February 18th, 2017 | 21 Entries

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21 Entries for “declaration”

  1. and in that moment she made a declaration. To treat herself, her body and her mind to the peace and patience that it deserves. She declared herself worthy of her spirit and the effort to treat it with the respect it requires.

    By K on 02.18.2017

  2. “I love you. I always have. I mean, I didn’t want this to be cliche, you deserve better than that. But I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.

    “The truth is, I’ve been in love with you for years. Your smile, your intelligence, your kindness, it’s just, it’s just something I’ve always wanted to have in a partner that I could spend my lifetime with. It’s something Jamie never had.”

    By ethel on 02.18.2017

  3. “I declare… I declare… Um, what can you declare?”
    “Independence? Bankrupcy?”
    “What else?”
    “Will you just get down from there?”
    “No, I haven’t declared anything yet!”
    “People are starting to stare.”
    “Let them. This is my moment.”
    “Just get down.”

    By Bridget Grace on 02.18.2017

  4. As she searched, her movements were frantic. She rushed to and from the rooms passing by the staff members running towards the dining room in a hurry to get there before the guest arrived.


    Sarah stopped, hearing a voice call from behind her. She turned to see a gray haired man walk briskly toward her with purpose, his blue eyes glazing in anger. “What on earth are you doing running around like a headless chicken? And why aren’t you dressed yet?”

    “I have to -” she started to reply but was cut off when he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocket watch. He made a show of looking at it before turning it to show her the time.

    “You need to get to the dining room now!” He declared with a hand pointed toward the staircase. “We must not be late!”

    By Tibby on 02.18.2017

  5. She stood on the table, the shy girl that never talks, and made the declaration that she would save the world. she knew the code to get in the government facility, she was a technology genius. If anyone could save them from The Emotionless, it was her.

    By sammy on 02.18.2017

  6. Sunshine’s declaration
    enhances spirit, and art.
    Clouds are out there to block,
    cause migraines,
    and help hide the hawks,
    lenardo divinci,
    Pablo paccuso,
    swaggered their paint brushes, with light shining,
    on their finishing touches.
    Presidents will fool you, into leaving votes behind on bar stools,
    that magnum severe essense, yellow
    and fragile on the eyes,
    declares undoubted regularity,
    that’s where we can find that consistency, sought after.
    A huge blanket, independent, smothering over
    our nation,
    free of
    of abrasion.

    By Milad URL on 02.18.2017

  7. my walk has changed
    from a sudden halt to shy stumble to a leap
    the faith of my own declaration

    By kai on 02.18.2017

  8. I say we write a brand new Declaration of Independence. I say we nail it onto every door in the office of Congress. Make the f***ers read it seven times to remind them of what this country was meant to be: Free, brave, democratic, and ballsy. Yes, I said ballsy. Because some people running the nation seem to have forgotten their gonads at the door. Fetch a hammer and some nails, my friends! Who’s with me?

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.18.2017

  9. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. I wonder if it was able to be smoked, like if it would have gotten me high. If I was a time traveler I’d go back in time and roll a Declaration of Independence joint and just like chill and get high.

    By Lee on 02.18.2017

  10. A declaration of feelings on one end,
    and a reciprocation on the other.
    Now I’m a different kind of breathless,
    and I don’t mind if it’s reckless.

    By Lexy on 02.18.2017

  11. The declaration to surrender came late and many lives were lost that evening as the rebels gathered a stronghold in the war against the government forces.

    By victor URL on 02.18.2017

  12. Wow america is shit. i think we can do better in two years.

    those words have haunted me. especially because in eight days comes the two year anniversary. im scared of what she’ll do. we were only thirteen when she said that, when we were still powerless and creative. now she’s powerful and i’m full of even more creativity. what could she do?

    By squidward on 02.18.2017

  13. “I no longer care about what anybody thinks,” she declared. “I have lived my whole life tiptoeing around and sitting pretty just for everything to add up to this?” She paused dramatically for a moment. “I call bullshit. Meet the real me.”

    By Maddy on 02.18.2017

  14. She declared, “we will separate”. It was difficult and painful for me by many accounts. My heart pained, I felt decieved and bruised. But it was her final decision. I looked at her emotionless face. It looked like she was waiting for this announcement for a long time. I was at the receiving end of the painful emotion. I looked at her begging for mercy without saying any words. She was not moved. She repeated her declaration, “its time for us to separate”.

    By Soms on 02.18.2017

  15. She sighed as she remembered what he’d told her the following day, staring down at the gravel beneath her boots and imagining his heart was at her feet instead. She couldn’t be gentle, she could only be true.

    By Chelsea on 02.18.2017

  16. Declaration is just a way to say whatever it is you want to say and make it official as if to say that everyone is supposed to do that. I think it’s completely pointless. No human being should ever follow something just because it’s the declaration of something.

    By Priscila EP Garcia on 02.19.2017

  17. She declared that she would never let another person control what she felt. If she wanted to do something then she would, no matter what. She declared that love is not a battle field but it is a garden full of flowers. You never know which flowers have thorns.

    By Priscila EP Garcia on 02.19.2017

  18. I declare that I am to tired to love. I am too tired of waiting. If you want me then take this heart and put yourself in it. I have tried and tried but now I am too tired. I declare that am me, and that doesn’t mean that I need someone else in my life.

    By Priscila EP Garcia on 02.19.2017

  19. Shockwave to my fingertips from the crown of my head. Settling in my stomach with a nervous bounce. Say it in front of a crowd, say it low under your breath, can anyone even hear? Still as stone, light years fast. Unraveling to weave together. Pulling to tide out to sweep the land over with the overflowing water. Envelop it all, say it all. Fingers twitch slightly, revealing their intention, letting loose the waves. Even unheard, it has been said. The earth cracks, the water comes, we are swallowed, fingers twitching.

    By Ai URL on 02.19.2017

  20. your declaration wavers
    overdue affection, your cold
    hand on my neck like a wet towel
    after the fever’s gone down

    By cookedpoet93 on 02.19.2017

  21. I declare that I have a declaration! It’s not profound but it’s trivial either.

    By John on 02.19.2017