May 10th, 2008 | 185 Entries

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185 Entries for “left”

  1. He left me at the altar. He told me he’d be there precisely at 11 o’clock. I stood there, in front of our families and friends, wearing my $15,000 pristine white dress, clutching a beautiful bouquet of calla lilies and pink roses, smiling a pasted on smile, waiting for him to show. He never did.

    By Fiona on 05.10.2008

  2. Left, right, left, right. I climbed the stairs slowly, sure of what I’d find. I came to the second floor landing and opened the door of the tiny bathroom. You were slumped over the toilet. You heard me enter and looked up. There was a line of blood running south from your nose. You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand and grinned stupidly. “Hi, baby” you slurred. I turned and slammed the door behind me. No more.

    By Dana on 05.10.2008

  3. I suddenly whipped around to my left and Mark was standing there.
    “What are you doing here?” I whispered
    “The same thing you are, Emilia” he said in a husky voice (the voice I had fallen in love with), “I’m here for the Jewel of Blue Babylon” I took a sharp intake of breath – how in the HELL did he know about that jewel?!
    “Well, shame for you, Mark!” I laughed, “I’ve already got it! And it’s with my accomplices – safe and sound!”
    “Well, that’s shame…for you…” he said menacingly. With one swift hand movement, he pulled out a shuriken and flicked it towards me. I had five seconds left to live and all I could think was how pretty Mark’s eyes were.

    By Amy on 05.10.2008

  4. I go left out of my doorway and into the street. It takes me across the city. Across the street, and into the bagel shop. Everything bagel. Always. Cream cheese is essential. Left leads me to cream cheese. This is how I like to start my day. Further left gets me my black coffee, yum.

    By josh on 05.10.2008

  5. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. I kept drifting off to the left as I walk. I wouldn’t noticed until my shoulder brushed against the wall of a building. There was so much on my mind. What I was going to do? How would I get everything done? How much time I didn’t have.

    By cray on 05.10.2008

  6. I’m left here. You left me here with all out memories and left over food. You left and my world crumbled. I hate to admit it, but it did. Slowly I am building up a new life out of what was left still standing. I can handle being left behind as you begin your wonderful adventures. But only because finally I am going on my own adventures.

    By kate on 05.10.2008

  7. I didn’t know which way to go. Left or right? Left or right? God, I hate it when it happens. I have lots of things that annoy and irritate me, but this left and right thing bothers me the most. I practically DREAM of this. Really I am not kidding. Why should I be kidding?

    By Joyce on 05.10.2008

  8. I’ve always wished that I was left handed. Since I could pronounced “ambidextrous”, I’ve thought that being able to use both of my hands proficiently would somehow make me a lot cooler than everybody else.

    By Janel on 05.10.2008

  9. the opposite of right.
    what do i have…left?
    in the end we really have nothing at all left. what we leave behind is simply our worthless rotting corpse. so what do we have now? does it even matter?

    By jo on 05.11.2008

  10. no turn right fuck me your going the wrong way again story of my fucking life. Well we could just go right again and then again and then once more and it will just be like we did go right. not the same thing sigh

    By J on 05.11.2008

  11. I turned left seeing that red neon sign. I didn’t want to be there, not on that street. I had pulled my coat tightly around my neck as that cold stinging rain slid down my scalp. I had waited too long. I had lingered too near. This was my mistake. That left turn I had to take.

    By Katie on 05.11.2008

  12. Left, how much time is left. My dad called it hanging a louie when he took a left, south paw the other half of consciosness

    By Chris on 05.11.2008

  13. left me behind in a blue calloused dumpster
    to gather my things and my rings and
    feel finally relieved
    i don’t have to carry round your ghost writings anymore
    just admit you were a time bomb
    left me behind but i’m better off

    By Katie on 05.11.2008

  14. Left is the opposite of right.

    By Emmet on 05.11.2008

  15. incorrect,not right

    By Pras on 05.11.2008

  16. left, when people mention the left they often refer to liberal ideas of democrats. Liberalism has its roots in the enlightenment with John Locke and Voltaire. It is the idea that every person is equal and has inalienable rights to life and liberty. It also has connotations of economic freedom although this is not associated with the word anymore.
    i don;t use this hand very often. I should try harder.

    By Andrew Barnes on 05.11.2008

  17. I left the church and headed south toward the poor side of town. Nevermind the bad weather, I needed a fix. The junkies were my reception after God. They took me in and fed me full.

    By josh on 05.11.2008

  18. we sit in our residual self-imposed desperation, knowing our bones have the capacity to be drenched in sunlight, left to gamble our intuition off a cliff, ready to climb past our mindless solitude and implemented grief. sleep is boring when life is quiet. burn our tendons awake. leave us to our movement.

    By steph on 05.11.2008

  19. Left is never right. Therefore The Left can never be correct. However left can be right to someone else. Therefore The Left can be right but only for other people who are looking at you.

    Logic is weird

    By Fi on 05.11.2008

  20. the opposite of right.
    It means a course, a direction, to where we can set foot to.
    It represents an adventure, a reference or even just a simple indication.
    That is left.

    By Ivan on 05.11.2008

  21. He left in the morning. The dark clouds rolled in over the hills, bringing in the sweet smell of rain as the Earth moaned and cool winds combed over the valley. Working long into the scorching summer months. Clothes saturated in the salt and hard work of only a pure desire to give his family what he never had…

    By Aaron on 05.11.2008

  22. I knew I was right. It was not a case of being right or wrong. At, the same time there was something I was missing.

    By chadwiki on 05.11.2008

  23. hand odd unsafe uncomfortatble dricve version handed ollie and mum and ash steve behind forgotten port siede gauche sinister

    By Jenny on 05.11.2008

  24. one was left.. left to die? to choose his own destny? what will become of him? do we really have a choice at all? will anything change?

    It will. he stood as a lone figure against nothing, standing alone.

    By Shota on 05.11.2008

  25. And the more i think of it .. the more I believe that we are defined by what we have left behind us, in our long path to where we now are. The foremost reasons why we like and dislike things are shown in what we have left behind.

    By Vishnu on 05.11.2008

  26. you know i think left is the misunderstood direction. Everybody thinks left is bad. They used to call left-handed people sinister! this is discrimination. all my left-handed brethen, hear my call! lets stand up pround and punch our left fists in the air in the name of dexterity!

    By Saif on 05.11.2008

  27. left wing, it@s the radical side of politic and also the side of brain that does the creative thinking. I like to think theres a link. An open minded way of thinking, the socialist side.

    By Siri on 05.11.2008

  28. Left is the opposite of right. It is directional, and is used in guiding people on routes or jouneys. Left is the creative side of the brain, according to some people. Left are the things you didn’t take with you. Left luggage, left behind, left overs. Left is a four letter word.

    By Jamie Brown on 05.11.2008

  29. it’s my favourite hand side. left is the crossing correspondent part of our brain for creativity. left is the political wing i have no respect of

    By Nic on 05.11.2008

  30. left is a sense of direction it also means inovation, being progressive, having ideas that could change the world, to make it a better place. also my boyfriend is left handed:)

    By Tina on 05.11.2008

  31. you told me to go left. the French accent didn’t help. i turned right anyway. not necessarily out of spite, but just to be viewed as independent. isn’t that why you were attracted to me in the first place? of course down the road i had to make u-turn anyway. maybe that means something…

    By M on 05.11.2008

  32. left my wife and 49 kids, the old gray mare and the peanut stand

    far left is where Obama is

    left handers have more fun

    leftovers are best in the microwave

    lefties rule in tennis

    left is the opposite of right and also of conservative

    By shadycat on 05.11.2008

  33. I left something in my house and I’m not sure where I put it. Leaving. That’s what I should be doing. Leaving my job, leaving my memories behind me and truly, fully enjoying the extent of my new life. It’s not right that I should still have those feelings. So I’ll have left.

    By Jimmegee on 05.11.2008

  34. What is opposite of right? It is also opposite of my last name. When I was in elementary school, my principal called me Miss Wrong. And others called me Miss Left. They thought it was funny to make fun of me since my last name was Wright. But my joke is that I’m always right, at least until I get married that is…

    By Beth on 05.11.2008

  35. i left my heart in san franscico in a box with a rbbon around the top. my keft hand the one without the callus the one that can hold yours while we drive. drive acroos the country to san fransisco.

    By hannah on 05.11.2008

  36. left left left rigth left. i often forget. which way is which. so i look to the sky and know that i’m at least on the right side of that devide.

    By hannah on 05.11.2008

  37. I left my car by the side of the road. It had been raining constantly for the past few hours and I was cold. The taste of spew still permeated my nostrils. I can’t help but imagine what it would have been like if I had left earlier in the night.

    By Ben Sellick on 05.11.2008

  38. The left is the right because it is more intensely awesome. When you use the left, you must cross lanes, causing great stress. Oh my. When I left it behind the world spun right. How much time is left? Not enough to write.

    By John Butters on 05.11.2008

  39. arm

    By Federico on 05.11.2008

  40. That’s the hand I write with. The teachers tried to change me. Perhaps it was because of a superstition. You know, I could write something good, but I’m sure this site will copyright my idea and profit. They tried to change me. Nope. Time left.

    By me on 05.11.2008