July 28th, 2010 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “made”

  1. Some people have it made. I think that’s some people’s goal in life, to have the status of a nice house or a nice car or the “perfect” family. What I have come to realize is that image means nothing if you are not happy. Forget what everyone else thinks about you from an outside perspective. Find happiness within yourself first.

    By Chris on 07.28.2010

  2. We are made to live, breathe, and take what we want from this cursed earth. We are broken souls, making each day harder for ourselves as we live in within society’s standards. It’s absolutely unfair.

    By Jackie URL on 07.28.2010

  3. i made myself a pretty little picture earlier today. it was actually more than pretty.. it was beautiful, and it encompassed all of my thoughts and dreams into one piece of paper. pretty miraculous huh? i wish i could master this art.

    By Zerk on 07.28.2010

  4. We were created together but born apart. The bond I’m supposed to have is something I’ll never experience. The loneliness I feel isn’t because of the person who isn’t, it’s because I want more than I have.

    By Zita URL on 07.28.2010

  5. I don’t like being made to do things. I mean, it’s ironic, considering the fact the we are made into being — oh that’s weird, I’m talking like I believe in God. I don’t. I don’t even know why I capitalized the word.

    By Allie on 07.28.2010

  6. I had a place to start which has now been wiped clean. The days of coming to this place, this home that is not a home, I can’t stop them because they can’t stop me. Thought they try, as many do. They’ve made their paths which now conform into one. And I’m that line you tried to control, the ink that smeared. I hear you yell out in anger, cursing me and my form. You made me.

    By e.dawn.k. URL on 07.28.2010

  7. What am I made of is the first thing that cones to mind but then again I’ve thought a lot lately about how things are made and how we as individuals don’t make anything we just consume consume consume.

    By Rich Pellegrino on 07.28.2010

  8. i found out today my sister would rather have me dead rather than alive .i guess i have made myself out to be the worst.even though i would never do the same. sure. i would think it.but actions are different than thoughts. just like you could think of flying but could you really do it? or when your husband or wife just drives you crazy and you think “thats enough honey. i’m out of here” you think a lot probably 75% of our lives we spend thinking . 25.5% eating , learning and other things. but that .5% is what we actually i will sponsor a kid . or i will fight against prostitution . a difference.

    By Joy URL on 07.28.2010

  9. i watched an eposioid of the show ‘MDAE’ ON Mtv and evver since i have thought to myself that i i hcad the chance to be on that show i would want to be made into soemehitn gthat no one else has thought of and somehting i’m not that good at so it would be a challenge.

    By abra URL on 07.28.2010

  10. The worm made it to the end of the hole he’d been digging for centuries, or so it seemed. He wasn’t sure where to go from there, just that it was finally over with. All of his life’s work was.

    By A Tangled Soul URL on 07.28.2010

  11. made a face and me and then i stuck my tounge out at her. we both got in trouble. she got the belt, i got the hand. that was the last time we fought over the pink cereal bowl. the last time. i detest the color pink now.

    By Heather on 07.28.2010

  12. You had it. You can still have it. but of course, you don’t. Instead you lost it. On your way to some sorry dump of a house. lived in by some sort of a dump of a friend. And they didn’t put it in the evidence bag. when they put the cuffs on you. You won’t find it where you got it before. I can’t tell you where to get it. but that won’t mean you will have it. Don’t try to take it from someone. You will only take it further from yourself. that is, after all, how you lost it to begin with.

    By Scott Seibel URL on 07.28.2010

  13. We have it made. People always complain, but they don’t realize how good they really have it. That’s just how we work, i guess. It’s a crazy life, yo.

    By Samantha Cardow on 07.28.2010

  14. Things made by his own hand always worked better. This seemed strange to him who had never made anything before this week but now that he knew what he needed, his hands seem to move for him. They found the right ways to work the components and turn them into the product he needed.

    By Mairead McParsis URL on 07.28.2010

  15. The tv show on MTV. It’s usually stupid.

    By Marissa Rodriguez on 07.28.2010

  16. It is one thing to think about something, but another to make it. There is nothing like going through a creative product, then making it and finding you have something of relevance and beauty at the end.

    By rhysiejay on 07.28.2010

  17. you all thought that this was everything I wanted.
    look at him lookathim lookatim.
    a fucking butterfly,
    catalyzed by
    desire for
    love & it’s just
    a hurricane that my own wings created.

    By doc. URL on 07.28.2010

  18. to make or create something. Accomplished or reached a target.

    By mj on 07.28.2010

  19. creating art for her must have been what the gods felt creating the world. The earth is art. everything we have, want, need, see, believe, hear, remember. it’s all art.

    By Roisin on 07.28.2010

  20. He made what I wanted to have. However, he didn’t give the thing to me. I was very disappointed.

    By genesius URL on 07.29.2010

  21. today I made myself feel happy for alittle while. it was good i was dressing up with nancy and seeing her smile made me feel better i wish i had a better storage for staying happy the feeling never lasts long enough and i’m not sure why or if happiness is always fleeting

    By Anna on 07.29.2010

  22. I’ve made my life out of bits and pieces of the past. The total representation of me as a whole. If your pass is the whole making of your history, where do you find yourself?

    By kayla smith on 07.29.2010

  23. Today i discovered that in the talmud not Eva is the first woman ever made. It’s Lilith and she was not made from a rip from Adam, but out of the same mud as him.

    By Fredda on 07.29.2010

  24. biznaga
    wawa I dunno what to write! I made a WAWA! I have never made anything! I’m a looser! might as well blow my brains!

    By Dannny on 07.29.2010

  25. I made a cowboy the other day. He sat on his horse with his rope in his hand, trying to make a lasso. He couldn’t. He’s simply not made to be a good cowboy, which made him more sad than your average cowboy, whatever that might be. Everyone who looked at my cowboy became sad, so I threw him away, making him trash.

    By MiOme on 07.29.2010

  26. We have it made. We’re the future. Homes. Jobs. Money for going out. Money for this and that. But even though we’ve got it made, we feel hollow.

    By AA URL on 07.29.2010

  27. I made it up. My entire life is a fabricated story, thought out over years and precisely outlined. That nostalgia for a life I have never lived and a person I have never been, well, maybe that’s what my life would have been if I weren’t here.

    By Reid URL on 07.29.2010

  28. “What are we made of?” asked Father Michael from the pulpit. Lester’s hand shot up and he blurted out, “God’s jizzum! God’s jizzum!” He got half-credit for his response, but only after spending the next three hours strapped into the electric re-education chair.

    By richpee URL on 07.29.2010

  29. Creation in the finest. When i walked and made the cake. Making godly like figures. Heavenly peaceful good things. Lovely prized possessions and love. Creation. When I am made in the eyes of god i can see the sea line down by the sandy shores. and in each ear the elephant waits for me marking his territory with the fleas of the circus. when the town made me into what it did i saw the black and white squares of what it had become to be but as i sat up in my tower thinking only of sad things i began to cry and wonder why i had been created the way i was. but the dog in my other ear told me that god had a plan that god new who i was and my adventure and journey was to create who i am.

    By Michaela on 07.29.2010

  30. “I made it for you. ” He said looking hopful “I thought you’d like it!” Of courswe I did. I liked everything he made for me. He was my best friend. If he gave me a dead leave I’d like it.

    By Marnie on 07.29.2010

  31. i want to be made. made into something great. i want to be given the chance t make my self as great as i can be. i want to be made

    By alix on 07.29.2010

  32. i made a bus i made a car. i made your mother. i made your sister. made is a verb. i made everything, i made god, the plants in your garden, the food on your tasble.

    By neil on 07.29.2010

  33. Die Made saß im Speck. So wie sich gehört. Für eine Made. Ihr ging, so rein versorgungstechnisch, gut. Dennoch, ging es ihr auch sonst gut? Fühlte sie sich wohl. Ist es nicht ein schöneres Leben, wenn man Prüfungen bestehen muss?

    By LotteZwo URL on 07.29.2010

  34. I made it to the park on time to see the most spectacular parade of boats. Even more exciting was the multitude of people with their dogs, with some of the dogs dressed up in fancy clothes. Someone tipped me off by phone that this event was occurring because otherwise I would have missed it. The highlight was running into Reeba, sitting on a bench, and chatting with someone she had just met, as is her style. Usually she frequents a park on the other side of the river, but today she was on my side of town, all decked out in her Sunday best.

    By a on 07.29.2010

  35. God made Earth. People can make a lot of things now, because of technology. People who made stuff are smart. Why can’t we be made of smarter stuff?

    By Srishti on 07.29.2010

  36. touch my body touch my body i wanna touch your body you touch mine and i touch your body and we can touch everybody’s body and if you like to see my body tell me because i’ll show ya my bawdie lolz kay i’ma go now because my bawdie has to go pee pee and i’m about to pee all over da couch kayyyyy see ya body later and i’ll touch ya body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By ladyfrand on 07.29.2010

  37. I was made into this because of you.

    You made me who i am today, not because you “messed up”

    but because i did.

    By Casey on 07.29.2010

  38. He made it to the bus stop just in time. As the doors were about to close, he jammed his right palm into the narrow opening, effectively giving himself a rectangular bruise circumventing the middle of his hand. He wiped the sweat from his brow as he got on. At least he made it.

    By Alice URL on 07.29.2010

  39. She’s wonderfully made. She was made by God’s own hands.

    By bigbaer on 07.29.2010

  40. He was made. That night in Opaloosa he killed the guy. He was made. There was no going back. He was made. Once made the only way out is death

    By lawchick on 07.29.2010