July 31st, 2012 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “methods”

  1. As the saying goes, “The ends don’t justify the means (or methods).” On the other hand, the means don’t justify the ends either. The methods we use to reach a certain outcome are important. As Chief Justice Earl Warren commented, “It is not admissible to do a great right by doing a little wrong. . . . It is not sufficient to do justice by obtaining a proper result by irregular or improper means.” Think about that today.

    By Ava on 08.01.2012

  2. Methods are ways of doing things. You find a method for everything. When something seems imposible you have the need to find a way or “method” to achieve it. In other words, methods are ways of doing the things you need to do.

    By Karina Sofía on 08.01.2012

  3. There are many methods to writing about the word methods. I could write a story. I could make a list. I don’t know about you, but I think the word methods sounds like meth heads. Lovely, isn’t it? I like methods, not meth heads, though I did meet a really cool ass meth head once. He told me a few methods of becoming a meth head, but I declined his advice. His methods seemed really unorthodox, anyhow. However, if you are interested in these methods, then I’ll gladly introduce you to this meth head. I think meth head is one word, but I only have 60 seconds to write this, so I’m not fixing it. I wish there were a quicker method to go back and re-type meth head. I guess I could start typing it correctly now, but I feel like that would look weird. Methods, methods, methods, meth heads, meth heads, meth heads. When will this 60 seconds end? I want to see where it takes me. Maybe I could think of a method to make time go a wee bit faster. I discovered a method of bending a fork with the power of my mind. There is a method to shading a picture you drew. There is a method to taking amazing photos with your camera. Okay, it’s definitely been 60 seconds now, I’m just going to stop typing….

    By Lauren URL on 08.01.2012

  4. We all have different methods for doing the same things. Some are based on what other people have done before and some are tweeked variations.

    Personally I find I can’t do this without a mug of hot tea beside me. Others will insist on coffee but you really can’t find anything to write about, then a glass or two of wine helps enormously!

    By egold on 08.01.2012

  5. if the fruit we eat is poison
    and the salt in the sea is poison
    and the metal in the air is poison
    and the things we read are poison
    and the people in our lives are poison

    then you are poison,
    and inevitable.

    (i found what i love; slowly, and swiftly, i let it kill me)

    By isa on 08.01.2012

  6. I love writing, and I love how it’s just as easy as write. As much as you can. In sixty seconds. All your secrets, desires. Past pains, future hopes. Words are the key to the universe. They can accomplish anything. It’s the one thing that unites all people and all you have to do is write.

    By Momo on 08.01.2012

  7. Honestly I think that methods are somewhat of a bad idea. If we want to be intuitive don’t we need to be free to make mistakes, and mistakes are difficult to make when using methods. we should be free to use differing ways to make things come about.

    By Amanda on 08.01.2012

  8. There are several methods to doing everything. There is never a set way or direction a person must go through. This is the beauty of living. One can be anything and everything they want to be and they don’t have to follow specific protocol. Whatever comes to mind, they can do it!

    By Ann Treesa Joy on 08.01.2012

  9. Methods make the life boring, but also so much easy!

    By Eli on 08.01.2012

  10. He draw a long sigh after looking at the boy with slight remorse. Ready to turn him on the door for even daring to show up but the event from last night leaves more than a dent to his scarring ego. He twirled the cane and think who is best to avenge him other than this pitiful looking creature claiming to be the descendant and the rightful heir to the throne. At the very least, he will just spent a couple of lazy afternoon to waste but then he has his future secure in the castle if the boy is right. He throw a small glance and saw the glint in the boy’s eyes. No malice intent there. Instead, a gleam of intent for proving his self worth. He sigh again, “make no mistake boy my methods may not be the best or the most efficient but it sure as hell make me happy and suit me like a second skin”. The boy nodded in a hurry and scurried in.

    By fadetosilence on 08.01.2012

  11. Some people just think methods are those memory helpers that are absolutely essencial in their lives. They are not. They are created by us, but in a stupid way of limiting ourselves.

    By Marta on 08.01.2012

  12. Hope is the method used to live to be happy to go on. We find adventure and new beginnings through hope. we find ourselves through faith. we use persistence to never give up.

    By Jane on 08.01.2012

  13. The methods he uses are ridiculous and spiteful and despicable and I can’t stand them. Clearly. Can’t you tell? He doesn’t even know how to dress himself properly. He just goes around day to day doing his own thing, never mind that it’s never correct, whatever he’s doing, and he just irks me.

    By garbs on 08.01.2012

  14. It is important to have a method to everything you do. Like Hamlet, as Polonius says “Though this be madness, there is method to ‘t”.

    By Emilia URL on 08.01.2012

  15. Everyone’s has slightly different methods. Nobody does the same thing the same way. Copying someone else exactly is tough work. It’s easier, more human, to add your own flourish to whatever work you do. To stamp out your own individuality you have to be a true professional.

    By dan URL on 08.01.2012

  16. There were a series of methods I had used, when I felt the only way to keep myself sane was to self-harm. It began as simple as scratching, and soon ended in razor-thick slashes against my wrists. But the more I had mutilated myself, the more I distanced myself from an actual state of sanity.

    By Adison on 08.01.2012

  17. …are the ones that I write and draw on my notebooks; thanks to this I can be aware of the phases that I have been through and the ones that I’m in right here, right now.

    By Franz De Paula URL on 08.01.2012

  18. I sat there and thought. How could I get her to like me? What kind of a girl would ever like a nerdy guy like me? I thought of the different methods I could use to talk to her. Gaah. Every time I was close to figuring out an idea, her face would swim in front of me, completely distracting me. What could I do?

    By Lily on 08.01.2012

  19. i hate following methods or even reading about them. i like to come out with my own and not follow anyone’s. i don’t care if it comes across as being silly but that’s the way i am. There, i said it, i dont like other people’s methods. That’s about it.

    By Me on 08.01.2012

  20. People question my methods. They have every reason to. Not everyone would think carrots and hamsters combined would make an excellent pet. What is it? they ask. Generally that’s the first question; the general public has such narrow conceptions of what it means to have a pet. Is it a houseplant? Or an actual companion of sorts? Open your mind, I say. Open your mind to the possibilities.

    By Derek Timm-Brock URL on 08.01.2012

  21. methods is a word that tlls us various practices that can be considered as the collective noun of methods. methods is spelled as methods. methods are important as there will be anarchy otherwise

    By pallavi on 08.01.2012

  22. We all have different methods, but I like yours the best. Would you mind if I borrow it? Just for a day or two, you won’t even notice it’s gone.

    By vince URL on 08.01.2012

  23. There are lots of methods you can use for winning a cool tool duel…stealing the other guys sites is a really good one. Just kidding.

    By kim on 08.01.2012

  24. Jamie had methods to lure Simon to him and he wasn’t going to let him slip from his hands again. Simon was his soul mate and no one is going to come between them if he has anything to say about it.
    Simon will drop to his knees when he sees Jamie answer the door naked and with a warm smile on his face.
    Or maybe he’ll just peel layers from his flesh and make him follow him to the bedroom.

    By fakesubmite on 08.01.2012

  25. the methods aree numerous and aesy, they just come to you without thinking aobut it, you whtisle and paf they’re here ! I have to write, write and write… come on ! Get up and rise ! Th emethos is simple, but not very efficient, as i see, come on, raise up for your cause, you have to or otherwise you will not have accomplished your duty… That’s the way it is, short and terrible, how come the time is not hanging on, something ? I have to stand for my causes like everybody else, its a hard work to be a citizen… Neverthe less, raise up and tell out loud what yoouve got to say, this is how you’ll get on…Now… times up.

    By Salomee on 08.01.2012

  26. the methods you are using flawed in every wa\y terrible old mechanisms you rely on trusted stupid machines of circular logic twisted gnarled rusty revolvers and i am sick and sick and sick of hearing them creak in the night as you say ain’t no school like the old school

    By Tim on 08.01.2012