March 1st, 2016 | 80 Entries

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80 Entries for “lure”

  1. While Casey caught six fish, I didn’t even get a nibble. She told me that it was because I wasn’t using a very good fishing lure, and I was inclined to believe her. Casey had been fishing independently for seven years, and she had learned from her father when she was a teenager. I watched as she flopped each of the trout into a bucket, counted them, and then dumped them back into the river.

    “I catch fish, but I don’t eat ’em,” she told me, shrugging and shaking out her vest.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.01.2016

  2. Lure can be used in a lot of different ways. I first thought of it as a man luring a woman in.. But maybe that’s too sexual so I’ll stop talking. There’s also lure as in bait for fishermen. There’s also luring an animal into a trap or luring something into something else. Honestly I have no idea where this is going, but that’s fine.

    By Kim on 03.01.2016

  3. The smell of fresh food lured him from the street. He had been walking for hours and felt hungry so the sight of the plate of food, while in a dingy building, didn’t leave him any time for thought. As soon as he touched the plate, the metal door clanked behind him and he heard, “Finally, got that pest.”

    By chanpheng URL on 03.01.2016

  4. The dark eyes, like a black whole, lured me in. Who cares about oblivion when you are already crushed

    By Stroh on 03.01.2016

  5. he lured him into the deepest darkest of the forest, a smile toothing in on his face. ‘this will be your home.’

    the kid frowned. that was not quite what he had imagined as the man had told him tales of grandiose palaces. ‘that… i like my home better.’

    The man smiled some more. ‘That’s because you did not see the inside yet.’

    By thefrenchcrayon on 03.01.2016

  6. I was just lure. Always have been. My brother’s the one who killed them. But tonight I finally felt remorse when I noticed a guy walking down the street drunk with his younger sister. He laughed while she just tried to carry him. What a sight! I had never done anything like that with my brother. I was supposed to bring those two in for a big reward but let them go. Maybe I didn’t want this job anymore.

    By Ghost Writer A on 03.01.2016

  7. She dropped the bait, waiting for a bite. Maybe a nice wee water pokemon? She thought.

    By turkeypi on 03.01.2016

  8. All she wanted was a cute little water Pokemon. That’s what the Misty Lure was for. What does she get instead? A little yellow mouse-like thing and a – boy?!

    By turkeypi on 03.01.2016

  9. the trapper lured the prey into the trap. he used snares to capture the tiger that was so strong, any snare any more weaker would of broke

    By turbodestiny on 03.01.2016

  10. I did not want to go shopping but somehow my friends lured me into going to the mall with them. Once I was lured, I had to get energy to walk the mall. It was good to spend some time with them, although I didn’t like the tactics they used to lure me into going.

    By Kiran N on 03.01.2016

  11. The devil lures people into the darkness, seeping into their souls, slowly killing them until they become a mindless mole.

    By Alana Vargues on 03.01.2016

  12. He lured me into him with his inviting eyes. His flawless lips. His magnetic smile. I was hooked. I was obsessed beyond rationality. No reasoning could pull me out of my dream-like state. Never had I been in such imminent danger in my entire life.

    By Maddy on 03.01.2016

  13. Her eyes were a different shade of green, lips light pink and waiting to be kissed. He looked at her and took a photograph in his mind, the second he let himself

    By janeshow on 03.01.2016

  14. I took one look at him and new that I would never be the same person I was then ever again. He lured me in slowly, with friendship- small looks and shared laughs.

    By janeshow on 03.01.2016

  15. I’ve always been lured out by nature.

    By Keisha Lei Togores on 03.01.2016

  16. Offer child candy and he approaches the windowless van
    Promise puppy a rawhide and he sits quivering
    Assure student a scholarship and she will accept your school
    Lure me into your trap

    By Kumquat on 03.01.2016

  17. I bit the lure and was pulled along until finally i broke free. Never again. Others were not so lucky

    By M on 03.01.2016

  18. she lured him in with her sweet smile, and cool grey eyes. Something about her was alluring, but standoffish at the same time. He couldn’t quite but his finger on why he was so captivated by her.

    By Bean on 03.01.2016

  19. I missed wearing the crystal earrings, the denim high waisted shorts with my ass barely showing from the bottom. I missed being the girl who took shots without thinking and made out with hot exchange students. He said I lost my fire, my confidence. I didn’t know how to get it back.

    By Sam on 03.01.2016

  20. There it comes. The rope. But why? I pause to remember all of the previous events. I stop. Suddenly the past few days flash before my eyes…

    I’m sitting on a chair in an empty room with no one and nothing. I’m scared and worried but I don’t know if that’s how I’m supposed to feel.

    By Tarsanna on 03.01.2016

  21. The night was still young, wisps of sunset’s rays were just out of sight. The breeze was warm, luring her in to talk a walk at the beach front. She smiled and thought about the incredible day that was.

    By Zoe on 03.01.2016

  22. I cannot think of anything that lures me right now; I’m so demotivated and devoid of energy. Ah, then again, the bed, maybe? I just looked at it now, and yes, it’s calling me.

    By thewriteproject URL on 03.02.2016

  23. Something that tempts or attracts, especially one with a promise of reward or pleasure; Gullible.

    In fishing; An artificial bait attached to a fishing line to attract fish.

    A bunch of feathers attached to a line used in falconry to recall the hawk.(Read it up.)

    “The Alligator snapping turtle has a Worm-like tongue that lures the fish into its beak.”

    By Toady on 03.02.2016

  24. the lure of the green, grassy meadow was too much for the spirited stallion. He took a look at the paddock fence, eyed it up, and then took off galloping towards it, and carefully measuring his strides launched himself towards the meadow

    By Skips87 on 03.02.2016

  25. I, like any other warm blooded mammal, am attracting by something alluring. That would be that lure lying there on the water’s surface. WTF is that shite? I gotta go check it out. Therefore I have been lured by the lure of the lure. Alluring, ain’t it?

    By michaelbuzz on 03.02.2016

  26. The smell of the chicken frying on the stove was enough to lure me into the kitchen that morning. My plans for having a light meal was thrown out window after I had taken the first bite.

    By victor URL on 03.02.2016

  27. He lured the dog with a slice of saussage. When the poor animal approached him, he caught it and put it into his car.

    By Bluered on 03.02.2016

  28. I got lured in again. I did it to myself. Tyler. It’s such an ordinary name. Nothing special or unique about it but it has its own definition to me. Home. Love. Hope. A better life. Happiness. The one who makes me a better person. Home. Home. Home. You are home to me. I don’t feel the pain in my chest until you’re near me and it disappears. You are the cute to anxiety. You are the cure for depression. You are an addiction. Luring me in with every text. Every call. Every word. Every sigh. Every breath. Every touch… And I love it.

    By Whitney on 03.02.2016

  29. He was lured to her door by a thought that somebody else had put into his head. “I can’t just show up after all these years. What am I going to say?”
    “The truth.” his friend hat answered. “What do you have to lose?”
    And back then, it had sounded convinicing. It had been years since he had last spoken to her.
    But right now, he found himself on the brink of a heart attack. This was it. This was how he was going to tell her. This was how he’d find out if there really would be a chance for the two of them. He raised his hand to knock, when he heard laughter from behind the door.

    By orangefish2 on 03.02.2016

  30. I hooked up the lure to my fishing rod. I cast the line, and a few minutes later I got a bite. I tugged and reeled, “Whoa! I caught a trout!” I exclaimed happily.

    By Em on 03.02.2016

  31. “Curiosity killed the cat,” I told her.
    “But satisfaction brought it back,” she retorted.
    “The place feeds off of curoosity. The more curious you are, the easier it is to lure you in.”
    “It’s a mysterious labyrinth, of course curious people are attracted to it.”
    “It’s more than that, Mae.”
    “You’re trying to tell me a maze is alive?”
    “Perhaps. No one who goes in ever comes back.”
    “Well, maybe they don’t want to come back.”
    “If you went in, and weren’t eaten alive by something, and instead came across a beautiful haven full of the people who have gone missing over the years, would you want to come back?”
    “Only for you, my love.”
    I don’t know what she found in there, but I’m about to find out. She’s been missing for over a month.
    I steel myself and wonder if the maze will let me in.
    For what draws me to it is not curiosity, but love.

    By Minna on 03.02.2016

  32. No thanks. I don’t like fishing.

    By cowmom on 03.02.2016

  33. He wasn’t even doing anything and she found herself drawn to sit next to him on the couch. “Hey.”
    Like it was no big deal. Like they both didn’t know what was coming, what was inevitable.
    Wait… maybe he didn’t.
    She pursed her lips and surreptitiously flipped her hair back so it rippled in the dim lights of the party.

    By Bridget Grace on 03.02.2016

  34. Her father cautioned her about strangers with candy while her mother warned of strange men and dark alleys. No one told her that the devil had many faces, and that she should also take care in the company of beautiful women.

    By Soft URL on 03.02.2016

  35. how somebody makes another person come to them with something they like.

    By sadie on 03.02.2016

  36. the man lured the kids with candy, to get their pink shoes he had a thing with pink shoes. he liked to make bracelets with them.

    By foxy on 03.02.2016

  37. I once used a piece of bread as a fishing lure but it flew off the hook, so I used a piece of cheese instead.

    By Katy on 03.02.2016

  38. In Scotland, so very long ago. Where wooden boats still sailed the seas with no compass, and people were commonly lost in the waters. This story is about the boat called The Sisters. It was a strong boat, nothing could get in its way. But one day, it disappeared. Legend has it that the boat was lured into rocks by villagers flashing lights. It crashed on shore and the whole ship, everyone in it, from livestock to supplies, was taken. But recently, the boat was seen sailing the horizons. It’s unpleasant horn ringing in the distance.

    By Dominique M on 03.02.2016

  39. I am a monster
    I ate my whole family
    I really like to dance

    By The Haiku Master URL on 03.02.2016

  40. It was a cold dark night in the streets of Sioux Falls. There was one house in particular that was old and made of wood that stood so steadily in the wind. It was almost like everything on the house was set in stone. The old creeks from the housed lured me in. As I walked onto the porch of the old rickety house I heard a noise like someone was telling me that I shouldn’t be here. Then BOOM the front door opened without effort and slammed into the porch wall, and some nice old lady greeted me with a bowl of candy to fill up my bag. I ate so much candy that night, it tasted so amazing. I love Halloween!

    By kv3146 on 03.02.2016