October 8th, 2012 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “mass”

  1. It was at mass that I first noticed her: devout, proper, pretty.

    It was at mass I married her.

    It was at mass I buried her.

    By Damon on 10.09.2012

  2. masses of people envelope a room and turn it into mere fullness and substance. Without mass there is nothing and nothing is lonely.

    By leighanne on 10.09.2012

  3. the mass of an object is practically how big it tis. if it is two inches wide, that is the mass of width. at least i think so. the mass of something. massive is mass

    By mccrazy URL on 10.09.2012

  4. it is a ceremony which is celebrate it in a church. people go and pray.

    By Natalia on 10.09.2012

  5. their riots make my fingers tremble
    as i reach to brush her hair
    my veins recoil just touching her
    as if the tips dripped venom

    i had laid in bed with sweet medusa
    before the curse began
    if only goddesses craved each other
    and not the touch of man

    By isa on 10.09.2012

  6. Her hands looked weak. We were surrounded by too many people, but didn’t feel convinced enough to ask anyone for help. It could have been worse, after all, nobody actually cared. She passed away there, in the square.

    By Emil on 10.09.2012

  7. mass-ive,
    it makes weak and strong forces
    come together.

    By Daniel R. URL on 10.09.2012

  8. mass is the amount of matter in an object, according to the chemistry book. Its the part of a sail boat which i do not know, maybe the sail. when a person has mass, they have depth. when they have depth, they have personality which the ones around them able to see.

    By layla rani on 10.09.2012

  9. mass is a nice work I usually use it for my friends like you are a mass instead of ” mess”. I dont know what does really it means but anyway Im writing about it. I hope you wont mind. Im from Turkey so its hard to understand all the words

    By erenay deniz on 10.09.2012

  10. lightning hit and struck my pencil creating this mass of thoughts overwhelming but have to put down to uplift if that makes sense . mass of emotions make the notions of past postings.

    By raul URL on 10.09.2012

  11. Mass is weight time velocity I think I remember that fact from wonders of the universe with professor Brian cox what a legend he is man ,
    Ben terzza

    By Ben on 10.09.2012

  12. weight of an object
    feathers and elephants

    By Mrs.Corfield on 10.09.2012

  13. Emma stepped up onto the stage. The mass of blinking people stared back at her. “I’m not an elder, nor a deacon, definintely not a pastor. Yes, I’m 13. But I am a believer, and I have something to share with you… about Jesus’ love. Do you REALLY know how much He loves you? Do you know how much torture He went through? I can assure you that it was terrifying to hear about. But what motivated Him? What made Him say, “Father, forgive them!”? What made His heart beat fast whenever He thought/thinks about it? This answer should give you chills: YOU. If that did not make you shiver or smile, there is something wrong. Jesus really truly does love you!” With that, she stepped off of the stage. Looks of pride, disgust, and then, admiration met her. She was going to be persecuted a little now. No one 50 years or older likes a young girl to take the stage at church. But if she was going to be persecuted… why, she must’ve done something right.

    By Emma on 10.09.2012

  14. Church. Havent been in a while, but i miss it. Even though i never had mass or did mass or even know what mass is. I miss the durans so much, they were definitely a second family to me. Its weird how everything just changes but i feel like i will always love that family. Jim and pam are the nicest. I miss feeling like a part of church. I rememeber when i first started going there i felt super left out but once i stopped being shy it was pretty easy to not feel left out at all.

    By Justine on 10.09.2012

  15. the mass of our population does not need to know how to make a banner on digication. its pretty damn self explanatory. just click find a picture and upload it.

    By Michelle Przybylo on 10.09.2012

  16. is the thing that’s biggest. it’s the place below canada that’s filled with all the things in all the places in all the world. Space and time and twinkies. That’s mass. My ass is mass. It’s all mass. All a bunch of junk. I just want a twinkie.

    By Jules Lynch on 10.09.2012

  17. there is a mass amount of people in the mall today. i just couldn’t believe that on a tuesday night there would be 1000’s of people here. it’s kind a like going to mass on sunday’s when you go and see the preacher there’s taht many people there too. it’s a whole big gor

    By cassie on 10.09.2012

  18. The mass of a person is now so important to society because of what society deems beauty as. It does not matter how big or small a person is. when one person asks- what is your weight, which is also known as mass, if it exceeds a certain number- you are seen as bigger, fatter, and less beautiful. The mass of a person no longer depends on your heart, but the size of your body. And that is fucked up.

    By Joey Chiew URL on 10.09.2012

  19. I went to mass the week before Easter. I haven’t been to one in over a year. I couldn’t understand much of what was going on or being said. However, I did feel like God was still there. There must not be much of a difference between catholic, christian or any other type of church, for God will always be felt if you need him.

    By victoria torrez on 10.09.2012

  20. Surrounded. No escape. They emerge on me an there is no where to go. The heat of the compressed bodies radiates, and my hands feel clammy. I can’t move, I push forward. I push backward but to no avail.

    By Chloe on 10.09.2012

  21. I went to mass all the time as a kid. I didn’t have to think about it, it was just like eating, just something you do. Every Saturday evening we went to mass. I resent them for it. I resent them. Because now I have no religion. I have no God.

    By Allison Jane on 10.09.2012

  22. There is mass confusion in the ranks of today’s Army and mass differentiation between ideals of the personal and professional mind. How many more ways there are to distinguish a time for change than at the exact moment when all falls to shreds around the organization that has been denied since its birth even though it owes its credit to the development of the country…?

    By Sierra URL on 10.09.2012

  23. M- missing
    A- A
    S- special
    “this is what i beleive it means, i totally mass the shit out of him/her.”
    “ahh damn it, i miss my bf too much i hope he comes back soon!”
    Mass is a far more sophisticated and formal way of saying i miss you :)

    By sima on 10.09.2012

  24. you have something about you
    a very large something
    and guess what?
    It fills me up-
    the whole me
    all of my insides
    all the room
    what could this one thing be that I have?
    you ask yourself
    I’m not special,
    oh dear, but you are
    and its rather addicting
    its your love
    and I love your love.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 10.09.2012

  25. Mass- church, math, volume x area, prefix, multiple definitions, part of a state, rhymes with class.

    By Tanner Simon on 10.09.2012

  26. AHHH! I don’t know what to do here. Mass can be the amount of matter in an object, or it can be an Catholic thing…i don’t know much abou tit, considering I’m not catholic. I’m actually a Christian, which is pretty rocking, considering my salvation is a gift, not something I have to earn. I don’t know what else to say!

    By barbara on 10.09.2012

  27. Rejection is a funny way to run a country. I could never wrap my head around the level of separateness I observe… It might all be in my head though.

    By Xepher on 10.09.2012

  28. Mass rhymes with class, sass, pass, gas, bass, grass, brass, and (kind of with) vast.

    By billy joel on 10.09.2012

  29. Mass is a part of Physics. It’s completely unrelated to the gravitational pull. Your weight is what differs with a different gravitational acceleration. Mass remains the same whether you’re on the Moon, on Earth, on Mars, in Space. Mass is a constant.

    By Emily on 10.09.2012

  30. There was mass chaos in the building after the proposal went wrong. He wanted to have a romantic candlelit experience but others now fear it was a terrorist attack. Oh how wrong they are. This could have changed the life of the company but his mistake, and her excitement have costed EVERYONE. Bigtime.

    By Arden on 10.09.2012

  31. What is mass but the population of matter in one area nothing but molicules in space and the never ending time that we conceive as being only but a second

    By logan on 10.09.2012

  32. Mass. It could either talk about a gathering, a weight of an object or the people. It really depends on how you look at it. Ah, how interesting. The word ‘mass’ might as well be iridescent.

    By summerchild on 10.09.2012

  33. All my life is mass and i dont know why mabe cos i have too many things to do ?

    By Ibrahim on 10.09.2012

  34. It was the biggest mass of fish I’d ever seen. They twisted and twirled in the hazy lights. They glowed blue and orange. They moved as one big animal, as the shark zipped and spun round. They were invincible. No one could swallow them.

    By Shani on 10.09.2012

  35. I never understood why it was always so *quiet*. It’s Easter mass, for crying out loud! My mama always said it should be happy, and joyous, but Easter mass, the few times i had to go with my grandparents, was always dry and colorless and cold, as I sat there shivering in the grey stone church wishing the rain would let up. If I’d been home, mama would have hung up streamers, and we’d sing.

    By Grace on 10.09.2012

  36. there is space here.
    a glass with mass
    filled with the empty shadows
    of broken bottles
    we know
    how much appreciation was once infiltrated in our bodies
    now we are doors to openess
    with a thick odor of surrender
    I wonder
    how often does it take
    for one to realize how much
    the rooms never needed to be filled
    in the first place.

    By Erika on 10.09.2012

  37. So much production!
    But is it how much it weighs
    or how much it’s worth?
    And how do I know what it’s really worth?
    To me
    To you
    To He
    To She
    To US
    Mass, unaccordingly to science
    Doesn’t really stay constant, regardless of what THE OBJECT IS.
    It should be relative.

    By Joshua on 10.09.2012