July 29th, 2012 | 271 Entries

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271 Entries for “principal”

  1. The principal thought. No. I can’t, I think. I just can’t. Why not? I thought back. Because you’re worthless. How dare you? You are. You know you are. It’s easier if you just don’t try. I have too. I promised. I will not give up. You’re too weak. You keep fighting yourself. The weaker side is giving in. No, you thought, harshly. No.

    By maryn moor URL on 07.30.2012

  2. principal is the head of a school. When children are naughty they go to the principal.

    Principals are rules which people make for themselves. They stick to these through life, and will usually try to impose them on others.

    By tanja on 07.30.2012

  3. it is important to do things for the right reasons. Meaning they have a certain principal, and that is why you are doing it. Morals. Understanding. Principal.

    By Paula on 07.30.2012

  4. When I think of a principal I think of a school authority sitting behind a desk acting as though that have some big power over everything that goes on. Most school principals are on a power trip and think that have to be mean to enforce rules. Although not all principals are like this a lot of them are.

    By Sam on 07.30.2012

  5. Principal and principle. Very hard words that I always used to get confused, but now seem easy to remember. “Your principal is your PAL”.
    Grade school was hard for me because I was outcasted. No one found me likeable or worth being friendly to. I never found myself, but I know I grew stronger from all the ridicule.

    By Amarie URL on 07.30.2012

  6. The principal said using the speakers in every classroom, “Classes today will be suspended!” After that announcement, everyone went wild. The students stood up and shouted. The teachers tried to discipline them but to no avail, some students even went outside and ran along the corridors while shouting they were suspended.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 07.30.2012

  7. The principal always frightened me, walking around with his paddle resting on one shoulder. He would patrol the halls with it swinging freely from his hand in rhythm with his steps. His smile was the thing that we all ignored. It never seemed to fit with the silent threat of swift punishment.

    By Isilo Aranel on 07.30.2012

  8. Assembly was hardly your favourite period, but if it involved getting out of class early and sitting in an air-conditioned hall for an hour before the final bell rang, you didn’t mind it at all.

    How bad could the weekly sessions of bullshit talks and even crappier performances get? With a decent pair of earpieces, you could snag a nap without anyone noticing.

    Except you left yours on the counter top while rushing out this morning. And that today’s assembly session was an award giving ceremony. You’d think that they were giving awards to half the school population, judging by the never ending line of kids waiting to go up on stage.

    Your principal blabs on how the kids have done the school proud and to keep up with the good work. You tune her out as you survey her outfit for the day.

    You’re not really sure if she has a style, or she just randomly throws on clothes (Expensive clothes, no less) in the morning. Her look is a hot mess, with the exception of her Ferragamo pumps. At least she wastes her salary on at least one thing that looks half-decent on her.

    By Jules Looke URL on 07.30.2012

  9. “It’s the principal of the thing”

    “Fuck that, you punched him in the face because he owed you ten dollars, you’re the one with the problem”

    By emily on 07.30.2012

  10. I remember when i was in middles school, our principals name was Mr. Branch. Of all the horror stories you hear about principals, this guy didn’t fit a single one. He was kind to the students and very understanding.

    By Samantha on 07.30.2012

  11. the principal at the high school puffed out his large mustache, gripping his mug of coffee so tightly.
    Danny sat across from him, watching the steam wash up and invade the small hairs above his lip.
    The principal was new this year, replacing Mr. Yates, who had simply grown too old for the position. “This guy has no idea what he’s doing,” Danny thought quietly.

    By annie URL on 07.30.2012

  12. When I first saw this word, I thought it said “principle”, like your values, beliefs, etc. But then I saw it said “principal”. I remember a trick to tell the difference between the two was the “principal was your ‘pal'”. It’s ridiculous. In high school, I never even talked to my prinici”pal”,

    By Taylor URL on 07.30.2012

  13. The principal thing that set him off was that SHE had cheated on HIM! How could she go behind his back and say all these awful things when she had already done so much damage. People don’t realize how hard it is for men, too, when they are suddenly single at 30.

    By Melanie on 07.30.2012

  14. the principal opened the door and i walked in. I took a seat across the desk from him. he looked at me and said, “well, this is disappointing.” I began to cry. I hated getting in trouble.

    By sarah on 07.30.2012

  15. I always admired my principal in elementary school. I can imagine that this may not have been the right meaning behind this word, but Dr. Davis was always a kind man. And he was an avid bike rider if I remember, as well. Surprisingly in good shape for his age.

    By Starkey on 07.30.2012

  16. principal is the head of an teaching institute. students usually write an application addressing to the principal. A principal should be kind to students and understand their problems. he plays an important role in students’ character building

    By tingtong on 07.30.2012

  17. the principal was very angry. The students had played in the yard without even thinking about coming in to the lessons. He twisted his beard and almost started to cry. What would he do??? Maybe Mrs. Strong could help him? He went out into the corridor.

    By Johanna on 07.30.2012

  18. the principal was very angru. he went out into the corridor and there was mrs maple. She cryed and cryed and didn’t even want to see him. she complain and complain and was very angry. why? asked the principal. i don’t know said mrs mapel.

    By Johanna on 07.30.2012

  19. principal:
    In charge.
    Abusive of powers…

    By Jordie on 07.30.2012

  20. strict, partial, rude, annoying, leader

    By pooja on 07.30.2012

  21. He stood in the hallway, not one ounce of his body moved. Instincts took over silently. He could feel someone coming. He was right. Someone was coming at an inappropriate speed. So much so that by the time the child had turned the corner, he had gained too much speed to stop before stumbling into the principal. Always trust your instincts.

    By Jordie on 07.30.2012

  22. we must follow rules musn’t we. samantha tells the principle. after all, who will teach this new generation of old people so disenfranchised with the world? newer laws and rules have led to ever shrinking students. samantha herself turned eight 72 hours and 54 minutes ago.

    her principle nods in resignation.

    By fatema on 07.30.2012

  23. nasty people or ummm maybe the point of something ugh idk… there are two spellings and i cant tell the difference.
    yeahhhhh soooo yeahhhh

    By asyra winterer on 07.30.2012

  24. She was a tough one, that’s for sure. Dealing with stupid high schoolers daily is an amazing feat. How does she do it? Then again, she did put me in detention.

    By Mandy URL on 07.30.2012

  25. The principal is the most important. Hold your principals close in your mind and never violate them; keep the principals of your schools well-paid; and be sure to read the fine print about the principal of your loans.

    By dan URL on 07.30.2012

  26. She’s sitting at her desk when he walks into the office, trembling hands the only indication of his nerves. She has a warm smile, though, kind and welcoming, that presses the tremors from his fingertips and soothes his anxiety. He’s heard reputations about prep school principals; this one seems as though she’ll be the first to break the stereotype.

    By Skylar Marie on 07.30.2012

  27. An administrator at a school. A boring job, you handle the money and the teachers and staff, but don’t really change anything or have an interesting life. you get paid more then a teacher

    By Esther on 07.30.2012

  28. She was a lovely woman, a spinster. She was erect, very strict and had large teeth. Still alive, she is about 93 years old and her faculties are intact. Was great at Latin but provided much fun for the students with her strident pronunciation.

    By Pulp on 07.30.2012

  29. The principal idea of life is just awkwardly wanting it to be just what its not.

    By Marlene on 07.30.2012

  30. The principal of life is to have fun. There is nothing more important than that. Even when you’re working, you should have fun. People say you can’t have fun all the time, but why the fuck not. When you look back on life, what you’ll remember is the fun times. So whatever you do, don’t waste time on boring shit.

    By Marly on 07.30.2012

  31. It’s the principal, RUN! Aw shit, man down! No, don’t go back for him, just get over the fence! Damn, I hate that guy!

    By Jacques on 07.30.2012