February 23rd, 2011 | 617 Entries

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617 Entries for “bench”

  1. bench is a type of seat. it is hard and rough. it is usually wooden or metal. benches are cold and hard. benches are weird .

    By Chelsea Jarrell URL on 02.24.2011

  2. I think of a park bench. Sitting on a bench in the park, people watching. When your on a bench you don’t have to feel awkward being by yourself. You are removed somewhat from the present environment. Which is why it’s the perfect vantage point for people watching.

    By Suzanne on 02.24.2011

  3. bench

    By Mossshadow URL on 02.24.2011

  4. A bench is a place where you sit. They are sometimes by bus stops so the people that are gonna go on the bus can sit down.

    By Summer Emond URL on 02.24.2011

  5. I sit on it and my bum is on its face. One can also sit idle in a company if one is on a bench. You can be on it or under it or around it. Reminds of wrench somehow. What about bench or brunch?

    By A on 02.24.2011

  6. application couldn’t talk much, it was all un-necessary, all the festivals were canceled, outside pigeons lay strewn left and right, thought someone used tank power, nobody knew how to use their mouths, so all the shops shut up, and walked off with their paper work, it was all a utility problem not enough information.

    By Troy Suben on 02.24.2011

  7. A bench is something that you sit on. There are normally benches at the park and a lot of other places.

    By Stevie URL on 02.24.2011

  8. bench.
    To be honest, I don’t care about any bench so long as I’m on it with the girl I think I kinda maybe really like. Until she likes me too, the bench doesn’t really matter…

    By KRNDYL on 02.24.2011

  9. A bench is something that you sit on it. There is alot of people that sit on bench in the park ,school,games,stors,and in pools. So where is alot more but there is some . In some of your class have them.

    By cando URL on 02.24.2011

  10. a bench is something you can set stuff on or sit on. the park has lots of benches for the public.

    By Mikenna Brannon URL on 02.24.2011

  11. there is a bench in the park. not an extraordinary bench. nothing special. just a bench. but a bench is more than just a bench. it’s support. it’s comfort. it’s a relief. a break from the stress of standing. take a load off. sit on a bench once in a while because, after all, you of all people deserve a break.

    By al spencer on 02.24.2011

  12. i like benches. they r pretty cool i guess except not wen they have wet paint signs then they r not fun. jus saying. benches remind me of pictures. i like to sit on benches n talk with people. i remember me n paul sat on a bench in millennium park n then it started raining real hard. it was fun. awesome. i wrote a poem about it and gave it to him.

    By alice on 02.24.2011

  13. i was sitting on a bench but the paint was wett so my pants are now wihite. one time i walked by and saw a hobo sleeping on the bench, my little sister got scared so i bought her a balloon but she is not always afraid of the hobo sleeping on the bench, one time i was taking my dog for a walk next to the same bench and we found a neckles

    By Lizzie on 02.24.2011

  14. Bench. Movies and pictures and commericals like to tell us couples sit on them only. Or lonely people who will eventually turn into couples. You know who told his whole life story on a bench, though? Forest Gump. And gave one of the best history lessons of all fucking time. Benches are uncomfortable.

    By Emily on 02.24.2011

  15. well a bench is something you sit on(:

    -Kaytlynn Wood <3

    By kaytlynn URL on 02.24.2011

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    By rest URL on 02.24.2011

  17. rememberance, lunch, park, old people, feeding the birds, time going by, reading, looking

    By sarah on 02.24.2011