February 22nd, 2011 | 598 Entries

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598 Entries for “mango”


    By Glory. Ah(: URL on 02.22.2011

  2. Mm mangos. They’re, like, the ultimate tropical fruit. Seriously, you smell mango-scented anything, and you think tropics. You think warm beach with a hot native fanning you while you drink something mango-flavored and alcoholic.

    By Emma URL on 02.22.2011

  3. This fruit is the symbol of freedom. Freedom from wanting to one up someone, freedom from needing to make more money than u need, freedom from desires that push u away from yourself because ur in a rat race and don’t realize ur going in a circle. This is a fruit grown in regions bathed by the sun where time is not as important as people and where you can exist a whole person and taste life’s sweetness any time, free of charge.

    By farinaz on 02.22.2011

  4. mango crunchy and hard sometimes friends with other fruit, always manage to be somewhat juicy. Orange and ripey ripe, i think mangos are only nice as ice cream mangos do no please my taste pallette and therefore i do not eat them, although i was somewhat forced whan i was younger, they remind me of my dad.

    By Kat on 02.22.2011

  5. a first ran in the mango back in 2006, it look at me as i looked back. wondering how the hell i was going to peal it. i felt it laughing at me, knowing i couldn’t taste it’s delicious centre.

    By Fintan on 02.22.2011

  6. a mango is a fruit and it is also a song my friend used to sing and it tastes quite nice although i just got it mixed up with a peach for some strange reason is it orange? i dont know maybe it is. i dont know what else to write about mangos because i dont eat them a lot. oh well i’ll just waste some more time

    By claire on 02.22.2011

  7. She bit into the mango as she stared out at the festivities. If she had been allowed to wear her dark gray dress like she wanted it would be easier to hide in the shadows against the wall, even though everyone was looking for her: the girl of the hour, the champion, the savior of the world. She was stuck in this bright red velvet gown and was reduced to using her magic in order to stay invisible. And when Princess Christiana asks her where she was and why she hadn’t been at the banquet held in her honor Dahlia could honestly say that she had been.

    By Renni on 02.22.2011

  8. Mangos
    blue birds in a tree
    dripping fruit skins and guano
    down the tall slender

    By Lou on 02.22.2011

  9. Mmm mango, so fruity and juicy. BUT… it’s somewhat of a tease as far as fruits go. It’s the most difficult thing to cut/peel. And it always gets stuck in my teeth.

    By Sarah on 02.22.2011

  10. Never really tasted one til a few years ago. It was good but not really worth the hype. My husband puts it in the blender when he makes smoothies. It is a lovely colour. I wish i had more clothes coloured mango. It looks like a happy colour. It looks like two words together – man go! Like Tarzan is excusing himself to go to the bathroom.

    By Angela McMurray on 02.22.2011

  11. They smell like cat pee. I hate mangoes. Or maybe I just hate them because my mother always hated them. Mothers are huge influences in our lives. I don’t know what kind of person I would be without my mother. Probably a better one..

    By Abby URL on 02.22.2011

  12. I drop mangos on foes who try to pose with their nose up in the air like blows of the wind, i’m winding on these rhymes and running out of time but dont tell if i cheat, aka drop a dime. Coconuts with the loco cuts, choking on ruts and struts. I’m nucking futz.

    By HG on 02.22.2011

  13. Halving it, scoring the flesh,neat into squares, sliding through the orange with a knife. The squares hang stringy,plump on the skin. I push the skin inside out and suck out the juice.

    By Laurielou on 02.22.2011

  14. mango; a mango shaped space. the librarians always thought i should read that, that i would be able to identify with it. um, no? they always thought that there was something wrong with me, so i should read books about people with things wrong with them. i never understood why the always thought that. especially mrs. ramsey, she gave me odd looks whenever i tried to do anything in library class. like seeing things, while i had no previous records of doing anything like that. this isn’t house, sorry.

    By Jenna on 02.22.2011

  15. i love mangos. i love how they are so vividly yellow, i love how they never sound unappealing i love the memories i have with mangos and the fondness that ive gained for them because mangos remind me of good days and summer days and i dont think about what foods to eat with them i just know i love them as they are, i want to be a mango.

    By hannah on 02.22.2011

  16. im drinking mango drink right now. its a fruit. nordstrom has a good mango smoothie. i like mango. only sometimes it can be sour. its orange like an orange. the skin of a mango is smooth and similar to a pear. it grows on trees…i think. idk why im actually doing this thing. i have nothing else to do. mangos are yummy. theyre healthy.

    By Katharine Oweida on 02.22.2011

  17. sweet, tangy, tropical, juicy. yeah, that’s a mango. but where did it come from? who found it first? how did they realized “Hey, we need to open this and there’s epic deliciousness on the inside”? whoever they are, however they discovered it, thank you mango finders!

    By mymuses URL on 02.22.2011

  18. I feel like I am supposed to love mangos because everyone else seems to. And maybe because I live on a tropical island. But honestly, passionfruit flavor is so much better! Mango makes me think of orange, round, warm weather, beaches, greenery, what I thought was my perfect lifestyle until I moved to Puerto Rico. Now I know it’s my favorite vacation spot. Viva…I’m not sure what yet.

    By Lindsay Kaufhold URL on 02.22.2011

  19. Mango sits alone in a crowded room. All those around him want to be him, or at the very least, with him. He makes eye contact with a lowly waiter. “Come with me,” Mango says. And oh, does the waiter follow.

    By Listeria on 02.22.2011

  20. I like Mangos. Mango is one of my favorite fruits because of its sweetness. It tastes so awfully good. My Dad made a dish with Mango on Sunday.

    By Maggie on 02.22.2011

  21. The mango looked delicious. She stared at it in absolute wonder. The color was beautiful, so red and ripe. She had half a mind to go ahead and eat it right there in the grocery store.

    By Rachel on 02.22.2011

  22. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a mango. It’s funny because I eat a lot of fruit, so one would think a mango or two would cross my path. On a daily basis, I have grapes, blueberries, and strawberries, and an apple. If prices are on my side, pears and grapefruits make the grocery list. On occasion, I have raspberries and blackberries, but once again, that all depends on the dollar amount.

    By Kaci URL on 02.22.2011

  23. mango is a delicous fruit, it is also the scent of many shampoos and lotions that many men say they think is fruity and lame, but deep down they buy it for their girlfriends, mothers, and sisters so they can occasionally use it.

    By rusty URL on 02.22.2011

  24. I just wrote about mangoes. I feel like I am wasting my time writing about them again. They are a delicious fruit, and if I could eat one every day, I would. They’re hard to cut, though. Too juicy for their own good, and the pit is insane. So flat and hard to cut around.

    By Rachel URL on 02.22.2011

  25. fresh, healthy, summery, tasty, yummy, orange, soft, tropical, Caribbean

    By eleanor on 02.22.2011

  26. i love mangos. their weird. ive never tasted mangos. but they seem cool. dont people find mangos on islands? what color are they. mangos make me wanna get on an island. but who wants to sit on an island? someone might not find you.then you could end up like amelia earheart. you could be eaten by crabs. who wants to die by crabs? ouch for sure. but at least her plane was cool. and she got to fly. i wanna fly. like a bird. way up high in the sky. feeling the wind in my feathers.

    By erin on 02.22.2011

  27. Oh, the sweetest, juiciest fruit you’ll ever taste. Unlike anything else especially wh en it really ripe. Indi cuisine has a concoction made up of mango and milk and it tastes heavenly.

    By Mindy Silva on 02.22.2011

  28. it’s a yellow oblong fruit!
    Tastes sweet, and a bit sour.
    It’s healthy and refreshing.
    You can always find this everywhere in the Philippines!

    There’s no other country who can bear fruits such this.

    When I think of mango, it means Summer!

    We can do alot of stuff with this fruit.
    Shake, juice.. hmm.. yummy

    By Melai URL on 02.22.2011

  29. You can cut it in three: slicing along the edges of the pit. take the sides, slice into a grid and turn the skin inside out. It’s a presentation of mango cubes, ready to eat without the stickyness

    By Anthony on 02.22.2011

  30. a mango is a delicious fruit that was on lost very often. i like them a lot. i cannot really describe what they taste like except to say that they are delicious. they are very juicy and sticky. they’re kind of difficult to eat. i’m not sure whether to cut them or peel them. yum!

    By lyndsay shipley on 02.22.2011

  31. mangos are a summer fruit. i tease my co-worker about bringing mangos to work and keeping them on his desk, he never seems to get them at the right level of ripeness. when I was young my dad used to ripen mangos by sticking them in the rice sack, amidst the grains. I don’t remember if this worked or just felt nice to the mangos – a rice bath.

    By Robine URL on 02.22.2011

  32. a fruit similiar to an orange. A bit sweeter and smaller in size. The mango reminds me of tropical flavors and an odd scene from
    apocolypse Now that has the coonass saucier speaking about them.

    By John on 02.22.2011

  33. mangos are a type of fruit, sort of yellow and orange in my mind, literally though I really have no fucking idea what a mango even looks like,…isn;t that weird, I feel it’s the sort of fruit one should be able to visualise. Anyway, I know what they TASTE like ’cause I have mango smoothies ALL the time. innocent ones, obv, they’re the bestest.

    By Dorothy Jarman on 02.22.2011

  34. Mango gelato on a warm summer Italian day. Refreshing. Nothing quite like it in the states. Wish I could have some now. Ciao.

    By Lisa Horn URL on 02.22.2011

  35. Very good fruit. Reminds me of living at the old place in town because mom would get a huge box of them and we would eat them all in like 2 days. SO yummy! Also in Panama, the girls has a mango tree. And there was so many of them. One of my favorite fruits for sure!!! Love them when they are juicy and ymmy. Helped Jess Quinn learn how to eat one.

    By Kayla on 02.22.2011

  36. mangos taste stragne. ill eat them but i dont like them very much i like apples and cataloupe better.

    By just582 URL on 02.22.2011

  37. There is no mango available as an ingredient for a tropical drink in the small Alaskan town of Cicily in an episode of Northern Exposure. The new doc in town wants a “good city drink” at the local bar/ restaurant.The bartender offers no apology and offers no substitute.
    The doc storms off shouting “I hate this place!”
    To be fair he had experienced a very bad day and missed his home in L.A.

    By Tony on 02.22.2011

  38. i usually put mango’s in my smoothies. they make everything taste tropical. i do not like mango’s unless they’re all blended up in a smoothie. have you ever tried one straight up? no thank you. i can’t describe how they taste. chalky? weird texture? i don’t know…but they’re not for me. unless they’re in a smoothie.

    By megan on 02.22.2011

  39. She gave Carlos the mango, even though it was ridden with poison. She had not forgiven him for the betrayal of sleeping with her mothers best friend. He began to foam at the mouth and his eyes turned as red as the fireist lakes of hell.

    By Ryan Schefer on 02.22.2011

  40. what am I supposed to write about mango? I think this is the first time I’ve been uninspired. I am grateful that the word changed, since it seemed to be “outlet” for some time. I suppose I will simply be uncreative and just stick with this.

    By Addie URL on 02.22.2011