February 16th, 2017 | 51 Entries

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51 Entries for “loss”

  1. I loss the screen for crumble. It froze then this showed up so I’m doing crumble.

    First statues of gods,
    then men pride in capers and
    their own skyscrapers

    all societies
    will raise great structures and rise,
    then CRUMBLE and die

    we’re born hopefully
    on a rising ocean wave,
    toward a golden age.

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 02.16.2017

  2. O men, loss sounds like grief. Losing someone, the pain, the sorrow. Nothing fun.
    I’ve experienced loss a couple of times and it’s been rough, but you”ll get through.

    Memories wont get lost though, they will stay in your heart soul and mind.

    By esther on 02.16.2017

  3. i loss my kindel fier and loss al my spelin be agane, i dunt kno weye!?
    jugges muss be hatein on me or sumtin. Kaint konsuntrate wit everbodie olwas laffin wen i be on thu hii-flor in thu skool jim! Leest heer, nun of ya kan laff at me an mes me up cuz it aint a vidio blog dun leyev. Moma sez i thu smartes wun der iz!!

    By hero-hick aka cecrit eydentitty of larry mater gump III (dats thu fiff fer ya dum folk) on 02.16.2017

  4. Loss is not a fading flower
    Whose beauty has faded
    Petals withered
    Left for nothing but decay
    Loss is a seed to be planted
    In the soil of our heart
    To grow new hope
    Blooming to perfection

    By poetwarrior on 02.17.2017

  5. I thought I had lost everything in the fire that raged through the night which claimed the life of my pet dog. However, i am grateful that I am alive and although I was able to save anything, I give God thanks.

    By victor URL on 02.17.2017

  6. Profound grief about something or someone that has been essential to one’s life and isn’t there anymore. Process of pain, anger, denial and acceptance.

    By CharlotteNinja on 02.17.2017

  7. “I’m sorry for your loss.”
    “It’s not my loss.”
    “Oh, okay.”
    “I mean, she’s the one who lost something.”
    “Sure, but you lost her as well.”

    By Bridget Grace on 02.17.2017

  8. I feel like I lost a lot in my life, and I fear that it’s only going to get worse because I know I’ve had it (relatively) easy until now.

    By carlo on 02.17.2017

  9. She walked quickly away from the park, but as the distance grew, she started to feel more panic and started to run. At every street crossing, she looked back but whatever she had seen did not follow her. She started to feel more confident and convinced herself that this was not really a loss of her pursuer but just an illusion that she had not really seen.

    But when she walked up the steps to her apartment house, she saw a movement out of the corner of her eye. A shadow slipped into the alley way. She forced open the lobby door and closed it, to make sure she was safe. But was she?

    By chanpheng URL on 02.17.2017

  10. She bowed her head, heart beating and hurting from the pain. Who knew that loss could hurt so bad? Her eyes glistened with tears, but she didn’t dare let them fall, not with so many people watching.

    Shame washed over her. Even now, in his death, her pride still mattered more than her sincerity.

    By ethel on 02.17.2017

  11. what a word for this month. what a month of loss. I guess its almost been three weeks now, my brother died. I met him a week before he died. he was 27. I’m 23. then a week later my girlfriend of 8 months breaks up with me. and my aunts sheep has two dead lambs a few days later. And all that you would think would bring me down but actually I’m more up than I have ever been. Im more ready than I have ever been and this is me showing you what I am capable of.

    By Colton Adrian on 02.17.2017

  12. The loss still pained him, even after all this time.

    Every so often, he would reach for the place on his belt where his sword had once hung, only to find nothing.

    It hadn’t just been a weapon. It was all he had left of his father.

    By Brooke on 02.17.2017

  13. I wanted to hold you in my arms, but all I could do was say, “I’m sorry for your loss.” I wanted to dry your tears on the sleeve of my suit jacket, but all I could do was hand you a flimsy piece of tissue. I wanted to walk with you along the coast after the service was over, taking off my shoes and feeling the sand between my toes – a reminder that I was still alive, that you were still alive, that we were going to probably be alive for a long time, even while others died. But all I could do was watch you weep, and breathe in, and breathe out, and taste the air.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.17.2017

  14. When you don’t win.

    By James on 02.17.2017

  15. Loser, defeat, outmatched, surpassed, crushed

    By Shai Stephens URL on 02.17.2017

  16. death killed dispear

    By cedrez on 02.17.2017

  17. cant find something

    By julian on 02.17.2017

  18. We loss the basketball game last night.

    By G'Ameka on 02.17.2017

  19. the fact or process of losing something or someone

    a person or thing that is badly missed when lost

    a reduction of power within or among circuits, measured as a ratio of power input to power output.

    By takanye URL on 02.17.2017

  20. loss means to loss something or someone, or the amount of money that you loss,it can be a grief of something or someone of value, also if or thing that is lost.

    By Daria callum on 02.17.2017

  21. When you lose something important to you or when you lost ur memory.

    By Natia on 02.17.2017

  22. When something is unable to be found.

    By Jerome Carr on 02.17.2017

  23. when you like lose a game
    or like a loss a game

    By camryn on 02.17.2017

  24. loss is a way of saying sorry for your losing of something or someone that you lost. it can be a long time ago or it could be recently.

    By maliyah on 02.17.2017

  25. The fact or process of losing something or someone/ An amount of money lost by a business or organization.

    By Sanaa May on 02.17.2017

  26. when you don’t win

    By larry on 02.17.2017

  27. Something that happened when you don’t have a very specific thing that you used to have in the past but you don’t have anymore

    By Mya Buckins URL on 02.17.2017

  28. When someone dies in your family, so they call it a loss in your famlly.

    By Adrian on 02.17.2017

  29. you can’t find it.
    not found
    lost girl
    gone girl
    I’m lost most of the time whenever I just get in a conversation
    I want food

    By Dayle on 02.17.2017

  30. I think loss means to lose in something or to not find something.

    By Kendell Pugh on 02.17.2017

  31. I think this means to lose in something or to not find something. For example someone might say at a loss of words to describe not knowing what to say.

    By Kendell Pugh on 02.17.2017

  32. To lose someone or something.

    By Breasia on 02.17.2017

  33. So, loss. We cling so tightly, and we lose anyway. Let it go. Sometimes a loss can truly be a gain, although it can be difficult to see that. Have patience. So much to lose.

    By Elementary on 02.17.2017

  34. lost
    to lose
    not to have
    no were to be found

    By jayden on 02.17.2017

  35. I feel the loss of time, the loss of friends, of love, of dreams of mine that I’ve watched slide out of view over the years. There is a finality in loss that tears at my soul strings. I miss them all.

    By RobDuganJr on 02.17.2017

  36. opposite of win
    no reward
    nobody likes it

    By xavier URL on 02.17.2017

  37. the word loss makes me think of me loosing one of my yugioh cards

    By Phoenix on 02.17.2017

  38. I hate loss like loss of blood, loss of a relative and loss of sleep I LOVE SLEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By ian URL on 02.17.2017

  39. How does one rise up again after so much loss? How do they go forward not expecting to lose everything again? We all gain and we all lose in life. It’s just what makes the world go ’round.

    By Maddy on 02.17.2017

  40. I think about my grandma when I think about loss. How she left this earth too soon, how I never got to say goodbye. How the last time I saw her, she was wearing crocs (very “old” for her — my grandma was the kind of person who wore jessica simpson heels well into her 60s) — and how she had kelley green gloves on her hands. She waved goodbye and drove away in the white care that I would be driving to her funeral two weeks later.

    By brittany on 02.17.2017