July 28th, 2010 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “made”

  1. Things are made every day. Artificial and biological. Babies, cars, oatmeal, computers, websites. Everything is made.

    By Maria URL on 07.29.2010

  2. .i made myself who i am.
    i had help. i ade you turn away. i closed my eyes and you turned away. and i ran.
    i ran away.

    By daliah on 07.29.2010

  3. little things that you did always made me happy…your crooked smile..your little lies….telling me the only reason you were with me was to be next to my brother…

    By 2 B Named Later URL on 07.29.2010

  4. I made a kite today. It flew, then it crashed and broke – but what a flight! It was totally awesome. Well worth the effort.

    By Scott URL on 07.29.2010

  5. He’s a self-made man,” Marc remarked as he led the tour group through the model home. “If it wasn’t for Jay Johnson, this whole town would have fallen on hard times, but his invention of the self cleaning dish shelf turned us around. Now, we no longer have to load dishwashers. We only keep the dishes on the shelves, turn this little switch and voila clean plates!”

    By Izolda on 07.29.2010

  6. Do we constantly make each other as we live? Or were we made even before our making? Can anyone ever tell for sure?

    By shelton URL on 07.29.2010

  7. We are not made for each other, thankfully, she said. She was vaguely looking at her fingernails as she spoke.

    By shelton URL on 07.29.2010

  8. I’ve been told before that I am nothing; That I am only just a girl, with nothing instore for her. You made me a woman, and made me see how many possibilities there are out there. You made me a mother and gave me my freedom, in a sense, because your father somehow controlled me. Thank you for being born.

    By Heatherella URL on 07.29.2010

  9. I’ve never seen China.
    Everything is made in China exept me.

    By sara on 07.29.2010

  10. The devil made me do it. I swear. He really rose from hell, knocked on my door. When I opened the door, there he was, all red and horny. He didn’t even have to say anything.

    By mel on 07.29.2010

  11. Kara had a dream scholarship to a dream school, where she managed to pick up a dream part time job to take her mind off the fact that she left her high school friends behind.

    Kara thought she had it made. Until she met her dream boy.

    By Lauren Scharf on 07.29.2010

  12. Why are you making me write about this word again? You’ve already made me do it. You’re just like the devil; you like making me do things over and over again. Evil.

    By silume URL on 07.29.2010

  13. a good serve in tennis

    By jay URL on 07.29.2010

  14. sensual

    By max on 07.29.2010

  15. made.. well what can i type.. made up,made of.. I do not like made up stories.. It is better to tell the truth.. I like stuff that are made of natural things.

    By Aparna on 07.29.2010

  16. What have I made of my life? Not a lot, I have a handful of memories cluttered in my all too cynical mind, who knew this was what I Would become, not me, I wanted to be so good at things, at life, but now when I look back at what I made of myself, I almost angry.

    By Hannah URL on 07.29.2010

  17. I made a lot of mistakes over my lifetime. I hope that I made more good things happen in the lives of kids but I’m not so sure sometimes ti appears that I will not have much time

    By Patty melei on 07.29.2010

  18. I silently shut the alarm clock off, put my feet on the floor and made my way to the bathroom. Another day had begun.

    By danelle URL on 07.29.2010

  19. God made us all. We’re just…God’s imagination’s creations. And hey, we should be proud of that.

    By Lily Black URL on 07.29.2010

  20. He made it. He made me happy, finally.
    I went back in time, in my diary… I was miserable, with that other boy. Why on earth did I ever stay with him, for eight months? Why did I let him USE me like that, when he was being obvious about the fact of doing it?
    But now.. Well, now I realize what love is supposed to feel like.

    By annie URL on 07.29.2010

  21. I made so much money today. It is incredible to see how wonderful the world can be when you make money. I also realize that life isn’t quite about just making money. It is also about developing good relationships with people. It is about expressing love.

    By Alex Merricks on 07.29.2010

  22. Made in the USA? I hope so. It’s time we give more credit to those who are devoted to creating things, manufacturing them, working them with their hands. We seem to honor the artisans of elsewhere and unless there is some cache about a region, we do not honor US workers.

    By Hannah on 07.29.2010

  23. Everything is what you made it out to be. Everything is opinionated, everything is your choice. One day you’ll be gone from the face of this earth, and you think what? What did I do? Did I make it? And for all we know, maybe you didn’t, but at least you can say you cared.

    By charlotte URL on 07.29.2010

  24. I was made. I don’t yet know by who, I was simply awakened in a fully functioning case. I can move, it’s fantastic. But it chafes horribly to be made of metal.

    By Jacobendsair on 07.29.2010

  25. Today I made my bed for the first time in months. I also made breakfast for myself. I made my mind up not to let other moods affect my mood. I made a lot of things this morning… and it isn’t even 9am yet.

    By Jules URL on 07.29.2010

  26. Pie was made to enjoy, not to be used to punish clowns. If we wanted to make something to punish clowns, we would just put them in a room of eternally sad children.

    By rahostetler URL on 07.29.2010

  27. I think that having made something would be the best feeling in the world. To have accomplished making something – with your own two hands – your own resources – your own mind – your own creativity – your own pattern – etc. That would be a great feat. I don’t know what I would want to make…

    By Katie on 07.29.2010

  28. What is it to be a made man?
    does it mean the means to never be ran,
    to stand tall with no one to defy you,
    to be strong without anyone in your venue,
    to be rich beyond belief?
    no, it means that u can take pleasure in the smallest leaf.

    By Dave URL on 07.29.2010

  29. She had it made. She knew it for sure. Never in her entire life had she known something as surely as she did now. The gate was coming closer and closer, and at the very last minute possible , she leaped from the horse’s back and went careening down the embankment to the left, coming to a stop only when she plunged into the water several meters below.

    By Shmooack URL on 07.29.2010

  30. I’ve never made enough money to be rich.
    Making money isn’t a priority of mine.
    I’d rather make friends and meet [peoeple
    But i once made a cake out of hand-made
    cream. Only to be made a fool by sneezing on it and tripping on the newly made carpet.
    I made an ass of myself.

    By jason on 07.29.2010

  31. You think you’ve got it made,
    you think all your dreams will come true,
    but what you don’t see is the hurt
    and all that you’ve put me through.

    By imhere URL on 07.29.2010

  32. His gun jammed–again! He was using one of those new fangled iLazer V.4 devices. “That’s the last time I buy something as soon as it comes out,” he thought as he watched his target and his bounty get away.

    By Amanda June Hagarty URL on 07.29.2010

  33. made is a brand of washers, it includes washers for laundry or dishes. not only is used for washers but also for driers, that is your laundry can be fulled with made products. made is also the past tense of make as in do or create

    By Joasef on 07.29.2010

  34. i made a cake. well actually a macaron. ok let’s compromise- i made a cake that contained macarons.
    the exquisite kind of course. and i don’t mean green tea macarons, but more like peanut butter macarons. yeah.

    i just made my own day.

    By guoshe URL on 07.29.2010

  35. how i made my way through my first 30 years I ran around with a blind fold on and my ears full of cotton

    By Karen URL on 07.29.2010

  36. She woke in the morning and made her cup of tea, sitting in her chair she gazed across the mountains to watch the sun rise.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 07.29.2010

  37. Going into the basement, I remembered that I had forgotten to take the take out of the oven that was supposed to be made for his birthday. My son, the 15 year old runaway. Never coming back. Now all I have to do is bury him and alert the authorities!

    By JustinTFirefly URL on 07.29.2010

  38. An arm reached up, forcing itself from the clay. A head turned around, slowly. seeing for the first time. Carved eyes looked at the world for the first time.

    A sandstone move opened, cavernously, letting out a roar.

    He had been made.

    By Joe URL on 07.29.2010

  39. I had made my own bed and now it was time to lie in it. My head hurt. My stomach did too. I sincerely wished that I had not drank that last beer. But I had. And now, well…

    By Mark on 07.29.2010

  40. is a tv show on that one channel that i cant think of. mtv. that one. i find it embarrassing that mtv is the first thing i think of when i see the word “made.” aren’t i supposed to be a sophisticate? a pompous twenty-something that spends time reading classics in coffee shops?

    By Heather on 07.29.2010