February 22nd, 2011 | 598 Entries

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598 Entries for “mango”

  1. I’m not sure if mango means the fruit, or some sort of Latino meaning. It’s like English, really, having simple words mean horrible things. That are not related in the slightest, I might add. Pink is a horrid colour, I hate people, and I want to beat up some kittens. Fin.

    By Ashley on 02.22.2011

  2. I do not like mangos. They are nasty. Eww ewww ewwww! They are not good at all.. That’s just how I feel about mangos.

    By Autumn Wilson URL on 02.22.2011

  3. i dont ike mangos
    mango is a word
    will i guess he kinda different for a mango
    mango can be eat in by many people unless you are allergic
    but never the less a mango is a word with letters and it is a fruit enjoyed by people all over the world.

    By stephy URL on 02.22.2011

  4. Mango’s are super juicy . I love mango’s, they taste great. Mango’s are fruits. Yummy!!! They are also very messy to eat.

    By Yadi.M URL on 02.22.2011

  5. A mango is a fruit. It is sweet. I cant eat them or my tongue swells up.

    By alena URL on 02.22.2011

  6. You can hardly ever find a good mango here in Show Low. By the time they ship it to a store and it’s unpacked, then it’s bruised and mushy, and therefore, not anything appetizing. Though I’ve never actually had one from there, my grandparents tell me that the best ones come from Mexico, and especially their old house in their backyard garden.

    By Jolt URL on 02.22.2011

  7. the man arived at the crime sceen. there was a man dead and it was his job to find out why. but he couldnt. something was stummping him and why did he smell mango

    By tylllet URL on 02.22.2011

  8. Mango’s are good! They come from trees! I love the dried mango’s, even though they are a bit tough! They are probably extremely bad for you because they are coated in sugar! I love them anyways!

    By Morgan Hatch URL on 02.22.2011

  9. Yummy yummy mangos. I love so so much. They are delicious and make everyone happy:) Everyone should love manjos(or however you spell it), Unless you are are allergic cause then it would be bad to eat them.

    By lizzy:) URL on 02.22.2011

  10. The red blood drips from his tough skin, drenched, and stained orange and yellow. Green eyes pop beneath his brown lids, dancing around a room of forbidden fruit. Masked in pain he melts away, rotting from the outside in.

    By Katherine Madigan URL on 02.22.2011

  11. I love mango my most fondest memory involving mangos is at a rabbit show. When my friend Breezy and I were only 4 years old we were hanging out by the pond near the show and my Dad was watching us he had brought a mango. It was the first time I ever tried mango. WE had a good time till Breezy fell into the pond trying to get her stick and i fell in after her trying to save her. All together it was a good day and a great memory.

    By Alison URL on 02.22.2011

  12. MMMMMM. yummmy i love savorring the majestic taste of the mighty mango. i love just licking me some goood mango. yummy yummy mangos make the world go round.

    By Jarrett Judkins URL on 02.22.2011

  13. its a juicy fruit. They are super duper good. They make you smile when you eat them they are the bomb. :) Unless you are allergic to them then you dont have to like them or smile when you eat them because chances are if you are allergic to them you will have an allergy attack and have to go to the hospital. and that wold be horrible. your face would swell up like a balloon. :)

    By beanie URL on 02.22.2011

  14. Mango GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????………………………………

    By Brandon URL on 02.22.2011

  15. mangos are good they taste like a sweet butterscotch. i love mango smoothies because they are frozen and great for summer. i love mangos!

    By chase URL on 02.22.2011

  16. The more I know about men,
    the more I like my dog.

    By alexandra on 02.22.2011

  17. today i brought mango salsa for an “experencia cultural” in spanish class.
    i didn’t care.
    i barely tasted those perfect mangos.
    i was too busy wondering how you taste, and if i’ll ever know.

    By whocares URL on 02.22.2011

  18. The mango tree was purple. It sat in the far left corner of the field – the flat field with yellow corn, and wide green leaves. I was married under that mango tree, to a man named Joseph. He was a mango farmer and we had mango babies.

    By Kate on 02.22.2011

  19. The juices were flowing
    My fingers got sticky and delicious as I devoured the fruit
    It was decadent, exotic, sinful
    I enjoyed every second of it dripping down my throat

    By Christina T URL on 02.22.2011

  20. orange. juicy and delicious. it melts in my mouth when it’s cut into little pieces and put into my mouth. it’s super sweet and suculant and it is one of my most favorite fruit in this entire world. i wish i could live in a place where i can pick mangos off of trees and enjoy them every day!

    By Marina on 02.22.2011

  21. i fucking hate mangos, you know. it’s not like theyre bad but its just an embarrassing fruit that should not cross my path. stop talking to me about mangos. i ate one once and i got this horrible rash around my lips, especially painful in the corners of my mouth. the skin looked like it was rotting. embarrasing event right?

    By ugh on 02.22.2011

  22. Some people have to be careful when touching mangos. They’re related to poison ivy…better hope you’re not allergic!

    By stephanie on 02.22.2011

  23. As I handed him the chart, my eyes met his. I took a REALLY close look at him for the first time since this ordeal began. I brought my fingers to my lips.

    “Mangoes,” I said. “I taste mangoes. What does it mean?”

    Meeting my persistent gaze, he said, “It means that you are remembering. Just not the information that you NEED to remember.”

    He sighed heavily and looked at the chart.

    By mimimanderly URL on 02.22.2011

  24. i like the taste of freshness and the colorful image in my mind. Summertime and heat along with all the dreams throughout the cold winter that i despise.

    By Monica on 02.22.2011

  25. Sweet, creamy deliciousness, Caleb bit into the mango and taste exploded into his mouth. He ate slowly, but it was soon gone. He pined for another.

    By Caleb on 02.22.2011

  26. yummy fruit thats really good in smoothies :D
    From what I know, its healthy n stuff so eaaaat it :D

    By Heather on 02.22.2011

  27. they are very good, they are orange sometimes yellow. they have a seed in the middle of them. i think they grow on trees. very juicy fruit. grown in countries southern of the hemisphere. healthy for you. i want one right now.

    By nick on 02.22.2011

  28. Fruit disgusting. But we like it, my grandpa ate a mango. It was yummy in his tummy.

    By True on 02.22.2011

  29. Are pretty delicious. Not going to lie. But they have a really tough skin. Sweet and soft on the inside, tough on the outside. I’m beginning to find that a lot of people I know are like that. A lot of people I once saw as mean actually just have a touch exterior. I wonder why, but it’s impolite to ask.

    By Ashli Jade URL on 02.22.2011

  30. I ate a mango while sitting in the sun on a Monday morning in winter. Delicious, juicy, ripe mango!

    By riley1 URL on 02.22.2011

  31. mango is the word that Virginia uses to describe her favorite fruit like a piece of yellow sunshine. it reminds me of the green ones that i eat with spicy salt in Vietnam. It reminds me of the of the summer that I walked around my neighborhood with my cousin, just eating, eating and eating, fried bananas, a bottle of apple cider and rice wraps

    By Ylan on 02.22.2011

  32. it is red and it is yellow on the inside. when it is ripe it tastes very nice (thats when it is red) but when it is green (not ripe) it is hard and it does not taste as nice) I like it when it tastes of smoothness. Also it only grows in hot countries.

    By Mr Mango on 02.22.2011

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    By Name URL on 02.22.2011

  34. The mango trees were in bloom; a nice orange flower. At least I assumed they were mango trees. I made my guess as it seemed the fruit for such a remote island, and I just assumed that coconuts didn’t bloom.

    By paul mundane URL on 02.22.2011

  35. Well, I used to LOVE mango when I was child, but… time has changed.
    I think I got sick of mango… it’s not my favorite fruit, but it’s not bad either!

    It’s just that wouldn’t choose mango if there was strawberry, wich is the best fruit ever :)

    By Francielly URL on 02.22.2011

  36. On SNL there was a stripper? type guy named Mango, it was kind of amusing.
    I’ve never had the fruit mango before. I think I might have drank mango flavored juices though.
    My brain is empty today…

    By AmberJade URL on 02.22.2011

  37. The neighbor’s mango tree is heavy with fruit. I am so tempted to sneak over in the dead of night and steal some, since they have not been as generous as the house’s previous owners. In fact, that’s putting it mildly. They’ve NEVER offered us even one.

    So, yeah. I think I’m gonna stealth one.


    By Ella Lussuria URL on 02.22.2011

  38. When I read The House on Mango Street, it was the foreward that struck me hardest, that made me cry. Going up to the roof with her mother to look out at the evening sky, to show her mother her beautiful writing life, to have her mother so proud. Nothing in the rest of the book equalled that moment for me.

    By ruth URL on 02.22.2011

  39. For some strange–what did that word mean anymore?–reason he had an intense craving for a chilled mango. Forget the fact that the world as we know it had only 20 minutes before ceased to exist. He wanted a chilled mango. This was certainly going to be a strange new world.

    By chole URL on 02.22.2011

  40. The mango sat a top of the tropical tree, teasing me with his rotund and juicy appearance. I want that mango, and I shall get it no matter what it takes me. Even my life… not really, because that’d be a horrible way to die.

    By Waffleshockk URL on 02.22.2011