July 28th, 2010 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “made”

  1. this word u can do things with like past tense for what u do to a cake or any kind of homemade food. This is past tense for make.

    By Olivia URL on 07.29.2010

  2. I was made only half done.
    The other half of me
    lives inside a love of mine
    soon to fulfill my half-ish needs.

    She has what I do not
    and it is no competition
    which heart beats the loudest
    in the want of our completion.

    By ruefle URL on 07.29.2010

  3. I made a sandwich today. It was for my husband. He always eats sandwiches. I always make them for him. I am tired of making them for him. He keeps me happy though. I should not complain. I hope we he comes home he doesn’t want a sandwich.

    By Jodi URL on 07.29.2010

  4. This is the poem I made in 30 seconds because I can’t type too quickly today. Enjoy!

    By Layla Macoran on 07.29.2010

  5. WHAT. I don’t know that’s so general. You “make” from conception. You make shit in your diapers. In school you make crap drawings that your parents cry over. When you grow up you make children and the cycle continues.

    By Ian on 07.29.2010

  6. Have you made anything lately? Not necessarily physical, maybe you made an impact on someone’s life? Shouldn’t we all make a conscious effort to say we made something every day? I think so.

    By Lauren Rickert URL on 07.29.2010

  7. I made it, finally lord we made it. The running the blisters on my feet were almost too much to handle. My knees buckled at the sight of the ocean. The rolling waves, the crashing sea. Thank you lord, thank you sun, we made it.

    By Kenny URL on 07.29.2010

  8. It was night and all I could think about was how excited I was to be walking down the isle. All I kept saying was “we made it”!

    By Mayra URL on 07.29.2010

  9. made in like japan or taiwan or like you know that terrible mtv show which is fucking annoying, or like making cookies and baking which i can’t do. made in heaven is full of shit, that totally doesn’t make sense at all how can you MAKE SOMETHING BEFORE IT’s NAYTHING

    By Claire on 07.29.2010

  10. We did it darling. The running, the screaming, the fighting. We made it. Fly, darling. Spread those gorgeous wings of yours, go on, I know you can. We made it this far, now why don’t you jump?

    By Kendyl Raye URL on 07.29.2010

  11. “It’s always what we made it out to be,” he says. “It’s nothing more or less.”

    “Than a collision of stars?” I asked. “Isn’t that kind of dangerous?”

    He looked at me like I was an idiot, which, you know, I kind of am.

    “Only if you’re standing in the middle. We’re way out here.”

    I don’t know; stars colliding doesn’t sound too healthy to me, no matter how far away.

    By Jon URL on 07.29.2010

  12. I used to watch MTV all the time, and Made used to be one of my favorite shows. I had always wanted to be on the show, considering I had glasses and needed braces; but being the art freak that I am, I gave less of a fuck, really.

    By Sita on 07.29.2010

  13. made in china – made up – rich – made a cake – pretty sprinkles – pink icing – not as good as mums though – humming bird bakery cakes are the best or perhaps penels cakes for les sirenes – she makes great cakes – made me laugh out loud – lol rofl lmao – emilys making me laugh right now – nice to see her – funny tee hee made up to see her!!

    By Gemma Summerfield on 07.29.2010

  14. made it. we made it we made it we made it through times of tears and laughter and clawing our way through years of wondering when it was going to end. we made our way through, we made history, we made our own pasts, presents, and futures, and now we’ve got it made.

    By Stephanie URL on 07.29.2010

  15. Creation. Wealth. Handbags. Is this word association?

    By Joel URL on 07.29.2010

  16. He made the bread with his own two hands, he said. Like he was so proud. Like no other man had ever made bread before, or like I didn’t make it every other day. I gave him a smile you’d give to a four year old. It made me only a little sad to give it to my husband.

    By Nicole120 URL on 07.29.2010

  17. what a mess you have MADE of things.. you made me cry so many times.. I made myself stay when I wanted to run as fast and as far as I could.. what made you so mean and nasty.. finally you made me see the real you.. I am glad I made it to a better life.. he has made our lives complete!

    By Patricia on 07.29.2010

  18. I think about my friend who also got this word. I said wow, we thought of the something.

    She laughed and told me her story. But that was it. I expected something else. OH well. Goodbye.

    By QE on 07.29.2010