July 30th, 2012 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “losses”

  1. over the time there have been many losses in my life, those which are bad, and those which are good, the bad ones have usually been about my

    By James URL on 07.31.2012

  2. love life money teeth hair youth

    By slarkin URL on 07.31.2012

  3. death, recovery, money, friends, family, pets,

    By Lee URL on 07.31.2012

  4. Don’t need no stinkin losses. Cut the payroll, no holidays and those that remain on the payroll need to work in my yard in Greenwich every other weekend.

    By Dingus URL on 07.31.2012

  5. my team has suffered so many losses over the course, that the only thing we can do is learn from it.

    By JuicyJ URL on 07.31.2012

  6. Family, friends, pets…

    Not that happy of a word.

    By James URL on 07.31.2012

  7. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, I blinked slowly trying to comprehend what had just happen over the last 24 hours. Where was I and why did my heart feel so heavy?

    By Bartholomew on 07.31.2012

  8. let us count our gains there are three maybe four, but when we count our losses there seem to be many many more.

    By Quesadilla on 07.31.2012

  9. some one cries when he losses something important, i loss when i cry.

    By toti URL on 07.31.2012

  10. I knew i‘d never see her again,
    I loved her like an unfulfilled desire.
    There was a whole in my soul and its taking a while for it to heal.

    By Cushing URL on 07.31.2012

  11. The blood drip from my torn arteries I was losing bucket loads every second, You know maybe the loss wasn’t that bad at least I could see them soon. The gun lifted itself t my head I felt the joy as the bullet destroyed my grey matter.

    By Anon on 07.31.2012

  12. Staring at the red blurs on the paper I twist my head back and forth, trying to make some sense of it. Sighing in defeat, I realise that being an adult is harder than you’d expect – no one warned me how exhausting accounts were.

    By 5arahZ0ey URL on 07.31.2012

  13. Losses is such a sad word,
    it is like a dying bird.
    It is a word I don’t want hear,
    but yet it has me living in fear.
    Losses is a word that reminds me of Death,
    when I hear it, it takes away my breath.

    By BA Riley URL on 07.31.2012

  14. losses never fade me
    time passes by so I will be fine
    it was never mines to begin with
    so why should I pout, cry, and live with sadness
    I have loved and I have lost
    that’s life but that will never be the end of me

    By tina URL on 07.31.2012

  15. You win some, you lose some they say.
    This year has felt like a year of lose some, and then some.
    My convictions, my courage, my confidence. I have kept loosing at each turn.
    But the there have been the times when I realized there is something to hope for.
    Or something worth loosing for.

    By Dee on 07.31.2012

  16. I was surprised when I looked at my balance sheet. I had incurred so much profit and had so few losses… I wondered but how?? i lost my best friend, my favourite diary my photo album that had my wedding pic…. then how come losses are less…

    By swaty on 07.31.2012

  17. There was a girl who had the world at her feet. She never thought that one day all of it would be gone. She would play all day and not listen to her parents. She would wonder off into the woods for hours and never come home for supper. She would play along the river and spend all day loving nature. Then a storm came one afternoon. A storm that would change not only her life but everyone who loved her. The storm came quickly and unexpected. The girl tried to get back the her home but got lost in the woods. There came a rumbling and when the girl looked behind her there was a wall of water and debris. She couldn’t out run that wall and just accepted her fate. She turned towards the monstrous wave and slipped away into bliss. The girl was never found. The only thing the rangers could find of the girl’s was a silver locket which held her parents’ pictures inside.

    By kerra on 07.31.2012

  18. i look at him.. his teary eyes.. he hugs me he has suffered the biggest and first loss of his life.. my four year old lost his best friend, his dream partner the torn blue teddy bear. I cry with him and I cry for him because now it has begun– the chain of losing and more losing.

    By swaty on 07.31.2012

  19. Empty. The feeling of loneliness when you realize that you have been thrown aside for the latest thrill or the newest technical gadget. You understand that you haven’t been enough to hold his attention.

    By Michealis URL on 07.31.2012

  20. I lost the game. The game where every time you think of the game you lose the game. You can’t win. If you know about it you lose. what a stupid thing. I bet David Bowie doesn’t play the game.

    By Sara on 07.31.2012

  21. One losses only if he is seeing himself in a loosing position. You may lose the battle but war is not over yet. So cut some loose.

    By Boris Paunovic on 07.31.2012

  22. he totalled up the day’s casualties and injuries
    less than yesterday, signs of a falling trend
    more importantly, consistently less than the other side
    at home, the women wept

    By rorourke URL on 07.31.2012

  23. Losses. There are all kinds of losses. Some good and some bad. Losses often signify change. Change is a necessary and inevitable phenomenon, as with losses. Our world will be stagnant and unchanging without losses. Losses are necessary to live.

    By Sanika on 07.31.2012

  24. With every time that I’ve lost her, it’s like a little piece of me dies with it. For years it’s been this way. She’s never stopped, ever thought what it was like for me. She’s taken away the best part of you. I’ve lost all sense of living. I live in what she’s left of me. I wish…

    By Nikhil Gaikwad on 07.31.2012

  25. Many people wish that they could live life without fear of something as simple as a “Good-bye.” Yet, nearly every day, we are faced with situations where we must part with a loved one, a favorite item, or something equally as trivial. In reality, is it the anticipation of the good-bye that makes the item so special?

    By Riley on 07.31.2012

  26. The solitary man could not begin to count his losses. His heart, broken in pieces, pieces scattered all over the world. Aye, he travelled and saw so many things, but in the process lost so many people. It’s hard to open the door to life, without letting death creep in as well.

    By Alex and the Dancing Monkeys URL on 07.31.2012

  27. Take my hand, let me lead you through a journey called life. On this path, you will see many people, find many treasures, and experience wonderful things. But nothing can last without a goodbye. Do not fear this, my friend; it is the goodbye that makes the experience worth-while.

    By Lauren URL on 07.31.2012

  28. My life is full of losses. I lost every single event or test in school, people say it’s the taking part that counts but they’re wrong. It does matter if you don;t win. You’re a loser, suffering losses all the time. I have never won anything. My life is full of losses.

    By gingerduckii URL on 07.31.2012

  29. We all suffer losses. It’s not a unique experience shared between you and those around you. It’s a fact of life, so it goes. The trick of course, is to learn from them.

    By Grant Smith on 07.31.2012

  30. I think losses in life is important because it teaches us about life itself. Everyone in life has setbacks, and losses is one of the setback; however having said that losses can make people work hard and appreciate things more.

    By Harke Birkhe on 07.31.2012

  31. The rest of the world can’t help but grin.They’re floating on the surface. Eager for the climax.Young love grips the collars of the reckless. She knows this. That he won’t be one of her great losses. His electric kiss lights her world. And they continue to grin.

    By Paige Noel URL on 07.31.2012

  32. I looked at the field. The faded green grass and the single black and white ball that rolled across it. I knew we were finished. I console my team and pat them on the back.

    By Priya on 07.31.2012

  33. pain- empty- confused- thin-searching-

    By judy episcopo on 07.31.2012

  34. They can be very traumatic and frustrating. Can cause more losses with a negative attitude. The trick is to be positive and learn from the mistakes we make and the losses to improve our future and prevent further losses. Help make others happier and achieve their goals. Try not to focus on the negative aspects of life, just enjoy it.
    Don’t feel grief or despair just carry on with life and move on to bigger and better things. Don’t let the loss of something or someone prevent you from doing your best or creating a better life for yourself.

    By Bridge on 07.31.2012

  35. Loose and loss; very complicated to most people the distinction. I’ve always had trouble myself, never really understanding that there was in fact a fucking difference. I’ve never felt like an imbecile till I met Luke. He can really put you down when it comes to intelligence. Whenever I say something incorrect, like some type of anaphora, he’ll roll his eyes, laugh at you, and never let you live it down.

    By Amarie URL on 07.31.2012

  36. There will always be losses on our way to victory. There will be sacrifices on the way but all of them are worth it because it will all matter in the end. People die so others may live. This is just like a mother who died just to give life to her child.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 07.31.2012

  37. all of these words come to mind : bad fatal meaningless sorrow things persons ideals self control hope mentality mending friends relatives

    By charis on 07.31.2012

  38. Losses happen to everyone even big, and rich people. Me, I have had so many losses that I have lost count.

    By Orion URL on 07.31.2012

  39. family member important love cat bread sex orange juice terminator pursuit game candles milkshake universe book read breakfast

    By Alelujah on 07.31.2012

  40. if you got nothing you have nothing to lose. everything is just borrowed. your life, too

    By js URL on 07.31.2012