February 22nd, 2011 | 598 Entries

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598 Entries for “mango”

  1. tropical. squishy. warm. delicious. feelings of being relaxed. not a care in the world, in the hot sun.

    By Stream URL on 02.22.2011

  2. Mango is a vibrant color. It is the same shade as our own personal star in the sky. I wonder if the sun is made of mango. Is the moon made of cheese?

    A giant mango and a huge ball of cheese sitting up in the sky. How strange that would be…

    By Lauren URL on 02.22.2011

  3. I find the mango rather tasty and intriguing. Its acidic tendencies make me want to shout out in happiness yet make me angry at the same time. Is that wrong? That I’m so in love with the sweet taste of a simple fruit? It seems weird, but it’s the truth! I can’t live without it!

    By Morgan URL on 02.22.2011

  4. juicy orange. so sexy. hawaii. i like chocolate. why are mangos orange? or are they red? green?! what. no way. i’m going to chuck a mango at your head. why is it purple? thats not very fitting. lalalalala. my cat is sleeping.
    i miss hawaii.
    i miss you.
    this is depressing. this is really depressing.

    By elle on 02.22.2011

  5. Mangoes are delicious. I should probably eat more of them; let their fresh, juicy flesh fill me up. Sadly, it’s easier to reach for a can of cola, or a candy bar.

    By David URL on 02.22.2011

  6. I like mangoes. They’re sweet and they’re yellow – like the sun! Plus they come from rainforests, which reminds me of some place nice a tropical. Away from the worries of day-to-day life, on a white sandy beach with monkeys and the aquamarine ocean. Yeah – mangoes. Life’s pretty great if you think about ’em!

    By Michelle Linhart on 02.22.2011

  7. jesse is allergic to mangos but he eats them anyway because they make his tongue fuzzy and that reminds him of somewhat unshaven vagina and he enjoys that feeling on his tongue stubble yay a+ amazing. mangos are the fruit that makes jesse the happiest because of not only that feeling but their orangey color because it reminds him of the color of his penis.

    By Jesse on 02.22.2011

  8. Mango is a beautiful, tiny village up in the northeast corner of Italy, in the Piedmont. One thousand people live there, but in the month of May, the month of the Blessed Mother, the castle at the top of the village hosts a wine festival where the growers show off their delicious work to visitors from around the world.

    By ruth URL on 02.22.2011

  9. mmmmmmmmmmm mangos. i like fruit. it’s juicy, so it’s like a snack and a drink in one, the perfect combination. although i don’t think i’ve ever actually had a mango… have you? how do they taste? I bet they taste good. they sound good.

    By rollinggnomes URL on 02.22.2011

  10. Mmm as you bite into that delicious fruit and it drips down your chin, sweet juice spilling out of your mouth. Mmm warm Summer air blowing your hair as you hold the mango over the sink.

    By pam URL on 02.22.2011

  11. is a fruit, probably the highest in proteins..yellow inside with a huge seed. seed can be used as a soap too. the skin, after peeling can be applied on the body as solar protection or just absorbing proteins

    By sergiu on 02.22.2011

  12. I have seen a man go to great lengths to provide for his family. I marvel at it, I wonder if having had these children dulled my competitiveness, my desire to earn. I heard John Fogerty say that every morning, a man has to go out to find that tiger to slay. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way, as a woman. I see my husband work so hard, and I’m glad.

    By ruth URL on 02.22.2011

  13. so delicious. every time i go to rita’s, i get a small mango water ice. it reminds me of summer, laughter, friends, happiness. then of course i think of crash bandicoot, but those are not mangos he collects…i don’t know the name of the fruit he collects actually. crash bandicoot was never my favorite anyway. i’m a legend of zelda fan. always have been, always will be. oh yeah, mangos…

    By Mary on 02.22.2011

  14. Mango is a fruit. Mangos are good, it is also tropical. Mangos are orange and sometime green when they are ripe. I want to go to the rainforest to eat a mango now…. Ahhh mangos…

    By Alyssa on 02.22.2011

  15. mango is a fruit which flowers in the spring atop a mountain in lithuania. Some say eating it will give you mystical powers and sagacious insight into the workings of love

    By hferfh on 02.22.2011

  16. Watch the man go. He is allergic to mangoes. I am really bad at this. But as they say, the man goes as man will go. Mango.

    By shabree on 02.22.2011

  17. orange fruit fragrant with beutiful vibrant colours. An example of something that looks ugly on the outside but on the inside it is sweet and beautiful. When \i eat a mango I imagine a rich summer’s day ina market full of bustling m

    By Naomi on 02.22.2011

  18. Mangos are the light blue magic markers. Each magic marker has a different smell and light blue was the best. I wanted to eat it. I’ve never actually eaten a real mango. I get them mixed up with papaya. I don’t think real mangos are light blue. But they smell great.

    By Libby on 02.22.2011

  19. I walked trough the concrete jungle one day, dreaming away to exotic places. A sigh escaped me as I realized that I would never visit a real jungle in my life. I happened to gaze upon a tiny booth with exotic fruits in the midst of all the stores. The colourfull fruites lighted up the gray and rainy street. I picked up a mango, peeled it and sunk my teeth into the sweet, yellow meat. I smiled as the delicious, soft fruit danced over my tongue. Suddenly my cloudy, everyday life did not seem all that bad. Sometimes a mango is all you need.

    By Maria on 02.22.2011

  20. Exotic lover – your kiss reminds me of mangoes in the spring time and the cresting of tumultuous tides. Or maybe this is what I imagine when I bring your lips to mine.

    By HelenGrant URL on 02.22.2011

  21. I don’t know why i keep getting the word mango. What is a mango anyways. I’ve never really understood that. I always think of an orange when I hear mango. But if I go to a smoothie shop and get a mango flavored anything, it doesn’t taste like an orange. In fact, it doesn’t taste good at all…

    By Carolyn on 02.22.2011

  22. This is a great fruit, and the juice is awesome. I would be able to drink this all the time. I would be glad if it were sold in stores everywhere.

    By Johnny on 02.22.2011

  23. Sunshine. Oceans. Warm places.
    Fruit I don’t like.
    Fruit that lots of people like.
    Good smelling lotion.

    By Anna on 02.22.2011

  24. Her favorite fruit was a mango. She could sing better than Carrie underwood, but forever denied it. She walked on the beach every day to watch the sunrise. And even when the cancer took hold of her, she smiled even in her sleep.

    By mary on 02.22.2011

  25. Lush dripping mango, ripe gorgeousness – sweet smell of peachy perfume – messy messy, makes me smile to get in such sticky juicy disarray but its worth it to indulge in the heaven of your deliciousness

    By debbie k on 02.22.2011

  26. Yummy fruit, definitely summer. Only get the soft red ones. Shakes, and icecream. Sushi restaurant. Thought I was allergic at one point.
    I love the colors.

    By Nina on 02.22.2011

  27. Tart

    By Rae on 02.22.2011

  28. mangos are sweet and orange. i like to eat them with chili and sugar. actually, today is national margarita day and my favorite margarita flavor is mango. seriously, right this second.. my room mate walked by and just said she wants mango ice cream. mangos are probably the best thing on earth

    By judie on 02.22.2011

  29. beautiful tasty yummy i love mangos it remind me of my dad, he used to cut them up after dinner and we would all sit around and eat them like dessert. we were neveer premitted dessert in my house, and this was the alternate. i love it and my daddy =]

    By zoe on 02.22.2011

  30. Mango remindes me of summer and my home country, It testes good and has a flaved test as well.

    By karima on 02.22.2011

  31. Mango is a funny word. It brings to mind exotic locations and sunny vacations. I think that the o at the end makes it sound ilke that. I like mangos. Sort of.

    By moonsong on 02.22.2011


    By moonsong on 02.22.2011

  33. Mangoes…
    Rango did the tango with a mango in the moonlight!
    Sage-girl, remember how we danced and ate sweet juicy fruit in the moonlight one night? And we laughed and we were floating in the sky (it was a dream, it was only a dream)
    But we lived perfection, a bubble of mango-colored sunshine, molded dreams and pink flushed skin.
    Where are you now, sage-girl? Will you share my mango memories?

    By Seneca S. URL on 02.22.2011

  34. juicy. sweet and amazing. i love it. reminds me of a good time. and yet there is nothing remarkable or amazing about a mango. the littlest things sometimes leave the deepest impression on us. they bring out the deeper things that are too scared to come to the surface.

    By mushka on 02.22.2011

  35. Gave made me a mango mojito. I wanted more. I actually took a fork out and dug through the ice so I could eat all of the sweet mango scattered throughout the glass. Ice cubes, out of the way!!!

    By J.E. Baum URL on 02.22.2011

  36. Simplemente les deseo lo mejor, abrazos y bendiciones desde el Estado de México, Tlalnepantla de Baz.

    By Roberto URL on 02.22.2011

  37. beautiful fruit. bright yellow flesh cased in a tight red and green skin. sweet, sometimes tangy and always delicious

    By Ofeliac URL on 02.22.2011

  38. Mangoes are my absolute favorite type of fruit. The perfect color, a beautiful sunburst of soft orange, surrounded by a protective skin of pleasing forest green. They’re the kind of fruit that you need to eat with a friend, so that the fiasco of slicing one into edible pieces will not go forgotten, and will certainly be laughed at. Magical mangoes bring people together in every way, from aesthetics to amusement.

    By thatlogophile URL on 02.22.2011

  39. Ripe and fresh. Smells waft up to my nose, fruity and already tasting delicious. The soft flesh in my hands, silky smooth and comforting. The reward, oh the reward of biting into that fleshy skin to taste that sweet explosion of flavors that emulate summer, the humid heat and sweat clinging to my skin.

    By Chelsea URL on 02.22.2011

  40. They needed me to eat the mango in order to win the contest? What? Were they crazy? I’m allergic to mangos. …But it was a million dollars. Surely it was worth it.

    I shut my eyes and brought the mango up to my mouth, dreading what was to come.

    By danya on 02.22.2011