July 29th, 2010 | 303 Entries

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303 Entries for “near”

  1. I always have felt near to you, weather its distance between us or just a limb of one of our bodies, I love you. Near far wherever you are right? I’ll always love you, I’ll always feel near to your heart, and you are always near to mine. You are beautiful. Forever and ever

    By Chelsea URL on 07.30.2010

  2. I feel like I’m coming nearer to my destination. The world stops and I hear my heart race. I have been after this for so long and here it is. Closer and closer with every step… I’m here. At the end of the world.

    By Moira URL on 07.30.2010

  3. I was sitting in a coffee shop in the ninth district in paris france, when a man about in his 40’s walked past me, I could smell the sweat of work, see the sadness, it was close.

    By RYAN MARX on 07.30.2010

  4. Near. Near. Near. I wish I lived closer to my friends; I always nearly make it. I think of blankets and pillows. To be near to you is what I want. To be close, only with you.

    By Felicity Marie on 07.30.2010

  5. He is so near, yet he doesn’t want me. I don’t know why he doesn’t want me. Just because his last girlfriend was crazy. That’s no reason to reject me. I’m not unreasonable. I can be sane.

    By Julie URL on 07.30.2010

  6. He stood so close to me, his face so near my own that I couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe. My heart beat a staccato rhythm and I was forced to reevaluate the meaning I placed on nerves,.

    By Cat URL on 07.30.2010

  7. i wish you were near
    I love the way it sounds
    its comforting
    and gentle and warm
    i wish you were here
    next to me

    By Ali on 07.30.2010

  8. the minus time that far can go

    By Rubbert URL on 07.30.2010

  9. She sat near the window of her brand new room. As she listened to the raindrops hitting the window pane she thought about her life, her friends, and her future. Where was she going? Who was she?

    By Hannah Breaux URL on 07.30.2010

  10. it just took a second, when the car, in a flash, passed, right out the dark and back into it. I felt. death was near.

    By WJ on 07.30.2010

  11. he stood next to me. everything was still. i coudln’t breathe. couldn’t speak. so close. so near.

    his breath was on my face, brushing against my cheek. my breath caught in my chest. so near.

    By molly on 07.30.2010

  12. She was looking for her love, and knew he was drawing near to her as she felt the hair on the back of her neck rise with his breath.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 07.30.2010

  13. Nor far, nor near.

    Everything that you like is right here.

    Don’t fret, don’t stress

    Everything eventually works out for the best

    By Mosab Sasi on 07.30.2010

  14. Close is not easy often. Near to my grandchildren, near to the horror of the war, nearly reaching what I want in life. Near and far seem strangely similar. Each part of my life has been made of components of both. I am nearly finished with this. I had thought I would be able to say much more, but it is not easy. Wife, Vicky, is the nearest to me of anything in my life, yet we have things that the other does not know and is not near to. Yet, being near to her in the ways I can has been the glowing force of my life, in spite of or maybe along with the issues that divide us. Near is mostly assosciated with other people. My children, my grandchildren, my sense of myself. Well – maybe I was not almost finished with this. I just read a moving account of an episode in the war on Af. It affected me greatly. I wish everyone could read it. Maybe the horror of war would become real to those who are so shure it is the right thing. But – Near.

    By John Griffin on 07.30.2010

  15. I wonder who is near and who is far. Being near is supposed to make you feel less alone, but it only makes it worse. For me. Will you be near? or will you be far?

    By giovannine on 07.30.2010

  16. Far. Wherever you are. I believe that my heart will–

    go ooooooooon.

    Once. More.


    Don’t know the rest of the lyrics;

    go oooooooooooooon.

    Celine Dion-;-;-; what a genius

    By Rebis on 07.30.2010

  17. near is a word describing a close object or thing. it can also encompass the personality between one person to another. i am near a general store

    By cody G on 07.30.2010

  18. I walked up to near to her. I could hear her breath. I hesitated. I walked away. I never saw her again.

    By Elliot on 07.30.2010

  19. near, far, wherever you are… Titanic.. I want to be near you… i dont want to be far… i want to be with you.. be near me… i miss you.

    By meg on 07.30.2010

  20. Near me, the world. I travelled and far became near. Near to me, near to my heart. I still feel near the places we visited. But near me is now also my daughter. Near to my heart.

    By esther on 07.30.2010

  21. Near to you, I am healing but it’s taking so long. Though he’s gone and you’re wonderful, it’s hard to move on. But I’m better near to you. You and I have something different,
    and I’m enjoying it cautiously. He’s disappearing, fading suddenly.
    I’m so close to being yours.
    Won’t you stay with me
    I only know that I am better where you are. I only know that I belong where you are.

    By Julia URL on 07.30.2010

  22. It is not far. Near is near is not far from here it’s near not here but near not there. To be fair it is not far it is near not here not far from here.

    By Floyd Axl Park on 07.30.2010

  23. near or far there is always a bear waiting for it’s best day ever. I never want that bear’s best day.

    By Betsy on 07.30.2010