February 21st, 2011 | 546 Entries

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546 Entries for “outlet”

  1. the plug in the wall or a place in the mall
    sometimes malls are really tall
    four stories high is like eight short men
    outlets are for plugging in

    By Annie on 02.22.2011

  2. I was sitting at my kitchen table and all of a sudden roots started to extrude from my outlet. They begin growing very quickly. Eventually a flower bloomed from it. It was like no other flower I have ever seen. IT was droopy and colorful. It had an eyeball.

    By Kristen on 02.22.2011

  3. I want a new word, yet I need an outlet in my life. I just don’t want the word outlet to be a part of my outlet. New word!! :P

    By Natalie on 02.22.2011

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    sometimes I close my eyes and think that

    By Stephanie Joss URL on 02.22.2011

  5. outlet

    By Mossshadow URL on 02.22.2011

  6. An outlet is a thing that you put electrical cords in like hairdryers, space heaters, or little mini fans.

    By Summer Emond URL on 02.22.2011

  7. an outlet is where you plug in electrical devices. Such as computers, sharpeners, chargers, or TVs.

    By Mikenna Brannon URL on 02.22.2011

  8. outlet is like the word out and let like let me go out side or something. And its also a strong power sourse. And u plug thing in to it!!!

    By jakob URL on 02.22.2011

  9. outlet is a type of road you take to exit others. outlet is also something you plug electrical cords into so it can receive electricity.

    By Chelsea Jarrell URL on 02.22.2011

  10. It is a small hole. And you plug in a cord

    By Siria Valenzuela <3 URL on 02.22.2011

  11. An outlet is something that you plug cords into to give them power they can shock you.

    By Sawyer URL on 02.22.2011

  12. A place where you let out.
    On the edge of the city.
    A place for rejected items.
    A lost and found.
    Let me Out.

    By Fina on 02.22.2011

  13. OUTLET: what is our souls?What makes us,’us’?

    By Dann URL on 02.22.2011

  14. an out let eats coco puffs and other good things like me. hahaha . jk jk jk . no really they do really eat them all the time hahaha. gone gone done.

    By chance Curell URL on 02.22.2011

  15. I think an out let is something that you plug something like a t.v. or other things into.

    By Stevie URL on 02.22.2011

  16. outlet comes and goes and thrivells in an onset of going and escaping an freeing the mind of those who wait for speaking the outliers of truth and the sky of civilian liberties within. Not within but throughout the tendencies of reciprocal longitude that goes on continuously until the brink of infinity is inhaled and respected as some inept quality of man and its wealth of feelings that weep inside

    By Francisco Sousa on 02.22.2011

  17. it is something that is very use to . you put tv’s , the whole word has it and alot of there suff .

    By cando URL on 02.22.2011

  18. to hold everything in, never releasing.
    the tension is graspable.
    growing, growing, growing.
    always in, and never Out.
    Let me be free from some of this heavy weight that is not mine to bare.
    save me from myself.

    By kk on 02.22.2011

  19. it has to be easy to find an outlet to all this frustration – the work, the kids, the bills, the calls, the emails. maybe jogging or drinking, going away could be nice. but, alas, it’s an illusion. the outlet is momentary, the satisfaction – passing. something about life needs to change dramatically.

    By Netta on 02.22.2011

  20. I love seeing exciting outlet passes on a basketball court. Seeing a rebounding and a good outlet pass to start a fastbreak makes for the best kind of basketball-running and using numbers for a good, quick paced, athletic, exciting game.

    By TTGG URL on 02.22.2011

  21. Journaling, writing poetry, and singing are my creative outlets. I also use exercise as my outlet, to get all of the anxiety out of my body. Don’t recommend sticking a fork in an outlet. Is this a French-derived word? The more that I look at it, the more I see French. Interesting.

    By dandyjams URL on 02.22.2011

  22. There has to be a way you let off steam and come back to yourself. I am continually searching for mine.

    By Betheny on 02.22.2011

  23. power, electricity, an outlet for my creativity. creativity flows like electricity through an outlet into a computer. stop thinking, let ideas flow. stop thinking stop thinking stop thinking stop thinking.

    By johanna on 02.22.2011

  24. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm , i think that an outlet is like something you plug a lamp in ….

    <3 Kaytlynn Wood (:

    By kaytlynn URL on 02.22.2011

  25. Het kind keek naar het stopcontact, geintrigeerd, alsof er niets anders bestond dan dat kleine plastic vlak. Ze bestudeerde de vorm met haar ogen en liet haar vingers over het witte spul gaan, giechelde vanwege het grappige gevoel. De twee gaten in het stopcontact en het schroefje waarmee het vast zat leken een gezichtje te vormen. Een eenvoudig gezichtje weliswaar, met een verbaasde mond. Ze verwonderde zich er nog steeds over, wist niet goed waar het voor diende. Ze proefde het woord op haar tong. Stopcontact.

    By ping URL on 02.22.2011

  26. i went to the outlet mall and there I left all of my emotions.

    By Julie on 02.22.2011