She was happy. She was a vibrant light. So peachy she said. But I could see through her ruse. I could see the lack of light in those eyes. She was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Blending and confusing the world for us all. She wore a mask, the darkest and fairest mask possible.

    By Shani on 10.08.2012

  19. i feel happy when i do things that make me happy. I do silly things to cling on to any happy feelings, any whispers of happy feelings, because I am a happy person, who realistically probably isn’t all that happy.

    By Sophie on 10.08.2012

  20. I am happy, sometimes. I think about my childhood and all of it’s grand happenings. It is our experiences in childhood that we can hold onto and remember the good times. The good times when you didn’t have those bills to pay or a boss to impress. when the only thing that matters was your family and friends. Education was so simple

    By Megan on 10.08.2012

  21. That moment when you saw your loved ones all around you. That feeling, is called happy. Actually it’s more than just that. It’s an inner joyful feeling, that feeling when you feel like you are on cloud nine. Only Allah knows how you feel; happy. (:

    By nureffe on 10.08.2012

  22. Everyday my teeth are out. Be happy. Another day on earth. I put my concerns in God’s lap. He smiles at me. I bow my head. Everything will be ok.

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 10.08.2012

  23. It is a joyful exciting feeling inside that you can never describe. To be with your loved ones, to achieve what you want and to help people, that are examples of happiness. To be, happy is a feeling beyond words. I am happy inside out, INsyaa Allah (:

    By Surviving Swan on 10.08.2012

  24. happy is something I had once given up on. Something I think I might still be that way about. I want it.
    I want it so so bad. I will work for it and I don’t exactly know how to obtain tis. To look better is one. To feel better is a completely other one.

    By Amber on 10.08.2012